Is Hymenoplasty Successful? Hymenoplasty, which is also referred to as hymen surgery, hymen repair, hymen reconstruction, hymen restoration, hymenorrhaphy, and revirginization, is a surgery performed to repair the hymen in women who want their virginity back. This operation can be considered as the restoration and construction of hymen.

The hymen is a tissue which partially, or in some women completely covers the vaginal opening. It is shaped like a ring that is similar to an oval rubber washer. This membrane varies in thickness and flexibility. It can be flexible and thin in some women, while in others it is thick and inflexible. This organ starts to form very early in the womb, about the fourth month of the pregnancy. Contrary to the common misconception, the hymen is not an impenetrable, closed seal. If it were, there would not be a gateway for vaginal discharge and menstrual flow and this would definitely be a problem.

Most people, even including women, falsely believe that the first sexual encounter would be extremely painful and that there would be lots of blood covering everywhere. However, this is not the case in real life; the first breaking of the hymen does not always cause bleeding and it is not always painful.

  Is Hymenoplasty Successful?: The details

Hymenoplasty is a surgical operation that is performed to reconstruct the hymen tissue. It is especially popular since it is considered as a revirginization surgery; it is performed to repair the “virginity” of women.

The hymen does not have a real function, just like the appendix. However, this bit of skin has been traditionally used against women and caused them a lot of pressure throughout history, making them believe that it is an indicator of their purity and innocence and they should be ashamed of losing it. Even today, there might be some women that regret this and want to reverse the situation, since an intact hymen and bleeding after the first penile penetration are still considered as indicators of virginity in most cultures. In this case, these women turn to hymenoplasty in order to avoid pressure.

Again, however, in most cases, a torn hymen is not evidence of lost virginity by sexual intercourse. Depending on the thickness and flexibility, even everyday activities such as strenuous exercise, horseback, or bicycle riding may cause the hymen to tear. Also, a normal gynecological examination or masturbation, and even using a tampon can rapture the tissue. Some women do not even have a hymen at all; one in every one thousand women are born without a hymen.

Usually, women who have had sexual intercourse or sexual assault have hymenoplasty surgery to repair their virginity. This gives them physical restoration and psychological comfort. Usually, this is a surgery that is performed by choice rather than a medical need. However, if a woman’s hymen gets ruptured due to an accident during an activity such as strenuous exercise, horse riding, or gymnastics, she might need to have hymenoplasty for medical reasons.

The opinions on this procedure are highly controversial. Most women who come from reserved countries, cultures, or religions in which sex before marriage is considered impure feel pressured about their family or partners to know about their previous sex lives. Therefore, they might decide to have hymenoplasty. 

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Is Hymenoplasty Succesful?

If the patient does not apply her doctor’s precautions and advice, she might not be able to get the desired results from the procedure. Most of the time, the operation is successful and the patient’s hymen is restored. However, it is not guaranteed that there will be bleeding during sexual intercourse after the surgery and it depends on individuals and their healing processes. Most patients report that they feel tightness and pain during sexual intercourse after hymenoplastyAll in all, it is best that the patients stay in contact with their doctors and follow their advice in order to get the aimed results.

The timing of the surgery and sexual intercourse is also highly important to get the best results. In patients who wish to have structural integrity and want the hymen to look intact, the surgery must be performed three months before the sexual intercourse; while in other women who do not need the hymen to look intact but only want to bleed, the best time for the surgery is three weeks before intercourse. In women who have partial wound breakdown, with granulation tissue, it is possible to trigger bleeding even with the slightest friction. It is recommended that the hymenoplasty is performed 14 days before the dated intercourse in order to increase the chance of bleeding, but not much later, so that the suture remnants are not visible.

How Is Hymenoplasty Performed?

Patients are to visit their gynecologists and get a check-up first. After the required examinations, your doctor will talk to you about your situation and tell you what to do in order to prepare for the procedure. After taking the required precautions and making preparations and, you will be given local or general anesthesia so that you do not feel any discomfort during the hymenoplasty surgery. The surgery will be performed with you settled in a lithotomy position. During the surgery, your doctor will join the torn parts of your hymen. They will make an incision to the posterior part of your vaginal wall. Then, they will unite the torn parts of your hymen with self-dissolvable sutures. These sutures will dissolve completely within the 15 to 21 days after the operation. Patients are to keep their vaginal parts clean and regularly use the ointment that their gynecologist prescribes them.

The benefits of Hymenoplasty include the restoration of the hymen ina way to bleed during sexual intercourse, repairment of the hymen after an accident or assault, and rejuvenation of the hymen. Usually, the procedure does not have any complications or risks. However, like any other procedure, there might be some side-effects such as abdominal pain, itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, and infections. In order to minimize these side-effects and handle them with care, you can trust the doctors in our clinic.


What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is like a special doctor’s trick! It’s a surgery where doctors help fix a tiny part inside a girl’s private area called the hymen. Sometimes, the hymen can tear or stretch, and hymenoplasty can help fix it.


Yes, like magic, hymenoplasty can be successful! Skilled doctors carefully do the surgery to make it work well. But remember, the result might be different for each person.

Things to Know

Hymenoplasty depends on the person’s body and how well it heals. Sometimes, the hymen may not be exactly like before, but the goal is to make it look natural and beautiful.

How to Decide

Hymenoplasty is a personal choice, like choosing a favorite toy. Some people might feel more confident and happy after the surgery, while others might not need it at all.

Talk to Experts

If you ever think about hymenoplasty, talk to grown-ups you trust, like your parents or a nice doctor. They will help you understand everything and make the best decision for you.

In Conclusion, Hymenoplasty is like a magical trick to help fix the hymen. It can be successful, but it’s a personal choice for each person. So, Always talk to grown-ups you trust before making any decisions about your body.