Zirconium Oxide Dental Crowns Zirconium oxide, also known as zirconia, is a white, powdered metal oxide. It is very similar to titanium, but zirconia is classified as ceramic just like other dental crown materials. Zirconia is a good option for dental crowns in that it is chemically unreactive. It also has a natural, white color, therefore, it matches the other teeth. It has a high durability and fracture toughness, so it does not wear out easily. It is resistant to oxidation and does not cause any chemical corrosions.

Advantages of Zirconium Oxide Dental Crowns

Zirconium oxide dental crowns have many benefits to patients since they can easily be modified, shaped, and colored. They do not require a metal base or the removal of a huge part of the original tooth, unlike other types of crowns. They are more resistant to staining and hot and cold temperatures than other acrylic dental crowns. They are biocompatible, which means that heir smooth surface enables less plaque accumulation and they do not cause any problems when they stay in the mouth for a long time. This also lowers the risk of infection, complications, discomfort, and allergic reactions.

Layered zirconium oxide dental crowns are very durable. The risk of chipping or fracturing is reduced significantly even though the porcelain used for layering is not as strong as solid zirconia, since it bonds with the zirconium.

There are various ways of manufacturing and modifying the zirconium oxide dental crowns thanks to their chemical composition, this way they can fit each individual perfectly without any errors. Unlike zirconium crowns, gold or porcelain crowns require a fusion of metal base which makes them more noticeable among other teeth. Since zirconium crowns are not metal-based, patients who have metal allergies or who prefer restorations that do not involve metal are perfect for this type of dental crown. Unlike gold or porcelain crowns, zirconium crowns don’t require to be fused with a metal base which makes traditional crowns more noticeable. This also prevents darkening of the gingival area and exposed metal margins due to gum recession.

Zirconium oxide dental crowns are extracted directly from solid blocks of zirconia and therefore they require less equipment and work compared to composite ceramic. This is why dentists are able to make them in their office even in a day. Computer-aided design and manufacturing ensures an easy and fast procedure and reduces the time that is spent on adjusting and cementing the restorations. Also, zirconia is five times stronger than porcelain.

Zirconia also covers and hides tooth damages better than porcelain. Since it is made of crystal, it is almost indestructible and it can put up with vigorous biting and chewing, therefore it will be a life-long dental crown. It is also resistant to hot and cold temperatures, which reduces tooth hypersensitivity. This high resistance to chipping and cracking makes zirconium oxide dental crown last longer than porcelain crowns. Despite this strong structure, it can easily be reshaped, modified, and colored. The material is translucent, therefore experts have no trouble transmitting the color of adjacent teeth and they can manufacture it in various shades. Also, zirconium crowns have a malleable nature, therefore, they can be shaped to fit so much better than the original crowns that they replace. This way it matches the original teeth perfectly and it creates a natural look.

Usually, dentists remove a layer of the tooth in order to fit the crown. But with zirconium, a much thinner layer of the tooth needs to be removed, therefore, there is more left of the original tooth. Zirconium oxide dental crowns are biocompatible, therefore the body will not reject them causing any infection or discomfort.

Since zirconium crowns are made from crystal, they are easy to color in the best way possible to match patients’ natural teeth. Therefore, they are considered as the most aesthetically pleasing crown material. Zirconium crowns will provide you with comfort, security, durability, and a natural appearance.

In order to get further information about zirconium crowns, contact dentists in our clinic. Our trained, qualified technicians will provide unique, individualized crowns for our patients.

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Disadvantages of Zirconium Oxide Dental Crowns

The disadvantages of zirconium oxide dental crowns are minimal and negligible but still worth mentioning. The tough and durable nature of zirconium crowns may be harmful as well as it is beneficial. The hardness of the material had the doctors concerned about friction against the roots and damaging the opposing teeth. This situation may lead to the wearing of the other teeth, therefore, some doctors have had doubts about using this material. However, a study has shown that feldspathic porcelain was much more likely to wear down other teeth than zirconium. Also, with frequent check-ups, any risk of damaging the teeth can be reduced significantly.

Patients should keep in mind that no material is perfect for everyone and zirconium oxide is a newly used material. Therefore, there are fewer studies that have been conducted on zirconia than other materials such as composite ceramic and metal.

Another disadvantage of the zirconia is the possibility of developing secondary caries, tooth decays that may occur underneath the dental crown. As mentioned before, zirconia is very strong and indestructible, however, this harsh material makes it harder to notice when decay occurs under it due to abrasion. Patients may only be able to notice these decays after the crown falls off. Therefore, frequent check-ups are very important in order to avoid such situations.

Zirconium oxide dental crowns may cost more than other types of crowns. However, since they are very durable and high quality, it is likely that it will be a one-time investment. This is why it is one of the best methods when patients work with qualified surgeons and take care of their dental hygiene.

In our clinic, specialists in the field of prosthodontics are trained to make decisions according to the needs of every patient individually and plan the most appropriate treatment procedures of zirconium crowns. This is why our patients are given a comprehensive diagnostic assessment when they step inside our clinic.

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Zirconium oxide dental crowns are special caps for your teeth, like little hats! They are made from a strong material called zirconium oxide, which makes them super tough and long-lasting.

Why People Get Zirconium Oxide Dental Crowns

People get these crowns if they have a tooth that is damaged, cracked, or has a big hole, called a cavity. The crown helps protect the tooth, like a brave knight protecting a castle.

The Crown Process

Getting a zirconium oxide dental crown is like going on a dental adventure! First, the dentist will gently fix your tooth by taking away any damaged parts. Then, they will make a mold of your tooth to create the perfect crown. While waiting for the crown, you might wear a temporary one to keep your tooth safe.

When the crown is ready, the dentist will place it on your tooth with special glue, like putting on a magical crown. Now, your tooth is safe and looking better than ever!

Taking Care of Your Crown

To keep your crown shining bright, you need to take care of it like a dental superhero! Brush your teeth gently and floss every day, just like a dental champion! Also, try not to chew on very hard things like ice or candies, so your crown stays strong and healthy.


Zirconium oxide dental crowns are like magical caps that protect and make your teeth strong.  If your dentist suggests a zirconium oxide dental crown, don’t worry! It’s easy and keeps your teeth safe and beautiful. Remember, taking care of your teeth means taking care of your smile, and that’s something to smile about!