Today we will speak Joe Swash hair loss topic. There are many reasons for hair loss. The most important of all is stress. The stress and psychological problems of the person affect the hair loss. Some treatments taken due to illness also cause hair loss. For example cancer treatment. Hair loss occurs in patients receiving chemotherapy. Hair transplantation is not applied to patients undergoing cancer treatment. Some medications used also trigger hair loss. In addition, hair transplantation also consists of some skin problems. For example; fungal, microbial diseases, etc. Some people do not need any of these. Even genetic factors are enough for hair loss. Thus, even if everything is fine in terms of health and you take appropriate medicines, your hair may fall out. It is useful not to say hair loss or not. It can be a harbinger of other diseases. After hair loss, diseases such as hair breakage, skin cancer, sarcoidosis, syphilis and thyroid may occur.

What is Graft in Hair Transplantation?

The graft is the most important point of hair transplantation. It is not only used in medicine. It is used in various fields of medicine. Grafts are taken from any part of the body. It is transplanted to another area without vascular and nerve ligament. In hair transplantation, the main transplanted is grafts, not hair roots. It is necessary to be very careful when taking grafts in hair transplantation. It is a very delicate job.

Grafts are taken by paying attention to the structure of the root, skin structure and angle of extraction. The next important issue is the protection of the grafts. The grafts die if they wait under unsuitable conditions. This makes hair transplantation unsuccessful. After the grafts are collected, they should wait until they are transplanted. In this case, there is a special liquid for the grafts to wait. While in this liquid, the lifetime is prolonged. Transplanted grafts are fed by diffusion. In feeding with diffusion, transported grafts are fed by surrounding tissues and vessels. Over time, it gets used to the area where it is planted and new vessel connections are formed. If they cannot adapt, the grafts die.

Who is Joseph Swash?

Joseph Adam Swash is a British host born on January 20, 1982. Joe studied with EastEnders stars Natalie Cassidy, James Alexandrou and Brooke Kinsella while attending Anna Scher Theater school. It was originally part of Spencer Moon. Joe starred in a commercial for the first time when he was 7 years old. His role was to be a boy wiping his grandmother’s kiss. To give examples of other television roles, we can name Casualty and The Bill. After breaking off with EastEnders, he began to act in the eighth series of I’m a Celebrity show. In 2016, the name of the show changed to “I’m a Celebrity Extra Camp”. In addition, he hosted many programs such as “Hole In The Wall, What The Kids Know, Gimme A Break ..”.

Joe Swash Hair Transplant

Joe Swash, a former EastEnders player, admitted that he had a hair loss problem and had a hair transplant. Now everyone in the world has the same problem. Anyone who has this problem also performs hair transplantation. After following the hair transplant, nothing remains. The healing process is shortened with the developing technology. Processing time is also getting shorter. Especially for celebrities, hair loss is a psychological war. Thinking that the pressure to look good on Joe Swash has increased, he said he had a hair transplant. Having a hair loss problem, Joe Swash said, “It was something I did for myself. It felt better to have a hair transplant and It also has to do with being on TV.

It has to do with being on TV. I have to look to people the best I can. I don’t know if it’s true. But I personally feel this way.” said. All celebrities who have a hair transplant are proudly talking about hair transplantation. Especially celebrities see this as a duty. It is difficult to be in front of people and be under constant criticism. For this reason, they have hair transplantation to get rid of it. After hair transplantation, people’s self-esteem is re-established. They feel good. For this, hair transplantation should be natural. Depression and loss of self-esteem are more common in individuals who do not get a good result.

Psychological Effects of Hair Transplantation

As the severity of hair loss increases, the resulting psychological effects increase. Generally, the process is the same for everyone who decides on hair transplantation. When the problem of hair loss begins, everyone turns to hair care. They try many solutions such as special shampoos, sprays and lotions. When they do not get any results, they decide to have a hair transplant. Our hair is very important for physical appearance. We all take our hair seriously. Psychological disturbances are more common in people with hair loss. Disorders such as depression, anxiety, paranoia and sociophobia occur in those who experience hair loss.

It has also been found that people who experience hair loss have an increased fear of losing them. As a result of these situations, the person experiences a loss of self-confidence. Physical beauty is the basis of self-confidence. And it is the most sensitive. People with hair loss begin to feel unattractive. This negatively affects communication with people. In general, there is a loss of self-confidence due to reasons such as dissatisfaction with the physical appearance, decreased quality of life, and decreased sense of self. With this loss of self-esteem, a high stress problem occurs. High stress triggers hair loss.

This business goes into such a vicious circle. For example, it has been observed that the feeling of embarrassment increases in women who have received chemotherapy due to hair loss. Decreases have also been observed in the ability of people with hair loss to engage in social life. It starts with a loss of self-esteem. The person becomes increasingly withdrawn and experiences depressive moods. Stress increases more and an incomprehensible situation occurs.

Like for Joe Swash, Hair Loss Can be Cured with Hair Transplantation


Even for celebrities like Joe Swash, hair loss was a big problem. After all, it’s fairly common to experience the phenomenon regardless of your age or gender. But in Joe Swash’s case, he took care of the matter immediately, and you should take a leaf out of his book. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you should seriously consider hair transplantation. This surgery offers a safe and swift resolution to all hair loss issues. All you have to do is consult with your doctor, assess the complications that may arise due to other health issues, and you’re good to go.

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