What Affects The Cost Of Hair Transplant?

What Is The Cost of Hair Transplant? The cost of hair transplant vary depending on certain factors. The hair transplant center, your doctor, the city you live in and the hair transplant technique to be applied affect the cost of hair transplant. The most important factor affecting the cost is the hair transplantation technique. The hair transplant technique you have determined with your doctor causes a variety in price.

Today, with the development of technology, experts have developed techniques that provide a less painful and faster recovery process. Thus, they provided a better service to patients. Together with your doctor, you can choose one of the hair transplant techniques suitable for you. The hair transplant technique that you decide as a result of the hair tests and analyzes applied by your doctor will be the most efficient technique. Experts have developed many hair transplant techniques and you can choose whatever you want from these techniques.

In addition, the hair transplant center is also an important factor. For any adverse situation that may occur during and after the surgery, you should carefully choose the center where you will have hair transplantation. In hair transplant centers that take precautions against such adversities and are fully equipped, prices may be one click higher. The fact that hair transplantation centers do hair transplantation sometimes in hospitals and sometimes in their own clinics affects the price. Apart from that, the city you live in is another factor that affects the cost of hair transplant. Hospitals and clinics pay more rent in big cities which affects this situation. With these factors, the cost of hair transplantation varies between 6,000 ₺ and 20,000 ₺.

Hair Transplant Techniques and Prices

FUE technique, which is one of the most common techniques, is considered as the basis of other techniques. The reason why the FUE technique is preferred frequently is that there is no scar in the donor area and the transplantation area. In this technique, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transplanted without any cuts. FUE technique in Turkey starts from 6000 ₺. This technical upper price limit is 10,000 ₺.

DHI technique, which is an advanced version of FUE technique, is also known as Choi Technique, Pen Technique or Unshaved Hair Transplantation. The biggest difference between the DHI technique and the FUE technique is that the roots are transferred with a pen called Choi Pen. Experts could not apply this special pen to every patient when it first came out, but the developing technology enabled the pen to be applied to almost every patient. Prices for this technique are in the range of 7,000 ₺ and 15,000 ₺.

Experts have created one of the latest technology hair transplantation techniques with the robotic hair transplantation technique. In robotic hair transplantation based on the FUE technique, a robot device takes the hair follicles under the supervision of a doctor. Prices increase a little in this technique due to the use of robotic devices. Robotic hair transplant prices are almost 15.000-20.000 ₺.

The hair compression technique applied is cheaper than other hair transplantation techniques due to the sparse hair in an area. The biggest reason for the low price is the low number of hair grafts to be taken. The technique chosen for this operation also affects the price. This technique is approximately in the range of 2000-5000 ₺.

Determining Price Per Graft

Hair transplantation takes place by transplanting the grafts taken from the donor area. These donors are structurally different. Grafts can contain 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hair follicles. The number of roots in the grafts is important rather than the number of roots taken. Some hair transplant centers are based on the number of grafts in their pricing. The low area that needs hair transplantation is an advantage for patients who choose centers that price over grafts because the amount that patients have to pay will be directly proportional to the number of grafts to be taken. On the other hand, patients who need more grafts will be at a disadvantage because the more the planting area is, the more they have to pay. In this case, patients should also follow up the cost of transactions.

The price that centers want per graft varies. The method, tools to be used and the number of people to be operated affect pricing. The average determined price per graft is 1.5 ₺. For example, the amount to be paid by a patient with an opening of 4.000 grafts is 6.000 ₺. If the patients prefer the DHI technique, the pricing increases by approximately 1.000-6.000 ₺.

Hamilton-Norwood Scale and Hair Transplant Prices

There is a globally created scale. This scale is known as the Hamilton-Norwood scale or the Norwood scale. This scale classifies male pattern hair loss. Therefore, this scale cannot be used for female pattern hair loss. The scale created for women is the Ludwig scale. The information provided by the Norwood scale to male patients is as follows; the amount of grafts lost and needed, how much more hair loss will occur as time progresses, technique and application. The Norwood scale has a classification between 1 and 7 degrees. It also specifies 12 types of spill types. Thanks to this scale, patients can estimate the number of grafts they need and the amount they will pay.

The more advanced you are in the Norwood scale, the more difficult and important the technique to be applied to save your hair becomes. Being advanced means that the amount of hair is quite low. The small amount of your hair means the scarcity of the donor area, and in this case, the number of grafts may not be met due to the scarcity of the donor area. This is why it is so important to take care of yourself and not disrupt yourself. As with many diseases, early diagnosis and treatment is also effective for hair loss. The sooner it is noticed and action is taken, the easier it will be to recover. What Is The Cost of Hair Transplant?

What is the Most Reasonable FUE Method Hair Transplant Cost for Bald Patients?


Hair loss can be a distressing and frustrating experience that can severely affect the self-confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, FUE hair transplant is a viable solution for bald patients looking to restore their hair. However, the FUE method hair transplant cost is one of the most common concerns when considering a hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant cost varies depending on several factors, including hair loss, the number of grafts needed, and the surgeon’s experience and reputation.

  1. Multiple Research Surgeons: It’s advisable to research several FUE method hair transplant cost, surgeons and compare their prices. Check their credentials, experience, and success rate, and read reviews and testimonials from previous patients.
  2. Consider the Number of Grafts: The number of grafts required affects the overall FUE hair transplant cost: the more grafts needed, the higher the FUE cost. Discuss with your surgeon the number of FUE grafts necessary to achieve your desired result and factor it into your decision-making process.
  3. Package Deal: Some hair transplant clinics offer package deals that include various services such as accommodation, transportation, and post-operative care. Be sure to read the fine print and understand what is included in the package and what is not.