Does Hair Transplant Work in India The question of does hair transplant work in India is often a matter of curiosity. We can answer yes to that. But you should research. Hair is one of the first and important elements that gives a person self-confidence. However, hair loss is quite common in men and women today. Hair loss problem may be due to environmental and other chemical factors. About 60 percent of men and 50 percent of women in the world face some kind of hair loss problem.

Hair transplant is taken from the thicker parts of the scalp, which we call the donor area. Therefore, hair transplantation is a surgical treatment that is transplanted to the thinning or balding part of the scalp of the recipient. Hair transplantation has been successful thanks to the technological developments that have been developing day by day. Does hair transplant work in India and you should keep reading for more.

Does Hair Transplant Work in IndiaAnd How Is Hair Transplant Done?

Hair transplantation is preferred by people who experience hair loss as a result of various reasons. Today, women as well as men prefer hair transplantation method. Hair loss experienced by people has negative effects on both men and women. Hair transplantation is a process that creates a permanent and definitive solution to eliminate the negative picology on the person. Today, there are many methods under the name of hair transplantation. Among the methods that attract the most attention by patients, fue and dhi hair transplantation methods take place. As a result of these methods, people can regain their old appearance and thick hair.

There are many herbal and chemical methods used by people who experience hair loss and face the problem of baldness. Herbal treatments that will eliminate baldness problems do not work for most people. According to herbal methods, hair transplantation is a treatment method that is predicted to be performed under surgical treatments. Hair transplantation is a permanent and effective solution method for people suffering from baldness. Hair transplantation takes place by planting the hair follicles that we take from the nape area to the areas that show shedding.

What we need to do before the hair transplant operation is to determine the area where we will take the grafts. The hair follicles on the nape and behind the ears are very suitable places for grafts. With the help of special devices, the grafts come out and become suitable for the transplanted area. The procedure takes place under anesthesia. People who prefer hair transplantation may have doubts about the recovery process after the procedure. You can contact your doctor to have information about the recovery process after hair transplantation.

Does Hair Transplant Work in India And Where Should Hair Transplantation Be Done?

In hair transplantation and other medical aesthetic operations, there are also places that provide these services apart from hospitals. These types of places serve both international and domestic patients. It is preferred by people especially for its cheap price policy. Hair transplantation has a full recovery period in a period of one year. It is an operation where you will see the results for a lifetime and you should take it seriously. For this reason, the place you prefer for hair transplantation should have a specialist doctor and medical aesthetic staff. In addition, you should prefer hospitals that practice in sterile conditions, where you can get information and help during the healing process.

Hair transplantation is applied to every healthy individual. Before having a hair transplant, you should research your patient’s medical condition. You should give information about whether it is suitable for hair transplantation. Situations where hair transplantation is not suitable; Hair transplantation is not suitable in cases of advanced heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, advanced liver and kidney failure.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed on Curly and Wavy Hair?

Hair transplantation is suitable for people with curly hair as a result of hair loss. There is only one point that you should pay attention to before the process of transplanting curly hair. It is also the subject of the structure of the hair. Curly hair follicles have a different structure compared to straight hair in terms of their attachment to the skin. In curly hair, you should carefully analyze the hair before hair transplantation. The hair to be transplanted to the area with hair loss will grow in the same way as the other hair structure of the person.

If you have wavy hair and you are experiencing hair loss, you can have hair transplantation. Wavy hair is simpler in planting than curly hair. Wavy hair has a simpler look under the skin. Therefore, subcutaneous analysis is easier. As it is effective on curly hair, you need to analyze at a sufficient level on wavy hair. Otherwise, graft loss occurs in the person. This situation adversely affects the person’s hair transplantation process. For this reason, hair transplantation should be carried out together with specialist doctors in the field. In addition, there should be a personalized plan and program.

According to Which Criteria Are Hair Transplant Prices Determined?

We perform hair transplantation applications in different root numbers with many application methods. For these reasons, we cannot specify a single price for a hair transplant operation. The effective factor in determining hair transplant prices is technique. We can say that fue, which is a time-consuming and challenging technique, is a more expensive procedure than fut technique. However, the fue technique, which offers a shorter recovery time, is more preferred. For this reason, prices vary from person to person. After the inspection, we determine the price exactly.

The first criterion you should pay attention to when researching hair transplant prices is that the hair transplant environment is a hygienic hospital environment instead of hair transplant prices. You should pay attention to the fact that the doctor who will perform the hair transplant operation is an expert in his field. For hair transplantation, you should not choose places other than the hospital environment, as it is only affordable. Hair transplant operation has some risks like any surgical operation. You should do research for the risks you may encounter during the hair transplant operation. You should only entrust yourself to experts in the field. Also, you should not forget that you can get successful results with hair transplant operations in suitable conditions.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Take to Grow After Falling Off?


Are you wondering the answer to ‘how long does hair transplant take to grow?’ The answer to this question varies, depending on several factors. Generally speaking, hair transplants generally start to grow back in three and four months. However, it can take up to twelve to eighteen months before the transplanted hair is completely mature and ready for styling. During this period, patients should also expect some good growth and some shedding of the grafts. It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions closely during this period to get the most out of your hair transplant procedure. Additionally, regular care with medications prescribed by your doctor will help ensure that the growth process goes as smoothly as possible. Following these steps will ensure that you get optimal results from your hair transplant procedure promptly.


Overall, patience is essential while waiting for results after a hair transplant procedure. In contrast, results may begin appearing at three months, full maturity may take up to eighteen months or longer before you reach the desired outcome. Consult a doctor before making any decisions associated with, “how long does hair transplant take to grow?”