Hair Transplantation Journal

As a hair transplantation journal, we will make some definitions and suggestions in this article. We know that your hair affects your physical appearance on you. Also, we are aware that it completes a very important aesthetic on your face. We think that people with dense hair have increased self-confidence. Therefore, if you want to have a younger appearance, we recommend hair transplantation. You may experience hair loss problem for many reasons. The reason for your hair loss may be genetic or it may occur due to other reasons. These reasons; stress, unhealthy lifestyle, sudden weight loss, unhealthy diet, pregnancy status, hormonal changes, serious health problems. If you can not achieve the desired appearance with treatment and care, you can have a hair transplant. Our aim in hair transplantation is to transplant from the scalp to the hairless area.

We can do hair transplantation as they wish to anyone who is eligible for hair transplantation. With this transplant, which is preferred by most people today, you can get the desired hair transplant results in a short time. With the FUE method, we can get a high number of grafts in a shorter time, without pain or surgical scar. We are also developing many hair transplant techniques. We prefer the transplantation method according to the wishes and needs of the person and we start the application by making a joint decision with the patient. Your hair transplant results may differ depending on the technique we use. We use these techniques in all hair transplant operations such as hair transplantation and beard transplantation. We usually determine the area between the two ears as the donor point.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

As a hair transplantation journal, we will explain the reasons for hair loss. Your hair may fall out for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is genetic factors.

  • If you are having a stressful and troubled life,
  • If you have experienced sudden losses and sadness due to these losses,
  • In addition, if you have an irregular and unhealthy diet,
  • If you have gained or lost excessive weight,
  • If you have an unhealthy and irregular diet,
  • In addition to these, if you have not made your diet under the control of a dietician and you have made harmful diets,
  • If you have experienced hormonal changes during your pregnancy,
  • If you use substances,
  • Also, If you have systematic impairment of hair growth and growth.
  • If you are using medication for your goiter and thyroid-like disease,
  • If you use medication for your disease such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you may face hair loss due to all these reasons.

We explain the reasons listed above as just a few reasons for hair loss. Your hair may fall out for many reasons. We observe different types of hair loss in women and men. You can visit our clinic for detailed information and testing.

Who Cannot Have Hair Transplantation?

As a hair transplantation journal, we briefly explain people who are not suitable for hair transplantation. However, we still recommend that you get detailed information and have your blood test results checked.

  • If you have a chronic disease such as heart, blood pressure, kidney, liver failure, we do not do hair transplantation.
  • We do not do hair transplantation for those who have cancer-derived diseases.
  • We do not do hair transplantation for people with panic attack disease.
  • In addition, we do not do hair transplantation to pregnant women.
  • We do not do hair transplantation to people who have no hair at the donor point and who are completely bald.
  • We do not do hair transplantation to HIV positive or Hepatitis C positive individuals.
  • In addition to these, we do not perform hair transplantation to people under the age of 22.
  • We do not do hair transplantation to people who have a congenital balding problem.
  • Also, we do not do hair transplantation to people with ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes and diabetes.
  • We do not do hair transplantation to people with hemophilia symptoms in the blood test.

Regardless of men or women who do not have such reasons, we apply hair transplantation in our clinic. We apply hair transplantation in the most hygienic environments and with the help of technologically advanced devices. We employ specialist doctors in our hospital. If you also have hair loss problems, you can choose us and benefit from our quality services. You can call us from our phone number for detailed information. You can also come to our clinic and have a face-to-face meeting.

How is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Performed?

As a hair transplantation journal, we apply unshaved hair transplantation especially for women. Women patients do not want their hair to be shaved completely, as their hair is usually long. Therefore, we do hair transplantation without shaving the problematic area. Sometimes we apply the unshaved hair transplantation method for our male patients. People who generally prefer unshaved hair transplantation method;

  • People whose social life is intense and active,
  • Those who are constantly in front of the screen and do not want to have their hair cut,
  • Those who want to fill only a certain balding section,
  • Celebrities,
  • People who do not have time to transplant hair

Anyone, male or female, can choose the unshaved hair transplant method. This situation depends on the preference of our patients and the decision of our doctor. Another point we should add; The maintenance you will do for an unshaven hair transplant may be much more difficult than the maintenance you will do for other techniques. Therefore, you should make a decision by thinking in detail before hair transplantation. In addition, we apply less grafts in unshaved hair transplantation than shaved hair transplantation. You should also consider this situation. Therefore, we explain this information to the patient accurately and completely before the procedure. In our clinic, we take special care of each of our patients. We provide you with one-on-one meetings with our experts. You can also benefit from all our services by choosing us.

How Do I Find a Hair Transplantation Clinic that Meets All My Needs?


Finding the right hair transplantation clinic for your needs can be daunting; researching and understanding what makes a good clinic are essential steps. Start by reading online reviews to understand the level of service and quality of care different clinics offer. Ask friends or family members who have had similar procedures for their opinion on which clinics they would recommend. Finally, discussing any concerns you have with the gair clinic is essential before making any decisions; this way, you can make sure that all your needs will be met before undergoing surgery at the clinic.

Once you’ve found a few potential clinics that meet your criteria, it’s time to start doing more in-depth research into each one and narrow down your choices further. Read up on patient experiences and the background and qualifications of doctors at each hair transplantation facility. Consider if virtual consultations are available, as this would provide an opportunity to interact with staff and get answers to any questions or concerns you may have without stepping inside a hair transplant clinic. Doing extensive research will help ensure that you select a reputable hair transplantation clinic that meets all your needs so that you can feel confident that you’re getting the best care possible for your procedure.