The Elipse Gastric Balloon System, which has several advantages over traditional gastric balloons, including simplicity of application, has been generating a lot of interest in clinics recently. The method by which the program is created is the most intriguing. There is no endoscopy, no anesthetic, and it may be ingested with water; everyone knows this, but additional information about the application’s contents, as well as the questions, is required.

You may continue to lose weight and avoid gaining weight by keeping the healthy eating habits you developed while the balloon was in your stomach. A total weight loss of up to 25-30 kg can be accomplish after completing the Elipse Slimming Program.

The balloon is spontaneously evacuated from the body at the conclusion of this period, once it has been empty. Dietitian assistance and weight reduction continue after the balloon are removed from the body. The Elipse Weight Loss Program lasts six months. The Elipse balloon is kept in the stomach for four months, during which time it is feasible to lose 10-15% of one’s entire body weight.

A patient with a greater BMI lost 30 kilograms, whereas a patient with a lower BMI lost just 15 kg. It is possible for a patient with a weight of 15 kg to lose weight. However, because the goal is not to lose a lot of weight, but to restore the patient to a healthy weight, the treatment of these two patients was also effective.

 What Is Elipse Gastric Balloon System? 

The gastric balloon that can swallow Elipse, commonly known as the “Gastric balloon pill,” is a form of the swallowable gastric balloon that does not require endoscopy. It occupies a specific volume in your stomach, similar to other gastric balloons, helping you to feel full sooner with less food. It also aids weight loss by delaying the transit of food through the stomach, causing you to become hungry later. As a result, you will be able to diet without trouble and lose weight quickly. During the time it is in your stomach, the swallowable balloon will provide you with the time you need to develop healthy eating habits.

The Elipse gastric balloon is a form of the gastric balloon that does not require anesthesia or endoscopy. With the aid of water, the balloon, which is in the shape of a capsule, swallow, along with the filling catheter linked to the capsule. Following that, an Abdominal X-Ray (X-Ray) is used to confirm the location of the balloon in the stomach, and the balloon inflate by your doctor. The catheter is progressively withdrawn from the mouth, signaling the end of the surgery. It takes an average of 20 minutes to complete the application.

Advantages of Elipse Gastric Balloon System

There will be no anesthetic. It is a great approach for people who frighten of anesthesia or for whom receiving anesthetic is cumbersome. There will be no endoscopy. Endoscopy does not require because the Elipse gastric balloon swallow with water. It does not need any further processing. The other gastric balloons must remove from the stomach through endoscopy when they expire. When the Elipse gastric balloon has served its purpose, is spontaneously remove from the body. This is an excellent option for individuals who do not need to return to have the balloon removed.

In comparison to other gastric balloons, the Elipse Gastric Balloon has the lowest complication rate. While other gastric balloons have removal rates of up to 20% owing to problems and severe side effects, the Elipse Gastric Balloon has a removal rate of only 1.49 percent. For those with a BMI of 27-40, the Elipse swallowable gastric balloon is excellent.

Is Elipse Gastric Balloon System Difficult To Swallow?

The gastric balloon compress into a capsule that may swallow. While swallowing this capsule, which is somewhat larger than a regular tablet, the doctor will assist you. It’s typical if you have trouble swallowing the gastric balloon tablet or retching when it administer. The doctor will provide you with the require instructions and help so that you can swallow the balloon effortlessly. However, patients often swallow the gastric balloon without trouble, and no patient has yet to quit the treatment due to the inability to swallow the capsule.

Can You Swallow Elipse Gastric Balloon System Pill All By Yourself?

An x-ray device use to apply the Elipse Gastric Balloon by a doctor at a hospital, imaging center, or suitable clinic. Although some may think it strange that this question include here. It without a doubt one of the most often ask. It might be because it also knows as the gastric balloon pill, “Can we consume the ingest  gastric balloon at home?” and “Does the stomach balloon application have to do by a doctor?” “Where can I get the stomach balloon pill, and do you send it by courier?” and even “Where can I order the gastric balloon pill, and do you ship it by courier?” Hundreds of questions throw at surgeons.

As a result, it’s worth repeating that the gastric balloon pill is not something you can take at home. After the gastric balloon procedure, you will be able to leave the hospital. One of the main reasons why patients from other countries choose the Elipse balloon is because of this. Furthermore, because the risk of side effects is less compared to other gastric balloons, the time require to prepare for the trip is also minimal. They also don’t have to return to remove the balloon after the expiration date has passed.

Things To Consider About Elipse Gastric Balloon System

Although the BMI is one of the most important factors, it is far from the only one. Even if the patient is not within the proper V.K.I range, gastric balloon application may determine in instances such as concurrent illnesses and significant abdominal fat. Patients are more interested in learning how much weight they can reduce. It would be incorrect to give a precise figure on this issue. Although a weight loss of 15-20 kg predict on average. In reality, the patient’s ability to reduce weight determine by his present weight.

Discover the Elipse Gastric Balloon System, Among Many Other


The Elipse gastric balloon system is the perfect solution for those seeking a safe, non-invasive weight loss treatment. It is an innovative device that works without surgery and can help you achieve your desired results within weeks. You can lose up to 20% of your excess body weight in six months without medication or dietary restrictions. The Elipse system has been proven effective in helping people lose weight, improve their health and keep weight off long-term. Patients who have had success with the Elipse gastric balloon system have reported significant decreases in body mass index (BMI) within weeks of insertion. This system has also been shown to be helpful for those with eating disorders and food addictions. With its simple procedure, minimal recovery time, and no restrictive diets or medications, it is clear why the Elipse system stands out among other weight loss surgeries or treatments.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Elipse gastric balloon system, contact your doctor today to begin your journey toward a healthy lifestyle! Nevertheless, it’s essential to explore all available options before deciding. While the Elipse gastric balloon system may be the perfect solution for some, others may find that other methods are better suited for their lifestyle and overall goals.