How Long Before Allowing Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant?

You should pay attention to things like how long before allowing sun exposure after hair transplant after hair transplant. You should wash your hair for the first time 3 days after the surgery. Up until the 10th day, you have to wash with a special lotion once a day, every day. Use the lotion to rub the area where the hair was transplanted. Like with the face mask, lotion should be put on the transplanted area. And let the lotion sit on the clots for 40 minutes. Then, thoroughly wash your hand with warm water, but don’t rub it on this area. It is fine to leave some lotion on your head. After that, foam the special shampoo in your hand and gently press it on the area where the plants are. Use a lot, but never rub it in. After that, rinse with warm water right away.

You can gently press on the area where the hair follicles are taken to wash it. You can use a soft towel to dry your head. It will be enough to dry the sides and back of the head, in particular. Or with a hairdryer, You can carefully dry your hair. After a week, you can rub the area where the plant was transplanted to clean it. This is how the shells that don’t fall off will fall off. After 10 days, if you still have crusts, you should pour them out as described.

How Long Before Allowing Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant For Transplanted Area?

After getting a hair transplant, you should keep the sun off your scalp to keep it from getting hurt. Hair Transplant Sun Exposure can cause problems. If you go out in the sun with a scalp rash that is already there, it could cause permanent damage. Sunlight does not hurt hair in a direct way. It hurts your scalp, though. Your head is the place to protect. Until your hair grows, you can wear a hat. If your hair is too short, your doctor may tell you to use sunscreen. Hair Transplant Sun Exposure can have bad consequences. Hair Transplant Sun Exposure can frustrate your efforts.

You can swim again after three weeks. But you should keep the sun off of your head. Two months after the hair transplant, you can go to the sauna. After 14 days, you can do light running sports again. To start doing heavy sports will take two months.

First Week After Hair Transplant

The first few days are the most important. Because it is the process of holding hair grafts in their new place and fusing them together. In the first few days after this surgery, the area around the nape does not heal right away. Also, the holes that were drilled with a micromotor are healing in the top of the head. In short, you should rest a lot during the first three days. During this time, you should also be careful about sun exposure.

Home is where you should spend a lot of time and rest your body. There may be pain, so you should take painkillers often. No, the area that was transplanted should not be rubbed. The head should be safe and not be able to take even the smallest hit. There should be a lot of fluid intake. The average amount of water you should drink is 2 liters. It’s very important to talk about how long Before Allowing Sun Exposure After Hair Transplant.

On the third day, you should start the washing process. Your first two washes will be done at the hair transplant center. After that, you have three days to follow the rules. When having sexual relations, you shouldn’t drink too much caffeine. You should definitely wear a very soft hat if you want to go out. There will be edema and swelling these days, so you may feel pain. For this, you should drink a lot of water and sometimes take painkillers. It’s very important how you sleep. The transplanted area shouldn’t touch the pillow when you’re lying down. You should put this one on your back. You can use the pillow to support your neck.

2 Weeks After Hair Transplant

After the critical period, the process of resting gives way to the work that needs to be done every day. Between the 4th and 15th day, there is still a chance of something going wrong. But this risk is less than it was in the beginning. Here are some things to think about between these dates:

You need to cover your head when it rains or snows. We shouldn’t do heavy sports. Sports can be done while taking light walks. He shouldn’t get his hair cut or colored. These things should wait a little longer. Most of the time, clothes with buttons are better. Because it’s easier to put on these kinds of clothes. In this way, you will avoid problems. Today, you shouldn’t use things like a Turkish bath or a solarium.

Also, you shouldn’t forget the part about Hair Transplant Sun Exposure. During this time, you shouldn’t rub a towel over your hair to dry it. Drying should happen on its own or with a light touch. The crusts will be there. The crusts will also fall off. Take care to let these shells fall off on their own. A scab will get smaller each time you wash it and go away within this time. You can go back to doing business. But you shouldn’t do work that will tire you out during the day. You have to stop a blow. Because the hair follicles aren’t fully connected yet.

A Month After Hair Transplant

At the end of one month, most painful things are over. The hair follicles have been a big help. Since the 16th day, a lot of deals have been possible. Still, there are some things to think about in this process.

Your sexual relationships can go back to how they were before. Again, the head needs to be protected from blows. You should hold off on bodybuilding for a while. People shouldn’t drink. After a month, you can drink it. You should also wait a bit for sports like football, basketball, and volleyball that use a ball. You can run and play light sports. Services like coloring, blow-drying, and styling hair shouldn’t be done. We think it’s best that you don’t smoke. But if you can’t take it, you can drink 3 a day.

Hair Transplant Istanbul: Before and After Photos of Patients with Afro Hair


Hair transplantation in Istanbul is a very successful procedure for those with afro hair. In addition to the success portrayed by afro hair transplant before and after photos, patients also report improved self-confidence due to the natural look of their new hair. Many have said that because the results look so natural, others can’t tell they’ve had a hair transplant. Those who have had a hair transplant feel more confident and no longer suffer from embarrassment caused by balding patches or thinning hair.

The Afro hair transplant before and after photos represent how remarkable you may look if you underwent the procedure. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but the overall customer satisfaction rate in Istanbul, Turkey is extremely high. The feedback from those who have gone through this experience is overwhelmingly positive.

Before deciding on an afro hair replacement system treatment option, it is important to consult with your physician and understand all risks associated with the procedure so that you can make an informed decision about your personal health needs. You can determine if this procedure will work for you and your lifestyle with accurate information and research. For more assurance of success from hair transplant Istanbul, another positive point of reference is patient testimonials.