Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? Many men complain about their penis size or at least wish that their penises were bigger than their actual size. Then this issue, this dissatisfaction leads them to look for ways of penis enlargement. Some men find the right ways for their size problem and get satisfied in the end. However, the ones who succeed to get bigger penises are few. Many men, in the hope of enlarging their penises, either spend money in vain or harm their health. Before looking for ways of penis enlargement, one should be sure whether his penis is really considered small. Most men who tend to think that they have small penises are wrong. They tend to think that their penises are smaller than they are. But, in reality, this is not the case.


The number of men who seek the ways of penis enlargement is growing day by day. For this reason, the number of solutions produced for this problem is also increasing. We can now see ads of different ways of penis enlargement in every corner of the internet. What their methods are and how do they work varies with each. For example, while some methods suggest pill therapy, others follow different ways. Some of these penis enlargement methods are presumed to be healthy and assumed to be safe to follow. However, there are methods that threaten your health as well as methods that are harmless. Finding the methods that are harmless and methods that are right for you is crucial. Choosing a harmful method without realizing it due to incorrect information can lead to bad results. It is also recommended that you consider the costs of these penis enlargement methods.

Doing elaborate research before beginning to follow any method is suggested. Or you may consult a doctor to obtain information and to reach a more reliable source.


Almost every man would say “yes” when asked if they desire a bigger penis. This would be their honest answer to the question. The issue of whether penis size is really important or not is still controversial among people. Some people claim that it is not big of a deal. And some say it is quite important for a better sexual experience. However, regardless of the answers, men still want their penises to be bigger.

The issue is not only related to a better sexual experience. But it is related to the self-esteem of men. The bigger the penis size of a man is, the more confident he becomes in sexual intercourse. Some studies show that men can be quite obsessed with their penis size. Those with an above-average penis tend to boast, and they are mostly overconfident in sexual relationships. But those, who have a penis with a below-average size feel incompetent in their sexual life. This situation eventually leads them to lose their self-esteem. And it makes them more reserved in sexual relationships and makes them look for methods of penis enlargement.

Is There Penis Enlargement Surgery?


As we mentioned above determining whether your penis size is below the average size is crucial. Maybe you do not actually need to find a way of penis enlargement. Finding the average penis size for your age and comparing the size of your penis to it is important. This comparison may be the answer to the question “Do you need penis enlargement methods?”. The average penis size varies from country to country. In some countries, it can reach up to 10 cm while in others it can reach up to 17 cm. Your nationality is also a factor to consider when determining whether your penis size is satisfactory. Decide whether you still want to enlarge your penis after considering all these factors.


If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis like many other men you may try different methods. Penis enlargement pills are the most common method for this issue. However, are penis enlargement pills are really safe? Penis enlargement pills are in more common use these days than ever before. More and more men start using them every day. But, you should be careful as these pills may also have side effects on your health. The side effects of these pills can even cause infertility if not used in control. Consulting a doctor about the issue is the safest way to handle it.


Wanting a bigger penis is not something to be ashamed of. You are not the only one with such desire. You also don’t need to feel alone in using penis enlargement methods. Many men tend to use at least one of these penis enlargement methods these days. There are different types of products and methods for penis enlargement. Some may be suitable for you and some may not. Pills, lotions, vacuums, stretching, and exercises are some of the methods available. The pills usually contain hormones and minerals that are claimed to enlarge your penis. However, their usefulness rates are very low. And, although they are not worth the money you pay, they may also harm your health. Vacuums are also an option. They draw more blood to your penis than normal thus causing it to look bigger for some time. But this method provides you with a temporary solution.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?


Whether the penis size does matter or not has been discussed for a long time. However, there is no single answer to this. Most men think about whether his penis is big enough the satisfy his partner. Even some men may become obsessed with this. The researches show that the average penis size women find satisfying is much smaller than men tend to think. Also for most women, the size actually does not matter. For this reason, asking your partner about her opinion is crucial before thinking that it is not satisfying. You may not actually need penis enlargement pills or any other methods.

What is the P-Shot? Finished Results are Great!


The P-Shot finished process is a revolutionary new procedure that offers men a way to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. This non-invasive procedure involves the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is derived from the patient’s own blood. The PRP is injected into the penis, stimulating tissue growth, and increasing blood flow. The main benefit of P-Shot is improved erectile function.  Studies have shown that men who have received the P-Shot experience increased sensitivity, improved erections, and increased pleasure. Additionally, they experienced a higher level of satisfaction with their sexual life.

The P-Shot can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease, a condition characterized by a curved or bent penis. The PRP injections can help to break down scar tissue and reduce the curve, allowing for more normal sexual function. In addition to these benefits, some men have also reported an increase in penis size after receiving the P-Shot. This increase in size is due to the increased blood flow to the penis, which helps it to become larger and more rigid. Overall, the P-Shot is an effective and safe way for men to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. With P-Shot finished, there is no downtime or recovery time needed, so it’s easy to see why so many men are turning to this revolutionary treatment for improved sexual health.