All on Four Dental Implants

In this article, we will examine the technological development in dentistry with the new technique. The all on four dental implants has utilized for almost 20 years, and its scientific effectiveness has established. Two implants are put at an angle of 30 – 45 minutes in the posterior part of the chin, while the other two implants placed parallel to the anterior region. The lower jaw nerve and the maxillary sinus in the jaw bone preclude implantation in these sites. When the bone melts in the molars region of the lower jaw. To implant here, effective surgical techniques required. Resulting in a one-year treatment time and a considerable expense for the patient.

The All on four approach allows the patient to have a stable prosthetic in front of these physical barriers. Implants inserted in the morning and interm fixed prostheses fitted in the evening in the All-on-four approach. Permanent prosthesis created after 3-4 months. Patients do not go without teeth at all at this time.

Whom Applied All on Four Dental Implant Procedure?

All on four dental implants whom applied to all fully edentulous patients with sufficient bone volume. And to our patients who do not have any systematic disease that may hinder their surgery.

What are the Stages of the All on four Dental Implant Procedure?

In All-on-4 therapy, the titanium screw mechanism utilized in traditional implants utilized. The most significant distinction between traditional implantation. And, all on four dental implants is how they placed in the mouth. While 8 or 10 implantation typically used to replace lost teeth in a totally edentulous jaw. This innovative approach only requires 4 implants.

Two implants inserted in the thickest section of the bone in the front part of the jawbone. And, two implants  implanted in the posterior area of the jawbone. For optimal stability, the frontal implants put at a 90 degrees. While the rear implants inserted at a 45 degrees. Following the placement of these four implants, veneers or crown inserted on the implants.

Temporary prosthesis are made according with measured values. From the individuals before to the therapy in the all on four dental implants. Else the patient needs teeth extracted under local anesthetic. They will retrieve and replace with implants. These implants fitted with temporary prosthesis made by measuring. The participant’s ultimate prosthesis attached after 3 months.


What are the Advantages of All On four Implant Dental Procedure?

    • It allows fixed dental prosthesis to be made with a single surgical intervention. On the same day for patients without teeth.
    • Dental implant insertion operation time is shorter.
    • The cost is lower than the conventional dental implant. Because the number of implants is less and it does not require additional surgical procedures.
    • Cleaning and maintenance are more comfortable than conventional fixed dental prostheses. On dental implants.
    • Since it specially designed for the patient. It provides you with an aesthetic appearance.
    • It is suitable for patients who have problems with removable dentures.
    • Since its design is different from full dentures. It does not cover the palate and is easier to use.

Why All on Four Dental Implants ?

It is for missing teeth and soon-to-be edentulous patients. The all on four dental implants treatment approach is a procedure. In which a fixed complete chin prosthetic restoration accomplished on 4-6 implantation. Having that on the same day as the surgical procedure. It considers function, aesthetics, taste, communication, and self-confidence to give patient happiness. This is the most significant benefit in terms of procedure and entire process conditions. Angled posterior implant placement eliminates necessity bones grafting and saves time.

Should I be afraid of the All on four Procedure?

All on four dental implants treatment easily performed under local anesthesia. In patients with high anxiety and fear, treatment can complete under sedation or general anesthesia. Our patients who want to have all on four treatment can talk to our prosthetic dentistry specialists.

How will I feed after the All on four Procedure?

After all on four dental implants, you can use transitory dental prosthesis attached dental implants. You must eat according to the dietary that your doctor recommends. Passing throughout the 3-month period of integration of dental restorations and bone. You can consume as you please with your final prosthesis. After the 3-month interval required for the dental implant to fuse.

Best Results Even in Tough Situations in All On Four Dental Implants

By orienting the rear region implants, lengthier implantations can employ. This approach inhibits vertical bone thickening by increasing bone-implant contact. Furthermore, pointed implantation receive assistance from the rear region. Resulting in better bone quality and the avoidance of injury to anatomical structures.

How is the classical implant different from bridges?

The implants inserted in the jawbone at a 90-degree angle in the usual implant procedure. The bridge prosthesis requires at least of six implants to support. Before tooth implanted on it, it must give a three to six month recuperation period. In addition to these, if the patient does not have adequate bone tissue, bone transplantation required.

The Difference Between Traditional Method and All On Four Technique

All-on-Four Technique

    • Requires only four implants for a fixed bridge.
    • It is usually a cheaper and more effective solution.
    • Mostly, treatment can perform without bone grafting.
    • Implants and teeth can insert at the same time (within a single appointment

Traditional Method Seems like All On Four Dental Implants


    • Six to eight implants required for a fixed treatment.
    • More implants require surgery and appointments, and are even more costly.
    • Usually a bone graft needed and the treatment period is longer.
    • It requires more than one appointment, a temporary prosthesis should not insert until the permanent prosthesis.
    • A six-set recovery phase requires a month.

Implant complications in All On Four Dental Implants

All on four dental implantshas a track record of deal with it effectively and long-term success. Any form of prosthetics or surgical operation can result in complications. Biological consequences have recorded in the literature, involving soft tissue reactivity, sensory abnormalities, increasing marginal bone loss, and loss of integration. Cracks or displacement of system components are examples of mechanical difficulties.

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