Hair Transplant Specialist

The health of the person who will get hair transplants is checked by a hair transplant specialist. They then start to look at the skin and hair structure. Skin and hair structure play a big role in what kind of treatment will be used. The width of the hairless area is measured, and it is checked to see if the hair follicle is good for shedding. So, it’s important to do research about what to do after the hair transplant and after that. At the right time, hair transplantation is done in clean conditions. If you drink alcohol or take blood thinners before the surgery, you should stop before the surgery. People who have hair transplants are closely watched afterward.

How To Become Hair Transplant Specialist?

Putting in new hair is one of the most difficult things you can do in the medical aesthetic process. Turkey also has the best look when it comes to plantation operations. It’s important to get IVF treatment if you want to go to Turkey for health tourism. Plastic surgery, dental aesthetics, and plantation also make the country stand out. Hair transplantation is one of the medical aesthetic procedures that has the most potential to help people look better. Specialist hair transplant specialists are becoming more and more important. Research is being done by people who want to be hair transplant specialists because there is more demand for the process. In order to get a job as a hair transplant doctor. Medical schools or specialization in the fields of Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery, and Reconstructive Medicine are required. This is why you need to study these fields.

However, people who are dermatologists and medical aesthetics specialists can also work as hair transplant specialists if they get the training they need first. Hair transplants are done in a variety of ways with new technology. FUE and DHI are mostly used for hair transplantation techniques. In both methods, it is important to move the hair follicles from the donor area to the area that is thinning or has bald spots. Finally, small differences in how the hair transplantation process is done make each method different from the next.

Who and Which Ones Can Do Hair Transplantation?

There are a lot of things that people who are going to get hair transplants are wondering about these days. One of them is which experts do hair transplants. There has been a rise in demand for technology because of the plantation. Where there is a lot of demand, there will be people who want to turn that demand into money. So, the most important thing to do in this field is to find out what kind of doctor will do hair transplants and how long he has done it. It is legal for doctors who are good at plastic surgery or dermatology to do hair transplants.

Hair transplantation is an option for people who want to look good. According to our laws, hair transplantation can be done by people who do plastic surgery or people who do dermatology. People who want to do hair transplant surgery need to know how to do medical things and how to design things and how to make things look good. It’s very important that the doctor who does the surgery has a lot of experience and has had good results in this field before. The doctor will make sure that the plant needs to keep growing.

For this reason, it is important that the patient’s doctor has been in the field for a long time, that he or she has done a lot of hair transplants, and that the results of the national or international congresses and symposia in which he or she took part must be checked. An operation that doesn’t go well can have bad results and make your hair look weird. A bad operation makes a person’s mental health worse. The person who is sick may have to work hard to fix the operational flaws.

Hair Transplant Specialist In Turkey

There are two things that make hair transplantation both a surgical procedure and a job that requires experience and artistic ability: Hair transplantation is done by plastic surgeons or dermatologists, and they do it. So, it’s an aesthetic operation, which means that it can be used by plastic surgeons because of how it looks on the outside. On the other hand, dermatologists care about how they work on the surface of the skin.

The first step in getting the best hair transplant is for the patient to decide what they want. The best hair transplantation starts with careful planning of every step of the procedure, including the motivation of the patient. After the preparation phase, the front hairline is designed based on the person’s facial lines and age. Individually, each person chooses from a collection of hair follicles from a donor for transplantation, and the angle of the opening is set to match the direction of the natural hair root and hair follicles. The channels are then set up in the same way. So, the hair follicles stay in these channels perfectly. The length and diameter of the hair follicles to be transplanted should match the width and depth of the channels that will be opened up.Finally, the best hair transplant is a hair transplant that looks natural.

How To Plan A Hair Transplant?

The most important thing for a hair transplant expert to say about this is to figure out the front hairline correctly. It starts about 7 to 11 cm above the line between your two eyebrows, which is where your hair grows. To do a hair transplant on your front hairline, you should move it forward a little. This means that as you go back from the front, the angle of the channels should get steeper and steeper. There should be enough space in the canal for the hair to be transplanted to fit its length and width.

In order to get a better picture of the doctor’s experience and how well he did. Doctors talked about whether or not they could go to the courses and other training documents. How many years have you worked in this field? The successful hair transplant surgery and the references that came with it. Papers that were given at national or international congresses. So, there were meetings on the plantation, and he wrote a lot about it in his books.

To Look like Theo Baker, Hair Transplant is the way to go



Celebrities set trends for everyone, and for someone like Theo Baker, hair transplant is a trend on the rise. Not because he has gotten it but because everyone wants to look like. Theo has great hair, and many people may  want the same for themselves. But not everyone has access to or the time to go through an extensive hair care routine performed by the most exclusive hair stylists in the world. In some cases, it’s got everything to do with your genes, and you experience baldness. If you find yourself in such a situation, a hair transplant might be the solution to your hair loss problem. For hair loss treatment, you don’t need to look any further than Turkey. Men’s hair transplant is very popular in the region.

With the best hair clinic in Turkey, you have plenty of options to explore on the hunt for the right clinic. You can easily get hair like Theo Baker. Hair transplant has progressed significantly in the 21st century, making new transplanted hairs look natural. Get in touch with your doctor to see what your options are. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get great hair!