Tummy Tuck In Turkey Prices The abdominal region is one of the places where regional fat is most common. There are cracks among the problems that come with lubrication, which is seen as an important problem. Tummy tuck surgery can be applied to people who cannot prevent fat accumulation despite strict diets and exercises, who have severe cracks in the relevant area, who have lost their abdominal muscles function, who have sagging skin, who have excess skin, who lose their form and who want an aesthetic appearance.

This surgery can be performed an average of 1 year after birth. But the breastfeeding process should not be forgotten. The main thing is this: This surgery is a very effective method. However, the factors that cause sagging should not be repeated for the final result. If you get pregnant again after abdominoplasty, postpartum sagging may occur. Or if more than 20 kilos are taken and given, the abdomen will sag again. The person who wants to have surgery should take these into consideration.

In abdominal aesthetic surgeries, the method is determined for personal purposes. If it is decided to take fat, it is performed in abdominal stretching while applying this method. The aim here is to reduce the fat in the hip, waist, and back and to achieve an aesthetic appearance by adding curves to the relevant areas.

When abdominal aesthetics are performed, individuals get rid of the fact that they cannot get rid of despite all their efforts and the cracks, although it varies according to the depth, either completely or to a large extent. In addition to these, their bellies where the bulging goes get tense, their skin is renewed, and the ratio between the abdomen and waist regions is reached.

What Individuals Who Have Decided Surgery Should Do?

  • Quitting smoking 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. Smoking is the biggest enemy of the recovery period.
  • Not taking blood thinners, aspirin, etc. before the surgery.
  • Not having illnesses such as the flu and the common cold. Those with such diseases cannot be operated on before completing the healing process.
  • Not consuming foods that may cause constipation until 3 days before the operation. A diet is rich in vegetables.
  • There are several types of tummy tuck surgery. These are reverse tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, and full tummy tuck surgeries.

Full tummy tuck surgery is an operation that takes 2 – 3 hours (the hour may increase/decrease depending on the size of the area) under general anesthesia. In surgery, the incision is made on the lower part of the belly (under the underwear). Thus, there is no visible scar when wearing bikini/shorts. The better the person takes care of himself after the surgery, the more invisible the scar will be. But there is no such thing as 100% no scar. After the operation, drains are placed in the abdomen to prevent fluid accumulation. These drains remain for a maximum of 2 days. After the operation, a catheter is inserted to prevent you from standing up.

In the liposuction process, half-centimeter scars hidden in the folds of the body remain, while the incision made during the tummy tuck remains under the underwear. In a mini tummy tuck, since the incision is relatively small, it leaves a scar that is not long in the midline. In a mini tummy tuck, the navel is not touched in the area between the upper groin and the navel. Only after the surgery is completed the belly button is pulled down a little more. Tummy tuck surgery should not be seen as an alternative to exercising and / or losing weight in a healthy way.

After Tummy Tuck Surgery;

Following tummy tuck surgery, patients cannot easily walk upright for a few days after the operation. This situation improves gradually in the following days. Although they can return to their daily lives within the first 10 days after the operation with the help of special corsets, patients should avoid heavy physical activities for a month.

  • There will be mild pain for the first few days.
  • The catheter is removed against the risk of infection. The person is allowed to stand up to go to the toilet. The next day, short walks are made in the hospital corridor.
  • The patient, whose foot is lifted, has to go to the toilet with a little bent forward.
  • The person is usually discharged from the hospital 2 days later.
  • Swelling and bruising can be seen for 3 – 6 days.
  • Dressing 4 -5 days is removed completely.
  • Return to work after 2 weeks at the earliest.
  • The patient continues his life by wearing a special corset for 4-6 weeks.
  • Cannot smoke for at least 2 weeks.
  • Long walks can be done after 2 weeks. After 4 weeks, it can be jogged lightly. It is imperative to wait 7 – 8 weeks to lift weights.
  • Women who want to have children should wait at least 6 months after surgery.

Tummy Tuck Turkey

Individuals Who Cannot Have Tummy Tuck Surgery

  • Individuals under the age of 18 who have not completed physical development.
  • Those who have general health problems.
  • Those who have to use blood thinners.
  • Frequent smokers, smokers. People who cannot quit smoking for a certain period of time and cannot take a break.
  • This surgery is definitely not recommended for people who want to lose weight only. This surgery is not a weight loss surgery. Obese – not applied to patients with overweight problems.

Tummy Tuck Prices in Turkey

Like many other surgeries, prices of a tummy tuck are crowning the end of the patients’ talks. Of course, everyone’s economy is important, but we are talking about major surgery in the middle of your body. This is a surgical procedure that can never be standardized. However, no aesthetic surgery pricing can be standardized. The surgery of the surgeon who looks after you will shape your body by drawing on his head and adding something from himself. And every surgeon will value it differently. There are various prices for tummy tuck surgery. But that is not as important as your health.  Remember you are precious.

Tummy Tuck in Turkey Prices: How to Get the Right Price


If you’re considering a tummy tuck, you may be wondering about tummy tuck in turkey prices as well. While the price of a tummy tuck can vary depending on the surgeon and the procedure, it is generally much more affordable in Turkey than in the US. This cost savings can be tempting, but it is important to make sure that you are getting quality care and choosing a reputable surgeon. Researching the clinic and doctor beforehand is essential to ensuring that you get the best possible results.

It’s also important to consider other costs associated with the procedure, such as hospital fees, anesthesia, medications, follow-up visits, and travel expenses. These costs can add up quickly, so it’s important to factor them into your budget when deciding whether or not to undergo a tummy tuck in Turkey. Overall, a tummy tuck in Turkey can be a great option for those looking for a cost-effective way to improve their appearance. With careful research and consideration of tummy tuck in Turkey prices, you can find an experienced and reputable surgeon who can provide you with quality care and outstanding results.

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