What Is Labiaplasty? Labiaplasty is a simple surgery of reconstruction of the outer lip of the vagina. Its other name is labia majora. The labia minors in other words inner lips do not have fat. Besides no hair cells on them. They are established under the labium majors. They are moist structures and areas of abundant blood vessels. Minor lips are separated into two parts and bent together on the clitoris. Major lips cover on inner lips, consequently, minor lips can not be seen at first sight.

Generally, the surgical operation is applied on minor lips more than outer lips. The main target is to remove defects of lips. Usually, patients have complaints about the size of labia minors. Labia minors might have a bigger size than normal. The inner side of the clitoris should not be seen from the outside because it is not aesthetic. That is why people want to get rid of this view. So, in operations, the operator removes the defects and reshape the region.

The number of aesthetic gynecology demands enhances nowadays. Labiaplasty is one of the most desired genital operations. There is no constant and decided code for genital aesthetic surgery. Every nation applies its own code for operations. Patients who had this surgery in the past tell that they had medical and psychological support before the surgery. This is a natural consequence of sexual satisfaction deficiency.

According to a health maintenance organization reveal statistics about an increment of the cosmetic surgery for genital defects. In recent five years, cosmetic surgery for genital defects increased about five times greater than the last five years. This shows that demands for genital aesthetic surgeries have a critical increment in recent years. This might be caused by the aesthetic concern of a woman as a result of sexual dissatisfaction. For more information and details please contact us.

Why Labiaplasty is Applied and Who Can Apply For Surgeries?

The surgeries do not have a common code all around the world. Every country has its own application codes for surgeries. This makes labiaplasty unique for every nation. In practice, methods can be varied as a result of the variation of operation codes. The woman’s genital structure is varied as a result of particular biological characteristics. Therefore, a genital structure might not be easy on the eye of man. Else, a woman may not like the view of their individual appearance.

Thus, different kinds of desires become more complex in people’s minds. Plastic surgeons are might not be able to have underlying psychological facts of demands for plastic surgery. The fact remains that surgeons do not need to focus on these kinds of facts. The focus is more likely to have surgeries of good quality. Having a good-looking vagina is the principal demand of women.

The labiaplasty can be applied if the languished of the minor vaginal lips tend to make a bad view. Having a bad vaginal appearance has a negative effect on the quality of women’s psychology. Thus, psychological effects are underlying reasons for a bad quality of life. After that point medical treatment becomes compulsory. If cosmetic surgeons consider appropriate, the surgery can be applied to a woman who does not have any other disorders that can hamper surgery.

It can be applied to languishings after childbearing or to women who have never had a child. Women should be adults for this process. In other words, an adult woman of all ages can have this surgery. The main target to give their self-confidence back to them. In our clinic, we are aware of all the processes that should be applied in all steps. So you can easily contact us and have pieces of information. You can also find out fees.

How Labiaplasty Is Applied and Where It Can Be Applied?

It is only can be applied by a cosmetic surgery specialist in clinics or hospitals. The places must be sterilized, thus please be aware of this and do not apply for other nonofficial applications. In recent years we see that labiaplasty can be imitated by nonofficial places by nonspecialists. This is mortal and every newspaper the second page has this kind of news.

There is a vast number of nonofficial clinics that you can find on the web. No certificate gets involved in any application. This reason is adequate not to trust those clinics. Even if they have certificated surgeons, the applications should be controlled by the government. Undoubtedly each government has its own code for surgeries, all applications of cosmetic operations must be approved. The vital point here is your health. Nothing is more important than your life.

In our clinic, we provide you a safe and certified cosmetic surgery by our specialists. You can definitely trust our all applications. Your health is important to us. Our first principle is your health before money.

Labiaplasty is a medical surgery that must be operated in a sterilized environment. So, expenses enhance when these conditions must be accorded priority treatment. If you find a place where the fees are too low, you must be in doubt about the sterilization. Your health will be in danger. Therefore fees have to be logical in comparison with the market.

Hymen of women is located inner vagina. Thus, your hymen will not be damaged during the operation. So this is also an answer for a virgin woman who wants to have surgery and in doubt. There is no doubt that you will not lose your virginity and continue your normal life as a virgin girl.

What Are The Procedures Applied In Labiaplasty

It is a procedure that might be finished in 25 to 30 minutes. It should be done with local anesthesia. If a woman is apprehensive general anesthesia can be applied. These kinds of women are worried that even local anesthesia is applied.

Operation is applied to a hospital or clinic environment. After that patients need to stay in a hospital or clinic environment. Sterilization is required after all operations. The duration may be ten to fourteen hours according to the doctor’s choice. No longer hospitalization is required.

We have all the labiaplasty procedures that must be applied to this operation process. You can contact us if you want to have information and apply.


When was the First Sex Reassignment Surgery Performed in History?


Are you curious about “when was the first sex reassignment surgery performed?” According to online resources, the first sex reassignment surgery (SRS) was performed in the 1930s by a German gynecologist named Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.  It was the first time a person underwent surgery to change their gender from male to female. Since then, SRS has become a standard medical procedure for those seeking gender transition.

Sex reassignment surgery male to female and female to male are complex processes that involve multiple stages and surgeries. The first step is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is used to reduce the effects of testosterone and increase the effects of estrogen in the body. This helps to create physical changes such as breast development and softer skin. The second stage of SRS involves reconstructive surgeries, such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, which are used to create a vagina, clitoris, and labia. Depending on the individual’s needs, there may also be other surgeries, such as facial feminization or breast augmentation. We hope this article gave you an incentive do further research on “when was the first sex reassignment surgery performed?”