Zirconium Tooth Crowns A dental crown is an artificial cap that is used to give the tooth the shape it is normally supposed to have. A dental crown functions just like a real tooth and enhances the tooth’s strength. Also, a tooth with a change of color or a tooth that is too worn out to function properly can be capped with a crown too. Crowns can be made of ceramic, metal, or as the new trend shows, zirconium. Zirconia crowns consist of zirconium dioxide which is a type of metal that is so strong.

Zirconium Oxide Dental Crowns

Lately, zirconia crowns have gotten more popular. They owe this popularity of theirs to their durability, natural look, and being easy to apply. Here are some advantages of having a zirconia dental crown:

  • Zirconia crowns are too easy to modify. It is easy to make changes in their shape and color.
  • They naturally look like a real tooth.
  • To apply a zirconia crown, the dentist does not need to use a metal base, so the crown turns out not to be too distinguishable.
  • Unlike other types of crowns, to apply a zirconia crown, the dentist does not need to remove as many teeth.
  • Zirconia crowns are more durable to staining.
  • They are compatible with the body, they do not make too much of a harm to the body in long usage.
  • Zirconia crowns are durable to hot or cold exposure.
  • They are stronger than other types of crowns.
  • As the zirconia crowns are easy to shape, (they are carved from zirconia blocks directly) they necessitate less preparation, and materials, also they are applied in a shorter time than other types of crowns. So, dentists can make the crowns themselves rather than ordering them from a lab and wait for them to come.

Disadvantages of  Having Zirconia Crowns

Even though they have many advantages, zirconia crowns also have some disadvantages. Some disadvantages of having zirconia crowns are:

  • Although they do look like natural teeth, they do not resemble them as much as other types of crowns So it is suggested to have zirconia crowns for grinder teeth and lithium disilicate or porcelain crowns for the front teeth.
  • As the zirconia is a material that is so strong, it is harder to determine if there is decay under the crown.
  • Compared to the other types of dental crowns, zirconia crowns are much more expensive.
  • Some dentists do not prefer using zirconia crowns as they are more used to work with other materials like gold.

Why You Need a Zirconia Tooth crown

The reasons for having a zirconia tooth crown are:

  • Having cavities in your teeth that are not fillable because of their size
  • Having broken or worn out teeth
  • Having root canal treatment (the zirconia crowns will cover the restored area from outer factors)
  • Having teeth that are differently colored or shaped compared to the other teeth in your mouth.

Zirconia Crowns Combined With Porcelain

As stated above, although zirconia crowns resemble a natural tooth, other types of crowns match the color of the real tooth better. So, some dentists may prefer covering the zirconia crown with a porcelain coating when they are shaping the crown. A crown that is made of a combination of both zirconia and porcelain will provide a more natural look, so they will not pop out next to other teeth. However, some specialists say that the porcelain cover may make the crown more fragile to outer factors.

Zirconium Porcelain Crowns

The Procedure for Placing the Zirconia Dental Crown

During a dental crown placement procedure, the dentist follows these steps below;

  • First, the dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth.
  • The dentist prepares your teeth. This step may include the removal of some teeth and the outer cover of some teeth.
  • A replica of the crown is prepared to show how will it look. It can be made using a mold or can be made with the help of three-dimensional printers.
  • While your real crown is prepared, the dentist may provide you with a temporary crown. The temporary crowns are not too durable, so you should avoid eating food that contains hard things or that may stick to your teeth. Also, chewing gum will probably harm the temporary crown. You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold while you are using the temporary crowns.
  • When the actual zirconia crowns are ready, you will be called to an appointment to remove the temporary crowns and place the real ones. Your dentist will make the adjustments if necessary, and when everything is just as expected, your new zirconia crowns will be cemented into their place.

How Long Do a Zirconium Tooth crown Last

Generally, tooth crowns last between 10 and 15 years. But zirconia crowns are more durable to hard foods and other factors, so you can use them even longer than 15 years. If you care about your mouth hygiene, be careful about not putting too much pressure on your teeth (like cracking hard-shelled nuts with your teeth), and take care of the crowns well, they may last for a lifetime. Also, compared to porcelain crowns, besides lasting longer with regular mouth care, zirconia crowns will require replacements in longer intervals or do not require a replacement at all.

What Should You Do In Order to Keep Your Zirconium Tooth crowns In Best Condition

To avoid breaking or damaging your zirconia crowns, and make them last longer, you should follow those tips:

  • Most importantly, you have to be careful about your mouth hygiene, so you should brush your teeth 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Besides brushing your teeth, you can use other oral care products like mouthwashes and dental floss.
  • Do not put pressure on your teeth. Be careful when you are eating some food that contains hard pieces, never use your teeth for cracking nuts, and if you have a habit of biting things (like a pencil or your nails) quit it.
  • Regularly see your dentist for a general check-up and mouth cleaning.

    What Are Zirconium Tooth Crowns

    Zirconium tooth crowns are like beautiful hats for teeth. They are made from a special material called zirconium, which is super strong and looks just like natural teeth. It’s like a magic cloak that transforms a tooth and makes it shine.

    How Are They Made

    Skilled dentists create zirconium tooth crowns by using special machines and tools. They carefully shape the zirconium material to fit over a damaged tooth, just like a custom-made hat. It’s like a dentist playing dress-up with teeth!

    Sparkling Smiles

    Once the zirconium tooth crown is placed over a tooth, it covers any imperfections and makes the tooth look perfect and shiny. Above all, It’s like adding a sprinkle of stardust to a tooth, making it sparkle and stand out in the best way.

    Strong and Durable

    Zirconium tooth crowns are incredibly strong and can withstand biting and chewing, just like real teeth. They help protect the tooth underneath and make it feel strong and healthy. Moreover, It’s like having a superhero shield for a tooth!

    Taking Care of Zirconium Crowns

    Firstly, To keep zirconium tooth crowns looking their best, it’s important to brush and floss them just like regular teeth. Dentists may also recommend special care instructions to ensure they stay shiny and strong.Similarly, It’s like giving them a gentle hug and keeping them happy.

    In Conclusion, Zirconium tooth crowns are like magical hats that transform damaged teeth into sparkling smiles. With their strong and shiny qualities, they make teeth look and feel amazing.After that, If you ever need a zirconium tooth crown, remember the wonders it can do. Say goodbye to tooth worries and hello to the magic of zirconium tooth crowns, where smiles truly shine!