When we look at the techniques and the process of the transplantation, it may sound complicated or even intimidating at first, but when we find out more about how hair transplant works, we start to understand it more.

And understanding the process behind this procedure is greatly beneficial to those who wish to receive the operation. Overall transplanting the hair from one location to another is not dangerous. You can achieve gorgeous and healthy locks thanks to this procedure.

The scalp is not the only area where the hair is extracted from. Places like the face, leg and arms also have hair. When the hair on the head is not enough, the surgeon can remove the follicles from these locations.

Balding spots do not just occur around the head. Bald patches of hair can be seen on the eyebrows and along the jawline. Some patients not only wish for fuller looking hair on the scalp but also for luscious hair around the eyebrows and beard.

The method that is used in filling up the bald patches of the eyebrows and beard is performed the exact same way as how the surgeon usually transplants hair on the scalp. It is both safe and effective. Your hair along with the eyebrows and beard will appear much fuller than before.

How Hair Transplant Works?

In summary, hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the hair on the fuller parts of the scalp are extracted and relocated onto the balder parts of the scalp. How do surgeons manage to carefully extract the hair without damaging the roots? Well, the method was not always this simple.

The first hair transplant surgery was performed in the 50s, and was not nearly as effective as it is in the current year.

This method that was used at the time, was called the plugging method.

Surgeons at the time were not familiar with how the hair roots were accurately lined up on the scalp. And because of this lack of knowledge they implanted the hair in an unnatural order

The plugging method made the hair look fake instead of natural.

The complications that occurred from the procedure have led to unpleasant side effects. Throughout the years doctors have tried to come up with a safer way to perform this operation that will yield amazing results. And have succeeded in doing so. Todays hair transplant specialist are more skilled and knowledgeable in hair transplantation.

Hair plugs are no longer performed today, due to the risky side effects.

In order to become a candidate the age is not a determınıng factor anymore. This is because more and more individuals are losing their hair at a much younger age than before. Not wanting to restrict potential patients, hair clinics do not put up an age limit.

Does the hair transplant procedure work?

Surgeons have developed transplantation methods that will help cover the balding hairs without causing damage and unfavourable results in patients.

Each of these newly developed method work differently.

The most popular and well known techniques are the FUE, FUT and DHI method.

All the techniques are commenced the same way. Hair follicles are extracted then are inserted onto the sparse areas of the patients head. Except with FUT, the skin is removed while with FUE and DHI no incisions are made. Instead the hair follicles are carefully extracted and inserted into the balding scalp.

Both the FUE and DHI techniques take awhile to complete due to how challenging it is to properly implant the hair follicles. FUT on the other hand takes a shorter time to finish. The procedure is entirely pain free, although you might feel sore and an intense burning sensation after the surgery is done.

Hair transplant is a safe procedure and requires minimal incisions, The succses rate is overall very high. Many patients reported feeling quite satisfied with their results.

That is because selecting a top clinic with highly trained doctors is what ultimately determines the results. Taking the time to find a doctor that can work with your hair and effectively cover up the balding areas is an important step. This step is what makes for a successful hair transplant procedure. As we have mentioned before each technique works differently than the other. These methods have been proven to work quite well in offering the patients good results. No matter what hair type you might have the methods are always compatible with patients. The most commonly preferred method is the FUE. It is consıdered the golden standard by many doctors and patients.


How effective are the results?

If you are wondering how effective the results are, you can find many before and after photos of this procedure online, posted by previous patients or sometimes even the doctors themselves from their own website.

By observing these results you can determine which clinic you would like to attend. Each clinic is an expert in at least one method of transplanting hair.

According to online reviews, many patients shared photos of their results, some of these photos include natural looking hair. The results are impressive

There are several forums online, dedicated to discussing the hair transplant procedure. Many previous patients have expressed their opinions on how the process went about. You can find out how hair transplant works through researching others experiences. For a more reliable way to conclude what you need for an efficient procedure, you can consult with a doctor and ask them question about what you can expect from this operation.

Hair restoration is an effective way of permanently fixing hair problems. How likely the results will be successful depends on the chosen surgeon. If the surgeon manages to perform an effective procedure, the transplanted hair can last for years. However hair loss is inevitable, and aging can lead to even more hair loss than before. Patients can have frequent visits to the doctors office for touch ups.

Anybody can get a hair transplant procedure.

As long as you are familiar with the risks that come with it anyone can undergo this surgery.

Knowing How Much Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

“How much hair transplant cost in Turkey?” is highly competitive and you can often find great deals. If you decide to pursue a hair transplant in Turkey, it is important to research potential surgeons and clinics before making a decision. Look for a certified surgeon and clinic that has years of experience and a good reputation. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the type of procedure you are considering, as this will help ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. Doing your research can not only help to ensure that you get the best results but also save you money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary costs or complications during hair transplant surgery.

Additionally, many clinics in Turkey offer payment plans related to “how much hair transplant cost in Turkey?” so you can spread out the cost of hair transplant over time. Ultimately, when choosing your hair transplant surgeon, it is important to go with someone who has experience and expertise in hair restoration techniques and is committed to achieving excellent results while providing top-notch patient care. All these factors contribute to making a hair transplant in Turkey a great option for those looking for an effective solution to their hair loss problems at an affordable price.