How much is FUE hair transplant is a question that everyone who wants to have a hair transplant searches for the answer. We’ll talk about the prices of the FUE. Hair loss is a very common problem. Hair loss, which is generally not a sign of a major health problem, still disturbs people aesthetically. Many people who have hair loss problems stay away from their social life for a long time. People who lose their self-confidence may become uncomfortable even seeing themselves in the mirror. So, what are the causes of hair loss? Hair loss is a problem that you can encounter in both men and women. However, hair loss in women lasts for a maximum of 2 months.

How Much is FUE Hair Transplant

The reasons for this hair loss can be wrong hair product use, stressful times, depression and anxiety or seasonal changes. Hair loss seen in women does not extend to baldness. It usually ends with thinning of the hair. For men, the situation is much different. Most men face the problem of hair loss after the age of 25. This hair loss phase can generally continue until the age of 35-40. This type of hair loss experienced by men can extend to baldness.

A man understands that his hair is falling out and bald by the loss of clarity of the hairline. Especially if there is a bald person in his family, he may panic at that moment. The reason for this hair loss seen in men is the testosterone hormone, which increases after the age of 25. Testosterone contains a substance called DHT.

This substance makes the hair follicles weak. The weakened hair follicles also weaken day by day and the hair falls out. 6 out of 10 men suffer from this hair loss. This type of hair loss is also called genetic hair loss. But baldness is not your destiny. Thanks to hair transplant operations, you can regain your hair. The FUE technique is the most common technique. For this reason, people who will have hair transplantation often ask the question of how much is FUE hair transplant. We will give the answers to this question in detail.

Detailed Information About How Much is FUE Hair Transplant Question

Let’s answer the question of how much is FUE hair transplant. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a clear answer to this question. Everyone’s hair transplant operation will cost a different price. Because the baldness rates of people vary. A person who has a problem of baldness in a very small area of ​​his head can have a hair transplant operation at affordable prices. Because this person has more hairy area and less hairless area. Fewer bald areas mean less hair follicles are needed. The doctor takes the hair follicle and finishes the transplant process in a much shorter time. In this case, both the operation time and the cost of the operation are much less. But let’s also consider a person who has lost almost all his hair. This person has a very small area of ​​hair on the nape.

The doctor needs to remove thousands of hair follicles from this small area and transfer them to the patient’s bald area. In this case, both the duration of the operation and the price of the operation increase. Because the doctor spends much more effort in this operation. Collecting hair follicles from a small area to a large area is not an easy process. But we cannot say that we cannot give an average price in this regard. So, we will calm the curiosity of those who are wondering how much is FUE hair transplant.

The doctor transplants an average of 3000 roots in a hair transplant operation. The basis of pricing hair transplant operations in the world is the number of roots planted by the doctor. An expert adds a hair molecule for an average of 2-3 dollars. According to this calculation, an average hair transplant operation costs around 6 thousand dollars. Of course, this amount varies from country to country, from clinic to clinic. If you want to have this operation, you should choose the hair transplant technique and clinic you prefer before asking the question of how much is FUE hair transplant.

Details of FUE Hair Transplant Operation

Now that we have given a detailed answer to your question of how much is FUE hair transplant, we can explain the details of the FUE technique. In this technique, the doctor uses a cutting-edge micro-motor-tipped needle. With this needle, it both collects hair follicles and transplants hair follicles. The duration of hair transplantation operations is short since the specialists started to use this micro-motor needle in hair transplantation operations. Before the doctor starts to transplant the patient’s hair, he shortens the existing hair in the nape area to 1 mm. Hair should never be hit to zero.

After shortening the hair, the doctor starts to collect the hair follicles quickly thanks to the micro-motor tipped needle. This operation does not require general anesthesia. This operation is easily performed with local anesthesia. The doctor begins to plant the hair follicles he has collected on the bald area. It also performs this operation with the same needle. The FUE technique is almost the same as the manual hair transplant technique. The only thing that changes is the tool the doctor uses. After the doctor transplants the hair, the procedure ends. This process, which takes a short time to explain, does not take long, considering that the doctor takes the roots one by one and transplants them one by one.

The patient should not contact the scalp with water for the first 3 days after the operation. Hair follicles transplanted in contact with water may lose their efficiency. And hair may not grow from those areas. The doctor recommends the patient to sleep on a smaller and firmer pillow for the first 15 days. It is strictly forbidden for the patient to sleep on his back. The patient should definitely not lie in the areas where the doctor has planted the hair follicles. After 1 month, the patient will be in a much better condition. It is in the 3rd month that the patient observes the loss of new hair follicles with shedding, which is called shock shedding. The patient’s hair completely regains at the end of 12 months.

How Much is FUE Hair Transplant for You?


The answer to “how much is FUE hair transplant for you?” is highly dependent on the individual’s unique needs and desires. An experienced hair transplant specialist should be consulted to determine factors such as the number of hair follicles being transplanted, the area of the scalp being treated, and the experience of the medical team performing the procedure can all influence cost. Furthermore, a person should consider the cost of maintenance expenses and other associated costs after their hair transplant, such as ongoing hair styling expenses or additional treatments.


Ultimately, it is important to consider all factors before committing to a specific FUE hair transplant procedure in order to make the most informed decision possible.

Eventually, it is up to you and your doctor to decide what type of FUE hair transplant would be most beneficial for you and how much is FUE hair transplant for your case specifically. This information should help guide you in finding a qualified medical team with reasonable prices while also factoring in any financing options that might be available to you. Be sure to ask questions during your consultation so that you can feel confident in your decision and understand exactly how much your treatment plan will cost.