Hair Transplant Seattle

Hair Transplant Seattle is a topic that is also being researched by American citizens today. Many people, both men and women, suffer from this problem. Because hair is important in terms of both appearance charisma and self-confidence. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about hair procedures that can be done in Seattle.
There are currently three different methods for hair transplants with your own hair on the Seattle:

Follicular Unit Transplant At Hair Transplant Seattle

The FUT method is also known as the so-called strip method. The treating hair surgeon cuts a strip of skin with the donor hair contained in it with a scalpel. The back of the head is usually used as the extraction point for this. The strip of skin removed from the scalp is usually 1-2 cm wide and up to 20 cm long. Under the microscope, hair assistants then remove the individual hair follicles from the skin in several preparation steps. And these are then individually implanted in the target area.

FUE Method: Follicular Unit Extraction

With the FUE method, the hair surgeon removes individual hair follicles. Hair follicle groups, so-called micrografts, directly from the patient’s hair. With a fine hollow needle/punch. From each hair follicle or hair root group. Also known as a follicular unit, between one and five hairs grow after transplantation.

The doctor sorts the appropriate hair follicles under a microscope and stores them. Them in a nutrient solution until the preparation is complete. Then the practitioner places the reception channels in the reception area before the hair roots are finally implanted.

I-FUE method: Intermittent Follicular Unit Extraction

The I-FUE method is the optimized further development of the FUE method. The removal and implantation of the grafts take place in several phases during a treatment. This means that the hair surgeon removes a few hair roots and then reinserts them directly into the skin. This step is repeated several times during the hair transplant. This method has its advantage. This means that the grafts are stored outside the protective body for a maximum of 40 minutes.

FUE and I-FUE methods are usually less painful than the FUT method. This mainly affects the donor area at the back of the head, where the hair is removed. With the FUT method, a larger wound is created by cutting it out together with the skin. This not only hurts but can also become severely infected. Removing an entire piece of skin over a large area can have a negative effect. For example, it can lead to shock loss of hair. If important blood vessels are injured, the hair follicles are malnourished. And this can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

Which Methods Are More Advanced And Painless?

Furthermore, a long, noticeable scar remains after the hair transplant using FUT. Although the surgeon sutures it, the stretching effect can cause it to expand further over time. This scar becomes more and more visible as the hair is lost. In addition, valuable donor hair is lost for any subsequent hair transplants.

When hair follicles are removed using the FUE method. On the other hand, only small, punctiform wounds occur that usually heal quickly and easily. The remaining scars are barely visible even without being covered by hair.

The I-FUE method is the optimized special form of the FUE method. Better treatment results are achieved through the optimization and short storage times of the transplants. The transplanted hairs usually grow faster and more numerous. This means that fewer individual grafts need to be transplanted in order to achieve an optimal result.

How Do The Methods Differ For Hair Transplant Seattle?

The main difference between the FUT and FUE methods is the removal and collection of donor hair. With the strip technique, the hair surgeon removes the hair follicles to be transplanted together with the surrounding skin. The resulting scar is in most cases much more noticeable. Then the small punctiform wounds after removal using the FUE method. Instead of a scalpel, the surgeon uses a special hollow drill. Or a punch to detach individual hair follicles in a targeted manner. In contrast to the removal with the FUT method, which can also be carried out with long hair. The hair must be shaved to a length of about 3 mm for transplantation using FUE.

Due to the differences in the removal process. The healing of the removal area is also different for the two transplantation methods. After a hair transplant using the FUT method, most patients take longer to heal. And regenerate after a hair transplant using the FUE method. As a rule, for example, sporting activity with the strip method can only take place after 4-6 weeks. According to the FUE procedure, this is already possible after 2 weeks. The selection of the individual donor hair under the microscope and the planting are usually the same for both methods.

The decisive difference between the classic FUE and the new I-FUE method lies in the storage time of the removed hair. Outside the scalp, the hair roots must be in a special solution. With the I-FUE method, the hair surgeon minimizes storage time by frequently switching between hair removal and insertion. This improves the growth rate and the regeneration time after the hair transplant is shorter.

Hair Transplant Seattle: How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Depending on the scope of treatment, the duration of the various hair transplantation methods usually varies. Between a few hours and a maximum of 2 days.

What Happens To The Transplanted Hair After The Procedure?

After hair transplantation, the transplanted hair is 3-12 days after surgery. It is poured again before decreasing in months. And then it grows for a long time. However, this is normal and not a cause for concern.

What Does A Hair Transplant Seattle Cost?


The applicable calculation formula

First of all: Hair transplants are minimally invasive medical interventions subject to procedures in Seattle. The American Fee Ordinance for Doctors sets minimum and maximum rates to protect patients from disproportionate payments. Unfortunately, the quality of treatment and payment abroad are not so transparent and strictly regulated.

Hair transplantation with your own hair does not have to be expensive, on the contrary. It pays off in the long term. In several ways!

First of all, the area to be planted should be measured. To estimate the number of donor hairs needed and to determine treatment costs. Then the procedure is selected and, accordingly, the price is determined. Generally, the price is between 1 and 2.5 euros per root. An exact figure can be reached as a result of consultation with the doctor.

Best Centers for Hair Transplantation & Best Doctors for the Job


There are many ways to find a center for hair transplantation & best doctors performing the procedure for a hair transplant in Turkey. One way is to look for reviews online. Another way is to ask your friends or family if they know of good doctors. You can also look for doctors who have experience in hair transplantation surgery. Once you have found a few good doctors, you can compare their prices and services to find the best clinic and doctor. Hair transplantation of Istanbul can surprise you in the most positive way giving you an appearance the quality you deserve.

If you are looking for a hair transplant, it is important that you find the hair transplantation best doctors. There are many ways to find the best doctor for you. You can look online for reviews, ask your friends or family, or look for doctors who have experience in hair transplant surgery. Once you have found a few good options, you can compare their prices and services to find the best one. With a little research, you can find the perfect hair transplant doctor for your needs.