How does hair transplant work? Our answer to the question varies depending on the method you prefer. After analyzing the hair in the non-shedding hair area of our patient, it is decided whether to use it or not. First, non-shedding hair is removed if appropriate. It is taken individually. The hair follicles taken one by one are separated. Finally, the separated hair follicles are transplanted into the empty area one by one. In addition, channels must be opened well before sowing. How does hair transplant work? This is the answer to your question.

How does hair transplant work? You can get information from the surgeons in your clinic by trusting them. In addition, our surgeons carry out their work in a professional manner. Because fulfilling the wishes of you, our valued customers, and your well-being are of paramount importance to us. First, hair loss is a nuisance caused by a genetic factor. So the first reason is genetic factor. Then external factors become very influential. We can give examples such as the climate of the region, weather conditions, temperature, coldness, sun rays. It is very effective in nourishing the hair. In addition, hair quality deteriorates as a result of poor nutrition. Wear occurs more quickly.

Nervousness is very effective in hair loss under stress. We should not tire our hair too much. Because tired hair looks paler, worn and bad. Examples such as drying the hair too much and using too much shampoo can tire the hair. How to do hair transplantation? In the question, the canals should be opened beautifully and carefully according to the roots taken. You can trust my surgeons and choose our clinic. Because our surgeons do their work with great care, quality and professionalism.

How Does Hair Transplant Work And How Is It Done?

How does hair transplant work and how is it done? We will explain our answers to your questions in order. Hair transplantation is the placement of the lost hair in the empty area from the existing roots. In summary, we can say this. It is the filling of the bald area with hair follicles. Our surgeons perform the surgeries in the best way and with great care. First, you come to our clinic and have a preliminary interview with our surgeons. What to do next is mutually agreed upon. We prioritize the wishes of our valued customers. However, our surgeons make decisions by considering your health.

Finally, you will have the perfect hair and look you want. Hair transplantation has been going on since the 1950s. With the development of technology, hair transplantation has also developed a lot. Turkey is the place where hair transplantation is most developed. It has developed thanks to successful surgeons. Hair transplantation techniques have developed a lot over time. How does hair transplant work and how is it done? If you want to learn more about your questions, you can come to our clinic. Our job is to offer you the best.

We perform our surgeries in the best possible way without compromising your health. Our specialist surgeons usually take a 15 – 25 cm skin strip from the back of the head from the nape. Then it is closed. The grafts are removed and the treatment is performed on the area to be treated. Grafts are taken as much as the person needs. Some may be less, some may be more. Finally, care should be taken after the surgery is over. We wish you healthy days.

What Is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplantation is used in areas where the hair is sparse. How many grafts will be added to the patient is an important issue. Because it can be different for everyone. People with insufficient number of grafts cannot have hair transplantation. If you want to talk about these in a more detailed and professional way, you are welcome to our clinic. We are always waiting for you, our valued customers, to get information and to be treated in our clinic. In addition, we do our work in the most professional way with quality and care. It is our duty to offer you the best opportunities. We use the latest technology.

Technology is advancing day by day. And we follow this technology. Just to provide better treatment opportunity to our valued customers. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for you to come to our hospital and talk to our surgeons in detail. Our surgeons, who are the best in their work, are ready for your health and beauty. How does hair transplant work? Since the FUE technique is used a lot in the question, we can relate it. FUE technique is a highly preferred treatment method compared to other methods.

No stitching is required in the FUE technique. In addition, there are fewer sessions as sessions. Donors are taken more carefully and carefully. Only after placing your hair in the appropriate area, no further processing is required. Donors are not taken randomly. It is carefully selected. In addition, the most efficient ones are selected and taken. Finally, how did the spill occur? This is also an important question. Criteria such as the person’s age, genetics, hair type are important.

Hair Transplantation For Who?

What is hair transplantation? The question for whom; It can confuse those who want to have a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is known as the intervention to be applied in case of hair thinning, loss or baldness. The exact answer to the question of whom hair transplantation is performed is as follows. As the age limit, experts predict that the individual must be at least 18 years old. In addition, hair transplantation, which can be applied up to the age of 50, can be performed by taking it from the nape of the neck with the thickest hair follicles and applying it to the bald areas, regardless of male or female individuals.

In addition, the level of baldness must have reached a certain level. People who actively experience diseases such as psoriasis and eczema cannot have hair transplantation. Because these diseases are skin diseases. And hair transplantation is a treatment that concerns the skin. In addition, it is diseases that cause rashes on the skin. It is not recommended to do. Even if it has already been done, the probability is low. For this, you can come to our clinic and talk to our surgeons one-on-one.