How Is Hymenoplasty Done? Hymenoplasty is a surgery that aims to reconstruct the broken hymen tissue. There are a few different methods of the hymenoplasty procedure. It depends on the patient which type of method will be used. The aim purpose is restoring the broken hymen tissue. The hymen tissue can be broken because of a lot of things. Contrary to popular belief, sexual intercourse is not the only way of breaking the hymen tissue. Everyday activities such as cycling, heavy exercise, tampons, etc. can lead to the breakage of the hymen. Patients who want to restore their broken hymen can consult a professional about this process. The procedure of hymenoplasty is relatively easy and pain-free for the patient. It is an out-patient surgery, which means that the patients do not have to stay at the hospital after the process. The surgery itself takes up around one hour.

There are many reasons why patients might want to get a hymenoplasty. Cultural and religious beliefs is the most common one. In most cultures, virginity is related to purity, honor, and  dignity. Patients who have this sort of belief may want to forget about their sexual past and start a new page for themselves. Similarly, family pressure can be a reason. It is widely believed that the hymen tissue only breaks during sex. However, the hymen tissue can break during other activities since it is very fragile. The hymenoplasty procedure can also be done because of a completely closed hymen tissue. Normally, the hymen is like a sheet that has a small opening. Thanks to this opening, menstrual blood can flow out of the vagina without any problems. Some girls are born with a completely closed hymen, which leads to problems. An opening must be formed to have  healthy periods.

Methods of Hymenoplasty Surgery

The basic technique: This method of hymenoplasty is suitable for patients who have a broken hymen. During the basic technique, the hymen is stitched back together on the places it has been torn apart. This technique can only be performed if there are any remaining parts of the hymen left on the vaginal walls. If the hymen tissue has completely been destroyed and no remains are left, this technique cannot be performed on the patient. The basic technique is done under local anesthesia, however general anesthesia can be an option if the patient is uncomfortable. This technique takes up to about half an hour to forty minutes.

The All-Plant technique: In contrast to the basic technique, this technique is preferred when there are not enough remains of the hymen tissue. If the hymen tissue has been completely destroyed and cannot be stitched back, this technique is used. During the all-plant technique, a biomaterial is placed inside the vaginal opening. This material will serve as the natural tissue structure of the hymen. The superficial hymen will be designed to fit perfectly into the area. This technique takes a longer time than the basic technique and lasts for almost two hours. Again, local anesthesia is used.

Laser Hymenoplasty Procedure

Hymen reconstruction: As mentioned above, some women can be born with a completely closed hymen. This leads to problems in the teenage years when menstrual bleedings should start. If a woman has a closed hymen and has her period, dangerous and damaging results can occur. Thus, it is important to get a hymen reconstruction surgery as soon as possible before the period begins. Hymen reconstruction can also be performed to create a new hymen from the labia minora or labia majora. This procedure takes around one to two hours.

How to prepare and risks

Patients who have serious health conditions such as staged cancer, heart diseases, etc. are not eligible for cosmetic surgeries. Hymenoplasty is not a necessary surgery that is performed for the well-being of the patient. Patients who are allergic to anesthesia are also not eligible. Hymenoplasty is absolutely necessary for patients who were born with a blocked vaginal opening. Patients can also get hymenoplasty surgery just because they want to. Since it is a cosmetic surgery, they do not have to have health conditions based on it. Patients who want to get it for psychological and cultural reasons can get it without a problem. However, the patient must be above to consent of age and has to be in general good health condition. This means, that the patient should be able to handle anesthesia well and have a general strong immune system to complete recovery without problems.

Hymenoplasty surgeries are not considered dangerous surgeries. However, there are always some complications patients can face after the surgery. The most common one is infection. If proper care is not taken, the area can get infected. It is best for patients to undergo hymenoplasty surgery right after they have their period. Period blood can increase the risk of infections. Since the stitches will be an open target for bacteria, it is important to use the medication the doctor prescribes. Every instruction of the doctor should be followed in order to complete a healthy recovery. Numbness, hematoma, discoloration, nausea, itchiness, bleeding can occur. Patients are not allowed to bathe or shower for the next three days. Similarly, tight clothing should be avoided. It is advised for patients to quit smoking for four weeks after the surgery. Sexual activities are also forbidden for six to eight weeks after the surgery.

Is Hymenoplasty Successful?

More Information

First of all, women should go through hymenoplasty completely on their own will. If patients are forced to go through this type of surgery, the medical team should be informed. Necessary help will be provided. The patient has to be above the age of consent. Similarly, the patient has to be in general good health to be able to go through a surgery. An experienced and professional medical team should be found. The patient should be comfortable with their doctor and be able to trust them. Finding a trustworthy and good doctor is a very important step of every surgery process. For more information, the doctor should be contacted.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a surgery that helps some girls feel better. It’s like a special repair or reconstruction of a thin piece of tissue called the hymen. The hymen is inside a girl’s private area, and sometimes it can tear or break. Hymenoplasty can help fix it. But it’s important to know that this surgery is a personal choice, and not all girls need it.

How is Hymenoplasty Done?

  1. Getting Ready: Before the surgery starts, the doctor gives special medicine to make sure the person doesn’t feel any pain. They might use a numbing medicine or make the person sleep during the surgery.
  2. The Surgery: During hymenoplasty, the doctor carefully puts the torn edges of the hymen back together and stitches them. This helps make it look like the hymen is intact again. The stitches used are special ones that will disappear on their own over time.
  3. Healing Time: After the surgery, the person needs time to heal. They might need to rest and not do activities like running or jumping for a little while. The doctor will tell them how to take care of the area and what to do to help it heal faster.

Talking to a Doctor

If someone is thinking about hymenoplasty or has any questions, it’s important to talk to a special doctor who knows about it. They can explain everything in more detail, answer questions, and help decide if hymenoplasty is the right choice. It’s always good to talk to grown-ups and doctors who can help us make the best decisions for our health.

In Conclusion,Understanding hymenoplasty is important for learning about different surgeries that can help some girls feel better. Hymenoplasty is a special surgery that helps fix or reconstruct the hymen. Remember, it’s important to talk to grown-ups and doctors if you have any questions or concerns about hymenoplasty or any other medical procedure. They are there to help us make the best decisions for our health and well-being, while respecting our unique beliefs and choices.