Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

What determines our image? Is it the clothes we wear or our hairstyles? The answer is both. Our hair is a reflection of our style. For many years, we get used to our hairy state. Then our hair falls out for many reasons. We want to get used to the new situation, but it just can’t happen. Also, you can never make peace with yourself. You wanted to put a stop to this and now you are here. You can be sure that you will find what you are wondering about hair transplantation in this article. Hair transplant in turkey, what done before and what happens after, you will entitle to all of them. Stay with us.

Which Techniques are used in Hair Transplant in Turkey and What Happened after and before?

FUE is the most popular and well-known hair transplant procedure (follicular unit extraction). Hair extracted from the area with specific piping and inserted in the region where the hair will implant in this form of hair transplant surgery. There are no scarring or blemishes with this hair transplant process. The scalp heals in a short amount of time.

When Does Installed Hair Grow?

A patient who has had a hair transplant wishes to restore his new appearance as quickly as workable. The transplant hair starts to increase within 2-three months after we complete the curing process, but it needs about a year to achieve the ideal natural form. It may reduce this interval based on the texture of the hair and environmental affects, albeit it differs from person to person. It is possible to compare before and after hair transplantation in Turkey.

Small sores in the newly transplanted region heal via chapped skin in the first two weeks following hair transplant. During this time, the transplant graft stay on to their new regions and adapts. Hairs that restart the normal growth period after shocking loss grow at a rate of 1-2 cm per month till they spread. The first stage hairs retrieved by the root, which have not yet restored their natural structure, may be more formless or thinner than regular hair hairs as a result of this procedure.

After Hair Transplant Turkey and What Happen before?

Strands of hair must resume their natural growth form directly after the first process of healing, which causes partial hair loss in hair transplantation. About a month following the hair transplant, this process begins. Temporary bleeding can begin and conclude at different times for different people. Temporary bleeding stops in the second month, and hair follicles start to increase. The strands of hair start to grow and take on a form in the fourth month.

Hair follicles grow about 45 and 80 percent by the sixth month. The hair follicles, which start the regular growth cycle in the 7th month and later, become longer, thicker, and begin to take their original shape, which can plainly recognize with the naked eye. Curly hair problem, which can occur in certain people, goes away after the 7th month, and your hair follicles keep growing in their regular path at the end of the year. If you want to get detailed information about hair transplantation in clinics in Turkey, you can also review the before and after photos of the patients.

The hair transplanted is your own hair, and it returns to its normal pattern after a year. After a year, the transplant hair begins a normal growth process similar to your own hair, growing 1-2 cm each month at least. The only thing to consider here is where the donors region will use in the hair restoration procedure. However, not all hair follicles in our bodies have the same pattern as our hair in our heads.

As a result, the time transplant hair takes to develop differs depending on the donor region. If we used the hair follicles on the neck as the donor region, your hair comes at the same rates as your hair’s natural pattern at the end of a year. The rate of increase will vary condition on the region taken if secondary areas (chest, back, arms, or legs) use as donor cells, because these hair follicles are not adequately compatible with the texture.

What Will Hair Transplantation Look Like in the Future?

Technology is developing rapidly. Technology in hair transplantation, which is a part of aesthetic surgery, is followed closely. This industry is developing and will continue to develop. Maybe you have too many problems because of hair loss.

Hair transplantation is the most effective therapy for male structure hair loss today. Despite the fact that hair copying work is still ongoing, they have yet achieved no results. If hair cloning is effective, they will create a few tissue samples from a healthy head in a laboratory setting, and hair transplant on the bald area will be possible with no constraints.

Would you like to have a hair transplant and feel like you are on vacation? After having a hair transplant in Turkey, you won’t even remember you’re before appearance.

Operation Details

Will your sapphires hair transplant go off without a hitch? The easiest method to figure out what’s going on is to make sure the hair transplant center keeps track of everything in order to meet quality requirements. It’s critical to pay attention to how the operation phases monitor and how the quality control systems operate. Details like the percentage of hair successfully removed from the donor area, acceptable fracture rates, graft storage, and the selection of single or multiple hair follicle grafts for a natural consequence during transplant surgery will reveal how well the health center has perfected the FUE hair transplant procedure in a medical sense.

Medication for both the Pre- and Post-operative Periods

Before and after your hair transplant in turkey, did the hair transplant center offer any medicinal drugs to you? Did he not just treat you as a patient but also advise you about non-surgical hair loss therapies? Remember that clinics that treat your hair loss as a whole will give you the results you desire.

Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After Photos will Show You How Great It is to Have Hair!

If you are considering a hair transplant abroad, one of the best ways to decide if it’s right for you is to look at hair transplant Turkey before and after photos. Hair transplants in Turkey have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many people choose to go there for their procedures. This is because Turkish clinics offer high-quality care at competitive prices. Remember that every individual’s results will vary when looking at hair transplant before and after photos. However, the photos can give you an idea of what to expect from the procedure. In general, people can expect a dramatic improvement in their overall appearance.

The before photos typically show individuals with thinning or balding hair. The after photos show a significant improvement in the density and volume of the individual’s hair. In some cases, the hair transplant Turkey before and after results can be quite dramatic, with a full head of healthy-looking hair. The skill and experience of the surgeon, the quality of the hair follicles used, and the individual’s response to the procedure all affect the result of a hair transplant. Therefore, it is best to consult with a qualified professional before deciding about undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey.