Types of Dental Implants


Types of Dental Implants Implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The screw-shaped implant, on the other hand, is the most extensively utilized and well-known implant today. External implantation types are chosen based on the structure and tissue of the region where the implantation will be placed, and the application process then begins. Some known types of implants are listed below.

Subperiosteal implants

It is a type of implant that is measured and applied on the dental bone. The biggest advantage of subperiosteal implants is that they distribute the chewing intensity evenly over the entire dental bone. The appearance of this type of implant, which is made of thin metal alloys, resembles cages. It is applied to the top of the bone under the periosteum. It is not a very preferred type of implant.

Endosseous implants

Also known as endosseous implants. Endosseous implants are applied in the absence of one or more teeth. Implant applications made into the jawbone are called intraosseous implants. It is the most used type of implant today. Endosseous implants are divided into 3 in themselves. These implants; They are screw, cylindrical and blade implants.

Transosseous implants

Also referred to as transmandibular implants. It’s a form of implant that goes all the way into the bone. This type of implant is mostly preferred to correct deficiencies in bone lengths. It is not a very preferred type of implant. Because it is a very difficult and challenging method.

Intramucosal implants

All intramucosal implants are titanium coated. It is a type of implant applied to increase the retention in prostheses. This type of implant is also not preferred much nowadays.

Endodontic implants

 Also known as endodontic stabilizers. This implant method is mostly preferred for fixing the structures of weak teeth. A much stronger infrastructure can be created with the endodontic implant method.

Which Implant Brand Is The Best?

There are hundreds of implant brands currently on sale in our country. Patients try to research which of these is good, but in this case they are very confused. Here, it would be more accurate to say the most expensive implant rather than the best implant. The Swiss brands Nobel and Straumann implants, which have placed themselves on the market for 50 years, are known as the best.

Since these are the well-established companies that first introduced the artificial tooth root to the market, their quality has been adopted and they are the brands with the highest prices. These are followed by other American, European, Korean and domestic implant brands. There is a quality difference between them, but this quality difference is not even 10%.

In recent years, domestic implants have advanced significantly. Domestic implants have grown in popularity due to their low cost, ability to perform all of the functions expected of an implant, and accessibility to people of all income levels. Almost all implant companies give a lifetime warranty on fractures or fabrication-induced artificial tooth root losses. In other words, if you lose your implant in a short time, companies will give you a new implant for free. 

“Does the domestic implant fall because it is cheap?” patients may ask. The answer to this is “No”, the fact that the artificial tooth root is cheap does not mean that it will fall out. The price difference in the brands is 95% due to origin and customs costs, 5% is due to quality. What we have told so far is for our patients who love to research a lot. What to do next is explained in our article.

If You Say I’m Very Confused

Do not worry too much about the implant brand, whichever suits your economy is the best brand for you. Much more important than the brand is how the Physician applies that implant. Implants placed in the wrong place may cause various problems such as malformation of the prosthesis on it and difficulty in eating and speaking in patients in the future. The surgeon who will apply the implant should also have a good command of the prosthetic superstructures of the implant.

If different doctors are going to make the implant and the prosthesis on it, it is very important to coordinate the doctors with each other. If the same physician is making the implant and prosthesis, things are easier. Since the physician will already make the prosthesis himself, he places the implants in the bone completely according to his own prosthesis plan during the surgery. From what has been told so far, it turns out that patients should trust the surgeon’s operation rather than the implant brand.

Apart from these, it is necessary to mention fake implants. Fake implants are implants that are not known to be produced in China or where they are produced, and are sold in packages of the same very high quality brands. Just like everything else is fake, the most famous brands are faked and put on the market. Physicians can buy them wholesale from someone very cheaply, sometimes even they themselves do not know that it is fake. Patients or some physicians can never distinguish real from fake by looking at their packages. Types of Dental Implants

But the truth is that each brand has only one distributor in our country, and the doctor should buy implants only from these companies. If you are informed that in some clinics, a Swiss or German implant is applied as cheaply as the domestic implant price, a question mark should arise in your mind. Many different types of implants have been made in our clinic for 40 years, and we instantly understand which implant is of what quality or whether it is fake or real. Therefore, it is definitely beneficial to do this research together with your dentist.

Which would you recommend as a doctor?

First of all, in order not to compromise on quality and health, we do not apply implant brands that cause problems in our Dental Clinic, because problematic brands tire the doctor at the same time, rather than the patient. All of the brands we use in our clinic are implants that do not cause problems, that our patients will use for life, and that are under warranty in case of failure. Whichever suits your financial situation is the best solution for you. We apply every brand approved in our clinic with peace of mind, and with that implant, the responsibility belongs to us until the patient can eat comfortably. We don’t already apply and don’t offer brands that we don’t approve. Types of Dental Implants

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