Can You Have Kids After Weightloss Surgery?

Can you have kids after weightloss surgery?  As more women of childbearing age get weight-loss surgery, the number of babies born after the surgery is also going up. Bariatric surgery is another name for weight-loss surgery. About half of women who are old enough to have children have bariatric surgery, which is done on more than 80% of women.
The gastric sleeve is the bariatric surgery that is done most often. During the laparoscopic surgery, about 80% of the stomach is taken out. This makes you eat less food and changes your hormones in ways that help you lose weight.

How can weight loss surgeries like the gastric sleeve affect getting pregnant and having a baby? Here are seven important things to remember about getting pregnant after surgery to lose weight.

How Can You Have Kids After Weightloss Surgery?

You might get pregnant after a procedure to help you lose weight. In fact, bariatric surgery may improve your fertility in ways you didn’t expect. After surgery, obese women who have had trouble getting pregnant may ovulate regularly for the first time in years.
Also, if your fertility is affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), bariatric surgery might help. This is because the surgery fixes hormonal problems that are caused by PCOS.

With as little as a 5% weight loss, infertility caused by obesity can be fixed. In one study, after a few months, 70 of 98 women who weren’t ovulating but had bariatric surgery started having regular periods. People who started ovulating lost more weight than people who didn’t start ovulating.

How Much Is Weight Loss Surgery?

Remember that if you haven’t been using birth control, your newly found fertility may make you more likely to get pregnant by accident if you haven’t been using it. If you just had surgery a year ago, this could be a problem. Some people worry that oral contraceptives won’t work as well after bariatric surgery because they won’t be absorbed as well. Talk to your doctor about the best way to handle this situation. If you don’t want to get pregnant when you start to lose weight, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about this before you have bariatric surgery.

Can You Have Kids After Weightloss Surgery Via Surrogate?

If your weight has stayed the same after bariatric surgery, you can safely get pregnant. After surgery, your body goes through big changes in nutrition, weight loss, and maybe even stressful changes, which can be bad for a growing child. You also have the best chance of reaching your weight loss goals before getting pregnant if you wait to get pregnant.
Still being studied is the best amount of time between bariatric surgery and getting pregnant. Some experts say to wait 12 months, while others say to wait 12 to 24 months. However, some small studies have questioned whether waiting is really necessary.

Success Rate of Getting Pregnant After Weight Loss Surgery

In the biggest study, more than 1,850 women and their newborns who had bariatric surgery were looked at. Researchers found that women who had babies less than two years after bariatric surgery had more preterm babies, babies who had to stay in the NICU, and babies who were short for their gestational age. This was compared to women who had babies four years after surgery.
Most doctors tell women who have had surgery not to get pregnant for at least a year. This is to prevent malnutrition in both the mother and the unborn child. This reduces any problems caused by a lack of nutrients, which is common after bariatric surgery, and gives your body enough time to reach your desired, stable weight.

Diet After Weight Loss To Get Pregnant

You must keep a close eye on what you eat and drink. After any kind of bariatric surgery, your body doesn’t break down food and take in nutrients the same way. Low levels of vitamins and minerals can cause serious health problems, so patients must take extra vitamins and minerals for the rest of their lives.
They can tell you the best ones to take in addition to the ones you’ve been taking since your surgery. You might also want to talk to a dietician who has worked with people who have had weight-loss surgery.

How To Pay For Bariatric Surgery

Ask your obstetrician to recommend a nutritionist who works with people who are bariatric. Tell the nutritionist you work with what kind of surgery you had and what foods you like to eat. In addition to giving advice about supplements, a dietitian can help you make healthy food choices and find the best ways to absorb nutrients.

Pregnant women who have had bariatric surgery need special care, which requires a certain set of skills. As bariatric surgery has become more common, many obstetricians have learned what special care patients need during pregnancy after the surgery.  This will give them the chance to start making you healthier as soon as possible.