The Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul

The Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul Hair transplant is one of the most preferred treatments worldwide. Hair loss makes people panic. Too, it creates psychological effects. If you have recently experienced hair loss, you can get treatment. Istanbul is Turkey’s best hair transplant center. That’s why it is the most preferred country. You should consider hair transplant surgery. The clinics in Turkey could be the savior.

Advantages of Hair Transplant Center Istanbul in Turkey

Istanbul, the Turkey, is the best center for hair transplant operations. They have the latest technology. It is at the forefront of other clinics in the world with its quality and affordable health services. It is helpful for you due to the quality of service offered.

Medical tourism in Istanbul has increased in recent years. That’s why medical tourists visit Istanbul and Turkey for most plantation operations.

Medical tourists from the Middle East and Europe can also enjoy the country’s wealth.

Besides this, Turkey is among the world’s top 3 countries in plantation operations.

There are hair transplant center in Istanbul at very affordable prices.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

The cost of a hair transplant operation in Istanbul is $ 3,000 – $ 5,000. You have to pay $ 20,000 for this operation in the US, UK or most European countries.

Besides; Most hair transplant packages are for foreigners. During your transaction, you can cover all logistics, accommodation and other travel expenses.

Besides that, Istanbul is a cheap city. You can do many activities.

Techniques in Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul

There are two main techniques in hair transplant surgeries. These; It is  Fue and Fut. But, with the development of technology, the FUT technique is not preferred much.

DHI hair transplantation is a new method. As in other areas, hair transplant technology can change. Thus, new techniques are useful for you.

FUT Technique

In the FUT technique, a piece of skin is removed. It can be examined under a microscope. And then the doctors apply it to the scalp.

FUE Technique

The FUE technique is very common in hair transplant centers in Istanbul. So you can choose it with confidence. Each strand of hair is removed using a tool. This prevents scarring. The FUT technique leaves a permanent scar on the scalp.

DHI Technique

DHI hair transplant is like the Fue technique. This technique is another application of the Fue technique. In the FUE technique, there are all skin transplantation procedures. There are a few cuts in these procedures. The process takes place through these cuts. Yet, in the DHI technique, no tools have used the scalp. Besides, this method is a robotic hair transplant system.

Costs Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul

You can enjoy Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul.

If you are considering a hair transplant, the prices in the EU, UK or USA are high for you. These prices are higher than necessary.

But, costs are cheap in hair transplant center in Istanbul. The possibilities are quite high. When you choose, you may find that this is the cheapest and practical way.

What Do Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul Offer You?

Most hair transplant clinics can help their customers in all matters. Besides hair transplantation, it offers you well-planned cultural tours. The advantages they offer to you are as follows;

Help with accommodation

Realizing all the plans as you wish

Comprehensive cost savings

Being taken from the airport to the hair transplant center or to your hotel

To follow the developments after the procedure

To assist with any problem.

Does It Make Sense To Have a Hair Transplant In Istanbul?

The number of people going abroad to Turkey is increasing every day with hair transplants. Still, what should you pay attention to during the treatment process?

The Health tourism sector in Istanbul is developing. Besides to,  Thousands of foreigners choose hair transplant centers in Istanbul every year. Also to the hair transplant operation, the visibility of the country is a great advantage. The beautiful history fascinates you.

The vast majority of those who prefer Istanbul for treatment are satisfied. Despite this, there are very few patients who receive the wrong treatment.

 Will The Transplanted Hair Fall Out Again?

No, the hair transplanted after the hair transplant will not fall out. The person can stretch or take a nap as they wish. It can scan the way it wants.

One of the important points in hair transplantation is the applied technique. The professionalism of the health center and the experience of the expert team stand out.

Hair Strengthening Treatments After Hair Transplantation

Mesotherapy is applied to strengthen the hairs in the hair transplantation area. Hair mesotherapy is a protective and strengthening treatment performed after hair transplantation. The treatment is applied to men or women of all ages. Age is not important in this matter. It does not have any side effects, but itching may be observed in some cases.

After the hair transplant application, you can choose hair mesotherapy for your hair.

You can do the mesotherapy 6 weeks after the hair transplant.

You can apply mesotherapy for 3 or 6 sessions.

The duration of each process is 20 minutes.

After the procedure, you can return to your daily life.

The Benefits of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is successful. Provides long-lasting natural results. Other advantages of hair transplant are as follows:

It is the most useful method in hair loss treatments.

It eliminates hair loss in large areas.

You can apply it in the later stages of hair loss.

You get natural-looking hair.

Women and men can choose.

Your hair will not fall out after regrowing.

Cons of The Hair Transplantation

As with all procedures, hair transplantation may have a few cons.

The long hair transplant procedure


Recovery time

Depending on the method preferred, there may be a scar on the skin.

It may take a long time for new hair to form

If you did not choose a good center, the hair around the transplanted area may fall out.

A standard hair transplant procedure takes six to nine hours. The results you will get are definitely worth this wait. But, if it takes such a long time, it is more expensive than other hair loss treatments.

Most people usually have a hair transplant once. It does not need any more hair transplantation. So the cost is normal. New hair starts to grow in the area where hair is transplanted and you have natural-looking hair.