What Are Labiaplasty Results? Labiaplasty ( also known as vaginal rejuvenation) is the name given to the operation which is done in order to reduce the size of the labia thus making the labia look better and also reduce the risk of the overly long labia which may cause health problems and discomfort to the patient. Labiaplasty operation usually results in a shorter and smaller and aesthetically better-looking vagina and makes sure that the patient’s labia minora (inner lips) no longer hang down on the patient’s labia majora (outer lips). After labiaplasty, the patients who decide to undergo this medical operation is no longer bothered with the discomfort overly long labia minora causes them which often includes pain when the person wears high waist, tight pants. An overly-long labia minora may cause you discomfort during exercise, sexual intercourse and sometimes even when performing a basic, everyday movement. Another important result of labiaplasty surgery is the change happening in the appearance of the patient’s vagina. With a shorter labia minora that does not hang down on the labia majora, a vagina which is aesthetically better looking is guaranteed. The majority of patients who have undergone labiaplasty surgery state that the appearance of their vaginas is more satisfactory and the pleasure they get from sex has increased.

What Does A Labiaplasty Consist Of?


Yes, labiaplasty operation affects and changes your genital area permanently. Your labia minora is cut that is enough to make sure your vagina is tight and your labia minora no longer hang down on your labia majora and, does not cause you any discomfort or pain during your physical activities. However, if you undergo labiaplasty surgery before you complete your growth period and before reaching adulthood, your labia minora may grow slightly after surgery.


During labiaplasty surgery, the patient is under anesthesia effect, so she does not feel pain. However, following the surgery, you may feel a slight pain in your surgery area. Remember that you will still have a wound in your surgical area before you fully heal from the surgery. The pain relievers prescribed by your doctor will be effective in minimizing your postoperative pain, you should remember to take them regularly according to your doctor’s instructions. Putting ice on the operation area will also help reduce the pain.


Most women are expected to get back to their work after labiaplasty surgery in 1 week. However, this depends on your job, profession and how fast the healing process progresses in your case because all these differ from patient to patient. If you rest well for at least 1 week, take your post-surgery medications regularly and according to your doctor’s instructions, you will be well enough to turn back to your work.


Having sexual intercourse before you are completely healed can seriously damage your vagina. If you want to prevent scarring, minimize pain, and speed up the healing process, you should avoid sexual intercourse for 5 to 8 weeks after labiaplasty operation. Before your vagina is completely healed, a physical pressure to be applied to that area may cause you to feel pain again. If you feel that your vagina aches more than normal or if you have excessive bleeding during your recovery period, it will be useful to see your doctor.


There are many different reasons why women tend to have labiaplasty surgery. These reasons range from the health issue to the demand for a better appearance of the vagina. If you are having pain in your genital area during sexual intercourse, exercise or even when you are doing some simple, everyday stuff you should go see a gynecologist in order to prevent any further health issue. However, as we have mentioned above health is not the only reason why you may need to have labiaplasty surgery. If your labia minora (small lips that cover the entrance of the vagina) is far longer than it is supposed to be it may cause a bad appearance on your genital area which may affect your self-confidence in your relationships and sex experiences.


There is usually a little bleeding after the operation, but not excessive. In this case, one should not worry or be scared. This is normal as the wound is healing. There may also be swelling, redness and itching. If excessive bleeding, itching, or pain observed, consulting your doctor as soon as possible is a must for your health.


After the surgery is done your doctor will probably talk to you about what to do and what not to do for a faster and safer healing period. Knowing what you should not do is as important as knowing what you should do in this period. Here are some things to watch out for and avoid after the surgery:

  • Do not use alcohol and tobacco for 1 day
  • Make sure you consume enough water
  • Eat often but in small portions
  • Avoid sudden and tiring movements as much as possible
  • Do not get into intercourse for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Make sure to rest and sleep well


Almost every surgery carries its own risk and labiaplasty is no exception. Even though the risks of simple surgeries such as labiaplasty have been minimized with the level of medicine that we have access to, these risks are still not completely eliminated. Whether the surgery go well or not depends on many variables. However, the most important of these is the human factor, that is, how expert your doctor is in his job. Some of the most common and important risks of labiaplasty is the risk of getting your labia minora (small lips) cut and reduced in size more than planned. This may have bad affects on your health as well as creating an unwanted aesthetically bad appearance which is one of the main reasons why this operation is done. Loss of sense in your vagina during sex, itching and irritation due to friction can also be results of overcutting. Apart from these, scarring on your vagina is also one of labiaplasty’s risks. Please do not forget, going under the knife is a risk itself.

How Does Labiaplasty Work?


What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a special surgery that helps change the size or shape of the labia minora, which are the inner lips of the vulva. Some people might choose this surgery if they feel uncomfortable or not happy with how their labia looks. But it’s important to know that this kind of surgery is not for everyone, and it’s a personal choice.

Understanding Labiaplasty Results:

Feeling More Comfortable: One of the reasons people might have labiaplasty is to feel better and more comfortable. Sometimes, the labia can be big or not the same on both sides, which can make it uncomfortable when doing things like sitting or exercising. Labiaplasty can help make these things easier and more comfortable.

Changes in How It Looks: Labiaplasty can also change the way the labia looks. It can make them smaller, more even, or change their shape. But it’s important to know that everyone’s body is different, and there is no perfect or right way for the labia to look. The most important thing is that a person feels good about their own body.

Feeling Happier: Some people might feel happier and more confident after labiaplasty. When they feel better about their bodies, it can make them feel good inside. But it’s important to know that feeling good about ourselves is not just about how we look. It’s also about being kind and loving who we are.

In Conclusion,Learning about our bodies is an important part of growing up. When it comes to things like labiaplasty, it’s always best to talk to grown-ups and doctors who know what’s best for us. Remember, feeling good about ourselves is about more than just how we look. It’s about being kind, taking care of ourselves, and loving who we are.