How To Lose Weight With Gastric Balloon?

When you look at the the gastric balloon before and after photos, you will see for yourself how much it helps to lose weight. A gastric balloon is nothing like a weight loss drug. It reduces the storage capacity in your stomach. And it prevents the person from eating more than necessary. In addition, an incision does not occur during the procedure. Therefore, your return to daily life will be fast. When this is the case, people reach the saturation level faster than normal. Moreover, movement is more free in the gastric balloon compared to other methods in bariatric surgery. It doesn’t affect your exercise too much. Since your exercise is not interfered with, it is understood that you lose more weight in your gastric balloon before and after photos.

However, it is not possible to lose weight without doing anything with a gastric balloon. In other words, if you do not do the necessary sports and diets, you cannot see the change you imagine in the gastric balloon before and after photos. Because it is your will and determination that creates the change in this process. You can make the difference yourself by following the nutrition list given by your doctor and doing regular exercises. Only in this way is it possible to achieve success. In this process, you need to adjust the frequency of meeting with your doctor and dietitian well. Meeting more often helps the process go smoothly.

What Should Be Considered While Inserting A Gastric Balloon?

It will be good for you to have a taken the gastric balloon before and after photos is inserted. In such a case, you will see the difference more clearly in the the gastric balloon before and after photos. And it helps you be more motivated. As you look at the the gastric balloon before and after photos, you are likely to see the change and continue with even more determination. Before having a gastric balloon, you must pass certain tests. You are allowed to have it done in accordance with the results of these tests. In addition, you can get rid of some diseases you have with a gastric balloon. Because obesity related diseases increase with weight gain. Likewise, as you lose weight, these diseases decrease.

The silicone balloon is placed in your stomach without being inflated. It is then inflated while in your stomach with endoscopic methods. It reduces stomach capacity. In this way, you will experience the feeling of early satiety. Although it may seem strange to eat less in the first days, you have to get used to it. In addition, you will need to get used to it for three days after the gastric balloon is inserted. In this process, you may experience conditions such as vomiting and fatigue. These are perfectly normal and nothing dangerous. If your nausea and vomiting continue after three days, you should inform your doctor.

On the first day after procedure, you should stay away from physical activities. You should eat cold or hot products slowly and in small quantities. Because your stomach is very sensitive. When you are going to remove the gastric balloon, you should start feeding with liquid 3 days in advance. In addition, it is imperative that you stop fluid intake 12 hours before the procedure.

At What Ages Can It Be Done?

Gastric balloon operation is generally preferred by adults. It is also suitable for adults to prefer. The age range is determined as 18 – 60. This can be extended to the ages of 16 – 75 when necessary. Gastric balloon is made to people with advanced obesity level. It is generally suitable for people with a body mass index of 30 and above. It is not recommended to use obesity surgery at young ages. Instead, it is tried to lose weight with drugs and methods that suppress appetite. Because children are not very conscious of this. And the gastric balloon doesn’t help you lose weight on its own, either. For this reason, it is more appropriate for people who will pay attention to their nutrition and sports after the operation.

At least in such a case, the required weight loss can be achieved. Even dieting for young children carries risks. In this state, gastric balloon ischemia is risky. However, if the health risks are greater, the age limit will increase. This is the reason why it is not recommended for aging people in the same way. They need to lose weight for their health, but there is little they can do. They need to pay attention to their diet. At the same time, diseases that increase with age also prevent gastric balloon. When performed at an earlier age, the gastric balloon procedure also helps in the recovery of obesity related diseases.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon

The swallowable gastric balloon is a method used in bariatric surgery. A swallowable gastric balloon does not require anesthesia or surgery. Thanks to the developing technology, you can lose weight much faster. You need to do it on a diet with this balloon. If you pay attention to what is stated in the diet, you can lose weight much faster. We cannot say it is more or less useful. It works just as well as other gastric balloons. With less food, you feel fuller faster.

The swallowable gastric balloon is in pill form attached to a thin tube. You must swallow the balloon directly. Then it is checked by x-ray. If there is no problem in the x-ray and it is ensured that it is placed, the inflation process starts. With the help of a catheter, the balloon in the stomach is filled with a liquid. Once the filling process is complete, the catheter is withdrawn. The swallowable gastric balloon stays in your stomach for approximately six months. It then leaves the body on its own. Thus, you can perform gastric balloon operation without the need for surgical or endoscopic procedures. You can also return to your daily life more quickly.

Gastric Balloon Before and After Photos Will Make You Want to Lose Weight


Gastric balloon before and after photos are a great way to see the potential results of this procedure. While everyone’s experience with the gastric balloon is unique, these before and after photos can give you an idea of what you can achieve. Reading real-life stories from those who have already undergone this procedure can help you gain further insight into what to expect.

The gastric balloon San Antonio TX consists of a balloon filled with saline solution to help patients lose weight and reduce the risk of developing diseases related to obesity. At the end of the procedure, patients can expect a significant decrease in their BMI and an improvement in their overall health and quality of life. Furthermore, this non-invasive weight-loss solution has been used successfully by thousands of people in San Antonio and across Texas.

With the proper dedication and lifestyle changes, you can achieve your desired weight loss results with a gastric balloon. It is important to remember that results may vary from person to person and that proper diet and exercise are essential components of any successful weight loss journey. Researching the procedure as well as taking reference from gastric balloon before and after photos can be helpful if you’re considering getting a gastric balloon.