How Much Is A Penis Enlargement? Which one matters? Size or function? This is the classic question we like to argue. Of course, the answer depends. These days more and more people started to feel insecure about their bodies or the specific parts of their body… It is well known that some females feel an urge to have wider hips or bigger breasts. This side of the coin is more common but there is another side of this coin. Males feel the same urge! Except not usually for their hip or breast size; for their penis size…

How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

What Is the Solution?

The reason for this multiplies. It may be caused by body image issues or the widespread beauty standards about bodies or specific body parts. We cannot know for sure why a person is not happy about a part of their body.  The only thing we can know for sure is: Some people are not satisfied with themselves and they are taking a step for their urges. Using pills? Doing daily exercises to make the penis longer or wider? No. The answer is penis enlargement surgery. Penis enlargement surgery is now possible in our time. This operation occurs by applying different types of methods. It can be done by planting a medical silicone beneath the penis to make it bigger or wider or it can be done by fat transplantation. Also, there are some other methods too.

The Journey of the Surgery

Some people go for the surgery. Maybe some are happy after the operation or maybe some are not. Even if this operation did not change their life, they took a step to change something that bothers them. It is known that the procedure increases the penis measurements 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. Are you willing to take this opportunity? If the answer is yes, firstly,  you should know what you are going to experience and what should you expect from this operation.

There are two different types of penis enlargement surgery. You can make it longer or you can make it wider. There are some institutions or doctors provide both. To lengthen the penis the most familiar form of the operations is to slicing the ligament which compounds the penis to the pelvic bone. This operation causes a small part of the penis to become more apparent. As one can infer, this operation does not lengthen the penis, it reveals the hidden length of the penis. To widen the penis, mostly the methods in which injecting or planting fats, silicones, or tissue grafts into the penis are preferred.

What about the Risks?

Of course, there are some risks that everyone who thinks of having this surgery should know. After the surgery, the materials which are planted into the penis may move. This can cause serious health issues and the person who undergoes this unfortunate experience may be obliged to have a second surgery. But if the patient follows the directions the doctor gave, there will no any issues. Another risk is reduced sensation and having sexual problems in sexual life. For example, the medical silicone in the penis may harm the blood vessel in that area and that might cause erection problems. Since sexuality is an important part of peoples’ life, this risk of surgery definitely will have effects on one’s life. So, if you are willing to take this surgery you must consider all aspects of this decision.

What is the Price? 

How Much Is A Penis Enlargement? Like any other plastic surgery, this operation costs some money too and it might not be cheap for some people. We can say that the price can change depending on the country, or even the city you live in. Doctors may specify their prices. Some of the surgeons are highly rated for their former works and that makes their works cost more. If you want to get your feet on the ground and decide to consult a well-known doctor you should be prepared to sacrifice more money.

The surgery is not covered by the insurance since the operation is not considered as an operation to fix a  deformity. To make insurance companies pay for the surgery, the company must be convinced that this operation is a functional surgery rather than a cosmetic surgery. For example, if one person has a micropenis, having this operation can be considered as a functional operation. Another example is, if one person had a genital trauma before, deliberately or not, the operation can be considered as functional operation. One way another, everyone is free to ask their insurance company to cover this surgery but, probably, the person who decided to have this surgery due to a desire to have a bigger penis or the lack of self-esteem will have to pay the bills out of his own pocket.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Results

Why so expensive? 

Please do not forget that the cost of this surgery does not go directly to only one place. The materials used in the penis, the materials used during the operation, the stay you will have at the hospital, the care you will get during this stay are all included. None of them are cheap or free. Also, do not forget that the doctors doing a very serious job while carrying out this surgery.  It is normal that doctors want to be rewarded for their efforts.

Should you have it? 

Except for the reasons that involve health issues, the operation can be undergone because of body image issues or low self-esteem issues too. Because this issue affects our lives to a great extend. It may even cause some problems in individuals’ sexual life. If one person feels depressed or sad because of a part of their bodies, changing that can make those sad feelings and depressing thoughts to go away. Of course, we should all love our bodies and accept ourselves as we are, but sometimes taking an action about the issue makes everything easier. If one can cover this surgery, that person can take this step into a new life.


Penis size means how big or small a person’s penis is. Everyone is different, and there’s no right or wrong size. It’s important to remember that what’s most important is how you feel about yourself, not the size of your private parts.

How Much Does It Cost?

You might be curious about how much it costs to make a penis bigger. Well, it depends on the method chosen.

Exercises don’t cost any money because you can do them on your own. But remember, it’s important to talk to a grown-up or a doctor before trying any exercises. because they might not be safe or effective.

Tools or devices can be expensive, and some can cost around $50 or even more. But remember, they might not be safe or give the results you want,

Surgery is the most expensive option, and it can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.


Penis size is something that some people think about, but it’s not the most important thing in life.So, There are different ways that people might try to change their penis size, but it’s important to be cautious and talk to a doctor before trying anything.