Cutting Edge Hair Transplant

Since hair transplant has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world, you may hear the cutting edge hair transplant news everywhere. Hair loss has been a painful affliction for mankind since the dawn of humanity. Hundreds of methods have been tried to solve the problem of baldness until hair transplantation became the state of the art; nevertheless, none of them have been as effective as the ones used today.

Will there be future hair transplant alternatives that create a more natural appearance for the patient? Hair transplantation is the most effective treatment for male pattern baldness right now. Despite the fact that research into hair cloning is currently happening, no results have been obtained. If this is successful, a few hair follicles from the scalp can be transplanted from the scalp to the bald region without restriction after being multiplied in a laboratory setting.

Cutting Edge Hair Transplant Methods

To begin, many of the procedures touted as “hair transplant newest news, innovative hair transplant methods” on other websites are still unavailable today. Forget everything you’ve learned about the most recent hair transplantation technology; it’s all been confusing.

Hair transplantation treatments come in a variety of forms, each with its own name and small differences in practice. The FUE process is used in all of these treatments. Due to slight differences in applications, they are discussed separately under the category of “latest technology and breakthroughs in hair transplantation.” The most recent hair transplantation methods and technologies, often known as hair transplantation technology, are as follows:


The FUE hair transplant method, which most of you are familiar with, is the most effective and cutting-edge technology in hair transplantation. All other hair transplant treatments have been based on FUE and only differ slightly from FUE hair transplants. New techniques or therapy methods, rather than hair transplants, are other alternatives that are unrelated to FUE.

The FUE technique, the most widely utilized operation in the world, in which hair follicles  extracted one by one from the donor area, which is usually the upper portion of the neck, and transplanted to the transplant spot one by one. The area around the nape of the neck is anesthetized. The root is extracted using the nape. The canals in the planting area were opened once the region was anesthetized. Roots have been planted in these channels.

Hair that was transplanted using the FUE method had to be shaved before the treatment. Due to the development of the Unshaven FUE process in recent years, you can now have a hair transplant without shaving your head. You can also have a hair transplant in Turkey without shaving. Turkey, on the other hand, is a little behind the times when it comes to hair transplantation. Instead of a full unshaved hair transplant, our experts use partial shaving.


The acronym DHI stands for “Direct Hair Implantation.” Hair follicles from the donor region transplanted directly into the transplant location without the necessity for a canal or hole, as the name implies. When obtaining the roots (transplant), holes drilled at the planting location, and the roots implanted after this technique accomplished. DHI hair transplantation is comparable to FUE hair transplantation in terms of process. The only difference is that the channels do not open. This procedure, which considered as the newest technology in hair transplantation used by a small number of hair transplantation hospitals around the world, including in Turkey.

The reason behind this is that employing the DHI method takes a long time. The expenses are more than the typical hair transplant fee due to the difficulty of the procedure. Special pens use extensively in the DHI technique. Hair roots placed in these pens. After the point of the pen insert into the skin, the hair follicle planted here.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplantation is one of the most commonly hear final transplantation techniques. This technique, like the others, is a version of the FUE procedure. FUE differs from this technique in that hair follicles extracted from the donor area using a robot-like tool. Of course, the robot does not carry out the complete rooting procedure. A hair transplant specialist supervises the robot. It only carried out by a few planting centers. Because the employment of a robot in robotic hair transplantation enlarges the picture, the margin of error in both taking and transplanting the roots reduced. It is possible to achieve natural results because it effectively controls the hair transplanting propensity. What Is Involved In Labiaplasty?

Organic Hair Transplant

Organic hair transplantation is a FUE-based hair transplantation technique that only employed in a few hair transplant clinics. Unlike FUE, the patient’s own blood injected into the scalp after it has pre-prepared and processed. As a result, the chances of the planted roots surviving have increased. Hair that has transplanted utilizing an organic hair transplantation method believed to grow better. Natural Hair Transplant Turkey

Mesotherapy and PRP

Despite the fact that the treatments we’ll discuss here have nothing to do with hair transplantation, they’ve marketed as such. This isn’t a hair transplant procedure. It’s a treatment method designed to manage hair loss and ensure the restoration of lost hair or permanent hair growth.

Hair mesotherapy is a hair-care method or treatment that applied prior to or after hair transplantation. It’s also possible to use it without having to undergo hair transplants. Hair mesotherapy tries to reduce hair loss while also making existing hair more resistant to shedding. Using live cells, induce fresh hair growth in bald areas. Hair mesotherapy performed as follows:

A special combination of vitamins, minerals, oils, antioxidants, and particular nourishing drugs for hair follicles  created. This combination injected beneath the scalp with small-diameter injection needles. As a result of the combination used here, the hair follicles obtain the nutrients they require and grow stronger. One of the most effective remedies for hair loss is the PRP therapy. During PRP therapy, the patient’s own blood  processed and injected into the scalp. While mesotherapy employs drugs, PRP uses the patient’s own blood.

Hair Transplant Turkey, No Shave Procedure

The hair transplant Turkey, no shave procedure has been rapidly gaining popularity among patients looking for a more long-term solution to hair loss. This a revolutionary, minimally invasive, and painless hair transplant in Turkey, you can experience this cutting-edge treatment at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries. In addition, all procedures are performed by highly experienced and skilled surgeons in state-of-the-art medical facilities with the highest safety standards. The results can be seen instantly and last up to 10 years or more, meaning you won’t have to worry about your hair thinning or receding ever again.

For those who are considering having a hair transplant but do not want to undergo a complicated operation and take a long time off from work or other daily activities, this hair transplant Turkey, no shave procedure is ideal. Furthermore, great care is taken throughout each step of the procedure from pre-care consultation through post-care follow-ups ensuring that each patient receives personalized attention from start to finish. Whether you are seeking full hair restoration or simply want to get Turkey hairline surgery, a hair transplant in Turkey has the perfect solution for you.