Hair Transplant Black Man The hair transplant for black man, the procedure is not as straightforward as white guys because the root has a hook or curled pattern to it. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of transection. It is possible to get the FUE by increasing the size of the tool that they use. There is a cost difference between FUE and strip and this will impact some people’s decision-making process. If you look at someone with Afro hair generally their hair count is quite low.

The thick and curl of the afro hair can become a beneficial factor for the transplantation. Donor area might not have a high density however that means you do not need many grafts to fill up the area. If you have afro hair and want to get a hair transplant procedure you have to be careful. If you want a strip method, they have to be more careful because they cut grafts. However, if you want to get FUE, punch size is the most important thing about the process. If you are doing FUE on someone with afro hair you have to look for higher punch size like 1 mm.

Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is the most popular country in hair transplantation. The Asli Tarcan Clinic has been the first choice for so many people from all over the world. The average price is 2650 dollars. The overall cost of the progress is affordable for the patients who are from Western Europe.  If you want to get a hair transplant in turkey you have to stay in the country for at least three days. It is cheap because of the high exchange rate of Euros and Dollars to Turkish Lira.

The low prices are about the economy not quality. When you are choosing the clinic, you have to look at the main factors: experience, comments from the people and affordable hair transplant. The clinic has to understand the common challenges facing Black patients who are suffering from hair loss. You have to research all the factors by yourself before coming to the country. For hair transplant, Istanbul should be your first choice because of the popularity. Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey and there are so many provided, good hair clinics.

Can I get a Hair Transplant With Afro-Textured Hair? 

The answer is yes. There will be some challenges, but you can get a hair transplant. When it comes to African textured hair, it is hair which is very curly and coarse. There can be a huge advantage to getting coverage.  Thanks to that characteristic of the curliness of the hair, a little bit goes a long way. When it comes to male pattern hair loss depending on the degree of that person’s hair loss progression, they can apply the principles of Hair Regeneration to coverage. Hair loss is a progress therefore before doing a hair transplant, you can try medical technologies such as Hair Regeneration.

The most common causes of hair loss for all people are genetic pattern hair loss also called Androgenetic alopecia. Until people developed the Hair Regeneration Process, the standard for treating hair was surgical hair transplant method. It is basically transplanting hair from the back of the scalp to the front. African hair has an advantage for this because of the hair’s curliness. They will be able to cover the scalp more effectively.

Hair Transplant For Black Males

Black men hairline can have both a short hairline and a medium-high hairline, but white men have a high hairline. For black men, an Afro hair transplant is performed using just the same hair restoration techniques as white men hair transplantation. They can use FUE technique and FUT method. The curl occurs under the skin, which makes it difficult to use FUE which means Follicular Unit Extraction. Because of this reason, black men generally avoid FUE technique and choose the older Strip method.

How Long Does The Transplant Last?

These days hair loss is a common phenomenon for men. It is about genetics, health conditions, stress and so many things. If you had your hair transplant surgery for black man, from an experienced surgeon, your hair transplant will last a lifetime. You can see significant changes after 6 months.

Which Age is The Best For Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant procedures can be carried out on anyone except for under 18. Young candidates are not good because their hair loss pattern is not determined yet. If you are older than 25, you can see better results in a short time.

Can Lifestyle Choices Cause New Hair Loss After Hair Transplant?

Yes, some diets and life choices can cause you to lose hair. Smoking and stress can also cause you to lose hair. After the hair transplant black man surgery, you have to be more careful about these lifestyle choices. You must be more healthy and less stressful.

Which Hair Transplant Procedure Should I Choose?

It depends on your decision. The most common and popular hair transplant method is Follicular Unit Extraction technique. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is the better version of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) technique. It is less painful than other traditional hair transplant procedures. There is no linear scar. If you want smaller holes, you can choose the DHI method. DHI method’s recovery period is faster, and it leaves less marks. FUE can be more traumatic than DHI because of the bigger channels. If you want to get a fast and easy surgery, you can choose the FUT method. It is an old and traditional method of hair transplant. It takes 4-8 hours, and you can stay awake during the surgery.

How To Choose The Best Clinic?

You have to choose your surgeon according to their experiences. You can look at comments or watch people who undergo surgery. If you want to choose Turkey for your hair transplant black man surgery, you can choose İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara or Antalya. Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey and there are so many clinics in İstanbul.

What to Know About Hair Transplant Black Man


Hair loss in men can be a devastating experience, regardless of race. It can lead to a lack of self-confidence, depression, and even social isolation. Fortunately, hair transplantation for African American people allows restoring a full head of hair with natural-looking results. Hair transplant black man is a cosmetic procedure that involves taking donor hair from one area of the scalp and surgically implanting it in areas where the hair is thinning or balding.

The first step in a successful hair transplant for black men is to select an experienced and qualified black hair transplant specialist. The surgeon will evaluate the patient’s hair loss pattern and determine the best course of action for a successful outcome. They will also discuss the patient’s goals and expectations to ensure that the results are as natural-looking as possible.


The most common hair transplant black man procedure is follicular unit extraction (FUE). This method involves removing individual follicles of healthy hair from the back or sides of the head and implanting them in areas with thinning or balding spots.  The donor sites are typically well-hidden and heal quickly, leaving no visible scarring.


Choose an experienced surgeon who can help minimize those risks and ensure you get the best possible results from your treatment.