Telemedicine Weightloss Surgery

One of the best cures for severe obesity is telemedicine weightloss surgery. According to research, having access to healthcare services both before and after bariatric surgery enhances the results of behavioral modification and weight loss. This systematic review’s objective is to evaluate the evidence supporting the use of telemedicine to provide bariatric surgery patients with health services.

A gastric balloon can help you lose weight without requiring any type of invasive surgery and can also help you feel satisfied and happy all day long. What else can we say in that situation? We must discuss the Elipse Gastric Balloon if you want more information and want to make things simpler. While the patient is unconscious, the gastric balloon is inserted and removed endoscopically. The Elipse balloon, on the other hand, deflates after being immersed in water and then consumed. Yes, it is equivalent to taking a pill.

Any patient who is eligible to use a gastric balloon is able to do so. This gastric balloon differs from alternatives in that it is simple to use. In many situations, such as when dealing with patients who are either extremely anxious about receiving anesthesia or find the logistics of receiving it to be too onerous, this approach is preferable. This is an excellent option in and of itself. Unexpectedly, a lot more people express concern over the anesthesia they will receive following surgery rather than the actual therapy they will receive. Some people are so concerned about the anesthetic that they decide not to have surgery at all.

Telemedicine Weightloss Surgery

With the aid of the Elipse Gastric Balloon, you can sustain your diet for up to four months. You can lose between 25 and 30 kilograms by dieting and working out. Other gastric balloons, depending on the kind, can remain in place for anywhere between six months and a year before removal is necessary. According to research, the balloon works best during the first three months of use, when it accounts for about 80% of all weight loss, and then it starts to have less of an impact after four months. As a result, the Elipse Balloon remains inside your stomach for four months before being expelled after the contents naturally inflate.

More flexible and 85 percent thinner than silicone stomach balloons are elipse gastric balloons. The end result was a capsule that resembled a pill. As a result, it became known as “Stomach Balloon Pill” among the general public. Puncturing this building would be next to impossible because of how strong it is. In the more than 15,000 submissions that have been received so far, no cases of application puncture have been reported.

Telemedicine Follow Up After Weightloss Surgery

The application’s specifics include, first and foremost, the patient ingesting a trial capsule of the same size as the balloon with water to see if the balloon can swallow. The capsule containing the catheter should be simple for the patient to swallow if he has no trouble swallowing this one.

Stomach Balloon For Weight Loss

Water is used to fill the capsule-shaped balloon, and a catheter is used to attach the capsule to the balloon. The Elipse balloon is then inflated, and the doctor uses an abdominal X-ray to determine where it is in the stomach. The procedure is finished when the doctor carefully removes the catheter from your mouth. You’ll typically need to schedule 20 minutes to complete the application.

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon, like other obesity treatments, may be successful if the patient satisfies certain requirements. This method will only be used to treat patients who have been found to be therapeutic candidates. Your body mass index, eating habits, medical history, and potential obstacles are all thoroughly examined throughout the exam. First and foremost, you should have a BMI of between 27 and 35.

Since it is more successful than the more time-consuming gastric balloon therapy, it has grown in popularity. Therefore, no endoscopic procedures are required. The most notable modification is that it is taken orally in capsule form (pill). Therefore, the therapy can be finished in just fifteen to twenty minutes. The Swallowable Gastric Balloon is a less invasive and less dangerous alternative to conventional obesity treatments.

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Once the gastric balloon is inflated, your hospital stay will end. This is a significant reason why our international clientele loves the Elipse balloon so much. Additionally, compared to competing gastric balloons, the possibility of negative effects is lower. Therefore, preparing for the trip only takes a short amount of time. They are not required to go back and get the balloon after the due date has passed. The Elipse Gastric Balloon is the best option for shedding 15–30 pounds because of its many advantages.
Without the use of an endoscope, the swallow Gastric Balloon can be implanted and removed. Your stomach will naturally pass its contents four months after you swallow the balloon. so that the deflated balloon can be eliminated from the body normally through normal bowel movements. It is simple to remove and re-insert the balloon.

Elipse Gastric Balloon System

People have expressed a variety of worries about the Elipse Gastric Balloon in addition to these. However, this page only includes questions pertaining to the application, in order to maintain clarity. If you have any additional inquiries about this procedure, don’t be afraid to contact us. Therapeutically, treating obesity is where this is most frequently used.