How long from consultation to bariatric surgery is one of the curiosity issues. People who want to be bariatric surgery searching this issue. For this reason, we will also clarify this issue. All the stomach surgeries to lose weight are under the roof of bariatric surgeries. These surgeries are for people to lose weight and regain their healthy weight. Obesity is a disease that the whole world struggles within our age. Bariatric surgeries are an appropriate solution to get rid of this disease, which reduces the quality of life and shortens the life span. Yes, there are some issues that people who want to have this surgery wonder about. How long from consultation to bariatric surgery is one of those issues. In this article, we will explain everything related to bariatric surgery.

Losing weight with diet and exercise is not easy for overweight people. These people need a way to lose weight faster. This method is of course bariatric surgeries. Thanks to bariatric surgeries, many people have regained their health. So, these surgeries are quite successful. Of course, bariatric surgeries have some risks like other surgeries. But this is quite normal. In general, the number of people who have regained their health thanks to bariatric surgeries is much higher. In this article, we will explain bariatric surgeries. And we will answer the question of how long from consultation to bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgeries

Before answering the question of how long from consultation to bariatric surgery, let us see what bariatric surgery is. It is very difficult for obesity patients to lose weight by dieting and doing sports. Because these people have a lot of weight to lose. For this reason, obesity patients seek a different solution. Bariatric surgeries are also a very reasonable solution for obese patients. Because after doctors examine their patients, if appropriate, they perform bariatric surgery to ensure their health. There is no person who does not lose weight after these operations. Of course, there are people who go back to their old ways, but these people lose a lot of weight before they go back to their old ways.

Bariatric surgeries have a general goal. This goal is to decrease the volume and capacity of the stomach. After the volume and capacity of the stomach decrease, the threshold for eating begins to decrease considerably. Thus, after the surgery, people start to return even with very small portions of food. Because their stomachs are so small. And their appetite is now quite stifled. So how do these interventions take place? Namely, mussel interventions in bariatric surgeries are different. But although the interventions are different, the goal is the same. For example, in gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor shrinks the stomach. It does not interfere with the entrance and exit of the stomach while shrinking it. There is also gastric balloon surgery. In gastric balloon surgery, the doctor sends a balloon into the stomach by endoscopic method. And this balloon inflates. Thus, the internal volume of the stomach is reduced.

How Long from Consultation to Bariatric Surgery?

Let us give the answer to the question of how long from consultation to bariatric surgery. Waiting time is highly variable. It is determined by the patient’s condition and many other variables. Depending on the pre-certification approval, the waiting period is a minimum of two months. The maximum is six months. During the consultation, the surgeon examines your health status and doctor makes a decision accordingly.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

We answered the question of how long from consultation to bariatric surgery. Now let us talk about bariatric surgeries. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most well-known bariatric surgeries. This surgery, which is covered by many insurances and many people voluntarily, gives very successful results. Gastric sleeve surgery is an operation performed by doctors in both public and private hospitals. Doctors perform this surgery with a closed method. After the operations performed with the closed method, the patient has a much more comfortable recovery process. Let’s see how the doctors do the gastric sleeve surgery.

First, I would like to point out that if you are going to have this surgery, you should definitely choose your doctor well. Because having a good doctor means getting a much better result. Let’s come to the way the surgery works. In this surgery, the doctor makes a hole in the patient’s abdomen. This hole is a minimum of 0.5 cm and a maximum of 1.5 cm. It sends 1 camera and 1 tube to the patient’s abdomen through this hole. Thanks to the camera he sent, the doctor looks at the stomach of the patient and performs the surgery by looking at the screen. In this surgery, the doctor first cuts eighty percent of the patient’s stomach.

However, it does not interfere with the stomach while doing this cutting process. After the doctor stitches the stomach, it inflates the stomach, although there is no risk of leakage. If there is no problem, the doctor will terminate the operation.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

In gastric bypass surgery, the doctor does almost the same things as in gastric sleeve surgery. But there is a difference that cannot be underestimated. In gastric bypass surgery, the doctor also removes part of the small intestine. In other words, it also interferes with the exit pipes of the stomach. There is a purpose for the doctor to also remove part of the small intestine. This purpose is this. After taking part of the small intestine, some of the food that the patient eats is not digested.

When the patient cannot digest all the food he eats, he gains less weight. In gastric bypass surgery, the doctor does not only intervene in the small intestine. It also shrinks the stomach. In other words, the doctor will both shrink the stomach and reduce the food to be digested. However, we cannot say that gastric bypass surgery is more successful than gastric sleeve surgery. Both are very successful surgeries. For this reason, the choice of surgery is entirely up to the patient.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Gastric Sleeve Surgery Before Resuming Work Outs?


While gastric sleeve surgery can be an effective way to achieve weight loss goals, it is crucial to understand the recovery process. The answer to “how long does it take to recover from gastric sleeve?” will vary depending on the individual’s overall health and fitness level before the procedure. Generally, patients can expect to spend some time recovering in the hospital before being discharged. During this time, they will be closely monitored by doctors and nurses for proper healing.


Once discharged from the hospital, patients can typically resume light activity, such as walking, after two weeks. After four weeks, more strenuous activities such as jogging and swimming can be started. Usually, it is recommended that patients wait at least six weeks before returning to their regular exercise routine following surgery. This will allow them enough time to heal correctly and reduce their risk of complications. During this time, patients should focus on getting plenty of rest, eating, and a healthy diet. Patients must follow their surgeon’s instructions carefully to avoid any complications. We recommend further research “how long does it take to recover from gastric sleeve before resuming to work out?” You should also search the answer to “what to eat after gastric sleeve?”