Hair Transplant Price In Turkey

Hair transplant price in Turkey is quite convenient. We offer an effective and practical solution to the problem of hair loss that can be seen in everyone and negatively affects the appearance. With the hair transplant methods we apply, we ensure that you get permanent and natural hair. We do hair transplantation, which is the only permanent solution to the problem of hair loss, with our trained and specialist doctors. We apply completely safe hair transplantation in a practical way. Because we do not want you to disrupt your work and daily life. We inform patients about the procedure before hair transplantation. We ensure that the patient has information about all stages. In addition, we make it possible to be more comfortable and not to panic in the face of the situations experienced after the procedure.

Thus, we aim to raise the awareness of the patient and to relax them psychologically before the operation. We cannot specify a single price range for hair transplantation. We determine our prices according to the condition of the patient and the width of the hair transplantation area. But we offer prices that adapt to every budget. We include all our services before and after the transaction in the price we provide. You can choose us to get quality service with reasonable price advantages. For more detailed information, you can come to our center and talk to our experts one-on-one. You should not forget to make an appointment before coming.

Causes of Hair Loss

We react not only psychologically but also physically unintentionally to negativity that we encounter throughout life. Among the physical reactions of our body against many factors, we encounter the most hair loss. We lose our self-confidence, especially in the face of problems such as intense hair loss, significant thinning and balding. In addition, we may face many psychological problems. However, we can regain natural hair by preventing hair loss with hair transplantation. For this, we need to learn the most accurate treatment method and the cause of the disease. Together with our specialist doctors, we eliminate hair loss for various reasons from being a problem thanks to the treatment methods. We can list the causes of hair loss as follows;

  • Genetic factors
  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Health problems
  • Stress and external factors

We compensate the permanent hair loss due to many factors with the technique we have determined according to the needs. If hair loss is a problem for you and affects you negatively; You can contact us and get detailed information. For more information about the most effective hair loss treatment methods for your personal hair loss, you can call us and request an appointment. You can easily reach us from anywhere in the world.

Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Hair transplantat price in Turkey, rather trying to keep it low. Because we want everyone to benefit from this process. We hold a pre-interview on the first day for our clients who visit us from within the country. During the pre-interview, we determine the needs of our patients with our experts. During the pre-interview, we determine the needs of our patients with our experts. Then we evaluate the general health status of the patient. In addition, we learn in detail how long hair loss has been present and how the process continues. We examine the latest situation of the hair loss area. In this direction, we provide information on how many grafts our patient needs. We make a mutual consensus on which technique will give the most natural result for our patient. Afterwards, we determine the operation day according to the availability of the patient.

We usually perform the operation at the second meeting with our patients. In addition, we do our patient’s blood tests. Thus, we evaluate the state of health once with tests. Afterwards, if the method decided is Percutaneous or FUE technique, we shave the patient’s hair. Then we start the operation. If the decided method is DHI, we only perform hair shaving in the donor area. After the operation, with our specialists, we provide the patient with information about what not to do and what to pay attention to. We usually have the third interview on the second day after surgery. In this meeting, we do the bandage removal and washing process. We explain what the patient should pay attention to in the next washes. We make recommendations to the patient with products such as shampoo that should be used afterwards.

Differences Between FUT and FUE Techniques

Hair transplant price in Turkey, vary according to the applied technique. In our clinic, we mostly apply FUT and FUE techniques. We will explain the differences between the techniques.

  • In the FUT technique, the hair is not shaved, but in FUE, we shave the area.
  • In the FUT technique, we take the hair follicles together with the cuts and skin. We cut the cut strips into pieces and place them in the planting area. However, we do not apply any incisions in FUE.
  • In FUT, you may experience heavy bleeding due to incisions. But because there is no incision in Fue, bleeding is less.
  • In the FUT technique, we stitch the donor area. But we do not apply sewing in FUE.
  • In the FUT technique, we can plant 60 roots per cm in the planting area, but in FUE, we plant 160 roots.
  • While the FUT technique achieves 80% success, FUE ensures 100% success.
  • Hair follicles taken from the donor area in the FUT technique
    After waiting for 3 hours, we start transplanting. In the FUE technique, we do hair transplantation without waiting.
  • In the FUT technique, an incision scar remains after the procedure. FUE does not leave any scars and provides a more aesthetic appearance.

For more information about the most effective hair loss treatment methods for your personal hair loss, you can contact our experts by phone. You can have a hair loss analysis in our clinic. Although the FUT technique preserves its popularity, it is a very old technique. This technique is not preferred anymore due to tissue damage and incision.


Here are some factors that can affect the price:

Number of Hair Follicles: The more hair follicles (like tiny hair seeds) needed for the transplant,Moreover,the higher the cost. It takes more time and effort to transplant more hair.

Clinic Reputation: Different clinics in Turkey have different prices. Some clinics are very famous and charge more because they have experienced doctors and offer high-quality service.

Hair Transplant Technique: There are different techniques for hair transplants, like FUE and DHI. Each technique may have a different cost.Above all, The doctors will decide which technique is best for you.

How to Find Out the Price

Firstly, To find out the price of a hair transplant in Turkey, you can contact a hair transplant clinic. They will give you all the information you need. The cost can vary from person to person, so it’s important to talk to the experts to get the right price.

In Conclusion, The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey depends on factors like the number of hair follicles, the reputation of the clinic, and the technique used. It’s like buying something special for your hair. If you or someone you know is considering a hair transplant, it’s important to talk to the experts in Turkey to find out the exact cost. With their help, you can get the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted!