Hair Transplant Istanbul Best

Hair Transplant Istanbul Best Hair transplant helps people with hair loss and baldness problems, which are mostly due to genetic factors, to regain a hairy appearance. We look hair transplant Istanbul best, we have seen the best of clinical research serving Turkey. Istanbul’s being a metropolis and being at the center of two continents has an effect on this. Hair transplantation is a surgical method that we apply by transplanting hair from the area with strong hair roots to the area with fine hair or no hair. Hair loss is one of the main problems affecting millions of women and men around the world. If you have hair loss you can try medication first. You are looking for suitable hair transplant solution for you, we offer hair loss solutions by applying proven permanent hair transplant techniques. This techniques with an experienced team at hair transplant Istanbul best.

Aslı Tarcan Clinic In Istanbul

When we look ‘hair transplant Istanbul best‘ we find Aslı Tarcan clinic. We are confident that this clinic will provide you with the best conditions. When we look at the services provided by the clinic, we see FUE and DHI hair transplantation. There are also applications such as unshaved hair transplantation or afro hair transplantation. As in most centers, hair transplantation applications are not only performed here for men. Hair transplantation is also available for women. The center also performs hair and beard transplantation. Yes, you can see them when you search for hair transplant Istanbul best. If you are interested in hair transplantation in Turkey, Istanbul. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any concerns about the treatment. Create appointment for your consultation and allow us to assist you in making an informed decision about your hair transplant. Our Medical Consultants are available 24/7 to support you.

The clinic has the opportunity to offer many special services, from transportation and accommodation to interpretation. Clinic that offers you convenience, from your medicines, shampoo and lotion, even to your wearing on day of operation. Turkey Ministry of Health lists this institution as an institution pandemic preparedness. The institution is arranged to cover all items in the pandemic preparedness checklist. These covid diagnostic tests also include hepa filters and sterilization. Of course, there is a mandatory mask to wear. You can also get in touch by making an appointment and using the contact section.

Hair Transplantation Centers In Turkey

There are many hair transplant center in Turkey. We can find the best centers here when we search for hair transplant Istanbul best. These clinics offer you many solutions that you are looking for. You can find special offers and affordable prices at clinics here. These centers will be very useful for you to continue your daily life more confidently if you have hair problems. You can find FUE and DHI methods in these clinics. Let’s introduce FUE method.  FUE is where we use a micromotor to extract hair follicles from the donor region. And transplant them back to target area.

Unshaved And Afro Hair Transplant In Istanbul

There is a high risk of suffering from hair loss or thinning at some stage in your life. This causes serious insecurity or a lack of trust. Afro / African American hair transplant and hair loss is one of the most common occurrences in the world. It doesn’t care about your ethnic origin. It doesn’t matter if you are white, African-American, Asian, African or European.

When a man enters puberty, what he most wants is to grow a beard. It is important for a man to grow a beard and show it to his friends as a symbol of masculinity. Also, many men want to get rid of the early morning habit. He grows a beard because they want to shave his beard before going to work or school. After it has such an importance, beard and mustache transplantation also comes to the fore. Because men care about this. That’s why they are in demand for hair or beard mustache transplantation.

Preparation For Operation In Clinics

During consultation, hair transplant specialist examines area affected by hair loss and hair structure in donor area in detail. Our specialist provides information about operation technique suitable for person and number of grafts that can be taken. For natural hair transplantation, it is important to determine the hairline according to the person.

At this stage, our specialist evaluates the donor area capacity of the person and the desired hairline. And determines the line that fits best. We create the hair transplant plan with approval of the operation method and the hairline shape of person concerned. Before hair transplant operation, we shave the hair in area to be taken and the area to be transplanted. Again, before the procedure, we prepare the scalp for the procedure. We apply local anesthesia before hair transplantation. Thus, patients do not feel any pain during the operation.

Collection of Hair Roots To Be Planted From The Donor Area

Hair on the back and side of the scalp in men and women is programmed to grow for life. We transfer the grafts we take from these donor areas to balding areas. Thus, after transplantation, the hair starts to grow normally and continues that way. The stage where we take the hair follicles requires attention and expertise. We separate hair follicles that we extract from donor area in healthy way as single, double and triple hair follicles. We preserve them in a special, sterile solution during the procedure.

There are stages for us to transplant the hair follicles in the areas determined in the operation plan. In the first stage, we create small incisions where we will place each hair follicle. We carry out the channel opening phase, taking into account the natural growth direction of the hair. Then, we place the hair follicles that we hold in a special solution into the channels we open. We also use different pen attachments in some special processes. Our experts can give you as much information as you want about the whole process.

Hair Transplant Istanbul Best

Did you know that Istanbul is a special place where people can get their hair back? If you’re worried about losing your hair, Istanbul is the best city to fix it. Let’s learn why Istanbul is the perfect place for getting your hair back!

Amazing Doctors: In Istanbul, there are special doctors who know how to bring back your hair. They are really good at their job and will make sure you get the best results. You can trust them!

Cool Clinics: The clinics in Istanbul are super cool. They have all the fancy machines and tools to make your hair look natural again. These machines are so cool, they can make your new hair fit right in with your old hair.

Not Too Expensive: Guess what? Getting your hair back in Istanbul is not too expensive. You can get top-quality treatment without spending too much money. It’s like getting something really good for a great price!

Friendly People: When you go to Istanbul for your hair treatment, everyone is really nice and friendly. They will make you feel happy and comfortable during the whole process. It’s like going on an adventure with new friends!

Hair that Looks Real: The doctors in Istanbul want to make your hair look real. They plan everything carefully so that your new hair matches your old hair perfectly. You’ll look great and feel confident again!


In Istanbul, you can get your hair back and feel happy again. The amazing doctors, cool clinics, affordable prices, friendly people, and hair that looks real make it the best place for your hair treatment. Say goodbye to hair worries and hello to beautiful hair in Istanbul!