How Long To Recover From Tummy Tuck? A flawless, flat, and smooth stomach is everyone’s dream. That’s why some people prefer diet and exercise programs. Of course, this is not true for everyone. Some factors such as losing and gaining too much weight, aging, and pregnancy deform the muscles in the abdominal area. This situation negatively affects the daily life of the person. One of the solutions for this is tummy tuck surgery. Tummy tuck surgery is preferred by women and men. Also, how long to recover from a tummy tuck is among the subjects being researched. The accumulated fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area is removed in tummy tuck surgery. Because abdominal muscles are stretched during surgery.

A tummy tuck surgery can be applied to everyone as long as there is no health problem. However, a doctor must be evaluated before the operation. If the person has chronic illnesses, the doctor must give consent for surgery. Because this situation also affects how long to recover from a tummy tuck. For example, the healing process may be prolonged after tummy tuck in people with diabetes. So who can have tummy tuck surgery?

  • People who gain and lose weight very often
  • People who have a sagging problem in the abdominal area after pregnancy
  • People who have fat in the abdominal area despite having an ideal weight and body size
  • People who have suitable health conditions for surgery

So, how long after tummy tuck surgery will heal depends on the age and health status of the person. One cannot decide on tummy tuck surgery alone. Some health tests should be performed by the doctor for this aesthetic operation. In addition, the degree of deformation in the abdominal area should also be examined.

What should be considered before getting a tummy tuck? 

There are things to be considered before the operation to prevent complications that may occur during Tummy tuck surgery. It is also important for how long to recover from a tummy tuck. For the date of tummy tuck surgery, women should pay attention. Women’s menstrual period is important for surgery. Because women should not be operated on during the menstrual period. Smoking patients should pay attention to it. Smoking should be avoided two weeks before tummy tuck surgery. In addition, smoking should be avoided two weeks after the operation.

Smoking adversely affects blood circulation. This situation is important for how long to recover from a tummy tuck. People who have had abdominal surgery before should tell their doctor. The skin structure in the abdominal area should be evaluated before tummy tuck surgery. If necessary, the doctor may ask the person to lose weight before the operation. The care should be taken which medications the patients used before surgery. If the person is using blood thinners, these drugs should be stopped two weeks before the operation. People who use medication regularly should inform their doctor.

Recovering After A Tummy Tuck 

The process after tummy tuck surgery is very important. Anyone who wants to have a tummy tuck procedure has investigated how long to recover from a tummy tuck. The healing process after tummy tuck is not accelerated by drugs. The patient must be patient in this process. For this, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed. People who have tummy tuck should pay attention to rules from the end of the operation to the complete recovery. These rules also reduce possible postoperative risks. The healing process after tummy tuck begins with the end of the operation. During the operation, two drains applying negative pressure are placed in the lower abdomen. This is necessary for taking blood that may occur in the abdomen.

Also, the patient is dressed in a dressing and medical abdominal corset that will support the abdominal wall. A urinary catheter is inserted to facilitate the patient’s postoperative urination. The patient’s compliance with these rules is decisive for how long to recover from a tummy tuck. There may be mild pain in the operation area in the first week after Tummy tuck surgery. For this, pain relievers recommended by the doctor should be used. What determines how long to recover from a tummy tuck is the first 6 hours after surgery.


The patient may experience fatigue due to tensions in the abdomen and the effect of anesthesia drugs. There may also be nausea. The patient should not eat or drink anything for the first 4 hours since the anesthetic drugs are used. Drinking water and consuming liquid foods is allowed after 4 hours. However, food should be eaten 6 hours after tummy tuck surgery. The patient should stay away from carbonated drinks during this period. The patient should pay attention to his movements after tummy tuck surgery. Because, movement is important for how long to recover from a tummy tuck. The patient should use the knee joints while bending and getting up for a rapid recovery process. Because the intraabdominal pressure should not increase.

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1 Day After The Operation

The patient is checked 1 day after the operation. If the amount of blood coming from the drains has decreased, the doctor will pull the drains. However, drains can stay longer depending on the situation. If the doctor allows, the patient can be discharged on the first day after the operation. It is necessary to prevent constipation for the rapid recovery process of the patient. Therefore, the person should consume liquid foods, and drink enough water. Other than bananas, fruits that do not cause constipation can be consumed. If the patient lies down with a pillow under his knees, abdominal tension decreases. This makes the healing process more comfortable.

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After Tummy tuck surgery

After Tummy tuck surgery, people should be careful while doing sports for 3 months. Doctors recommend avoiding sports that require heavy physical strength. How a person does exercise is important for how long to recover from a tummy tuck. Patients should definitely avoid sports that require weight lifting. The abdominal area takes its ideal shape approximately 6 months after surgery. During this time, swelling due to surgery disappears. Also, the disappearance of stitch marks depends on the person.

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Have you been thinking about “how long does the tightness last after a tummy tuck?” Recovering from a tummy tuck can be a long and difficult process, and many patients experience tightness in the abdominal area for weeks or even months after their procedure. The answer varies from person to person, but most people find that the tightness starts to dissipate within a few weeks. In addition to tightness in the abdominal area, swelling is also common after a tummy tuck. This swelling should gradually decrease over time. To speed up recovery, it’s important to follow all post-surgery instructions given by your doctor, such as wearing compression garments and avoiding strenuous activities.

However, knowing how long does the tightness last after a tummy tuck is useful. It can take several months for the tightness to completely go away. During this time, the abdominal muscles will be healing and strengthening, which can help reduce the tightness. Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest can also help reduce tightness and swelling. Overall, the tightness after a tummy tuck should gradually improve over time as the body heals. Although it may take several months for the tightness to completely go away, following the post-surgery instructions given by your doctor can help reduce this time frame.