Is Hymenoplasty Successful?

Is Hymenoplasty Successful? Hymenoplasty, which is also referred to as hymen surgery, hymen repair, hymen reconstruction, hymen restoration, hymenorrhaphy, and revirginization, is a surgery performed to repair the hymen in women who want their virginity back. This operation can be considered as the restoration and construction of hymen. The hymen is a tissue which partially, or in some women completely covers the vaginal opening. It is shaped like a ring that is similar to an oval rubber washer. This membrane varies in thickness and flexibility. It can be flexible and thin in some women, while in others it is thick and inflexible. This organ starts to form very early in the womb, about the fourth month of the pregnancy. Contrary to the common misconception, the hymen is not an impenetrable, closed seal. If it were, there would not be a gateway for vaginal discharge and menstrual flow and this would definitely be a problem.