Gastric balloon surgery United States; a gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that is inserted into the stomach and inflated with air or liquid to a capacity of 400-700 cc. It’s an endoscopically administered temporary weight loss treatment for those who can’t lose weight with diet and exercise, don’t want to have surgery, or have a high risk of surgery. The gastric balloon should be withdrawn 6 to 12 months after it was implanted. It can’t be used if you have a stomach ulcer, a big gastric hernia, or are pregnant. Complications such as nausea, discomfort, ulcers, gastric hemorrhage, stomach perforation, and intestinal blockage are uncommon. The gastric balloon assists you in reducing the number of your servings as well as the frequency with which you eat.

Gastric Balloon Surgery United States

Obesity is now recognized as an age-related illness, and many various treatment approaches are being used to combat it. Although they are typically restricted approaches, they are treatments used to prevent the patient from consuming more food than is necessary. The gastric balloon is one of these treatments. The use of a gastric balloon is a safe technique that is done on patients on a temporary basis.

As a result, you’ll eat less but feel fuller for longer. Snacking between meals will become a thing of the past, and you will lose weight. After 6 months to 1 year of follow-up in trials using a gastric balloon, there was a substantial reduction in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, gout, and cholesterol-triglyceride levels.

Under general anesthesia, the gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach via an endoscopic procedure. The operation is finished when the serum-filled balloon in the stomach is inflated using a specific extension line. On average, the processing time is about 30 minutes. After the patient awakens, he is kept under surveillance for a short while before being discharged home the same day.

Although the use of a gastric balloon does not have as many hazards as surgical treatments, it does carry certain risks because it is an endoscopic operation. As a result, selecting a doctor should be done with caution. The doctor who applies the gastric balloon should be an expert in his area with plenty of expertise.

Who Is Eligible For Gastric Balloon Surgery United States?

It is an endoscopic application, despite the fact that it is a non-surgical procedure. The balloon inflates as much as the doctor considers necessary once it put in the stomach. The gastric balloon make of silicone and occupies space in the stomach, allowing the individual to experience fullness sooner. It  typically uses by patients who are unable to reduce weight through diet or exercise but do not want to have surgery or whose BMI is too high for surgery. People who can’t have a gastric balloon because they have stomach ulcers, a big gastric hernia, or are pregnant are among those who can’t get a gastric balloon.

The use of a gastric balloon is a temporary therapeutic option. As a result, the balloon placed in the stomach should remove on the doctor’s schedule. At the same time, it’s important to note that this is not a weight-loss regimen. Diet and exercise should use to maintain weight management. Along with this, a gastric balloon can use to avoid the negative consequences of obesity on a patient’s overall health.

The gastric balloon can stay in the patient for up to six months. Staying longer than 6 months might be detrimental to the patient’s health as well as his or her gastrointestinal functions.

Balloon Brands That Use In Gastric Balloon Surgery United States

Within 6 months to a year after the gastric balloon place, it withdrawn. If the person adheres to the doctor’s advice and monitors their eating habits and lifestyle, they will achieve their goal weight within this time. The stomach will continually constrict in order to evacuate the item delivered into the stomach in the gastric balloon application, causing discomfort in the user. Some dietary regimens can follow. Herbal teas with a calming effect on the stomach can take. Simultaneously, sticking to a natural, well-balanced diet will keep you from getting sick.


It’s a Russian-made balloon that may last up to six months in the stomach. It insert orally under anesthesia and withdrawn the same manner with the endoscopic technique. In the United States, it is one of the most popular balloon brands.


The only device that allows the balloon volume to change is the Spatz adjustable balloon system (Spatz Medical, Great Neck, NY). It can reinflate to minimize balloon-related symptoms or to enhance the efficacy of weight reduction. For a period of 12 months, it approves for usage.


In 2015, the FDA authorized the Orbera gastric balloon (Apollo Endosurgery, Austin, TX) for clinical use in the United States. Since 1991, its use in Europe. It can stay in the stomach for up to a year.


The Elipse gastric balloon (Allurion Technologies, Wellesley, MA) is a one-of-a-kind device that does not require endoscopy or anesthesia. It dissolves in the digestive system after 4-5 months and eliminate with feces.

Side Effects Of Gastric Balloon Surgery United States

Nausea and vomiting are the most typical adverse effects of using a gastric balloon. These symptoms, on the other hand, usually go away within a week. If the vomiting persists, the patient should seek medical advice. The balloon can remove from the stomach in people whose balloon does not match. Depending on the scenario, however, this is uncommon. If the balloon is an adjustable silicone balloon, dropping it a bit lower will suffice to ensure that the concerns resolved.

When significant problems arise, the gastric balloon removes, despite the fact that this is an extremely unusual occurrence. The lack of tolerance is the first of these. If severe nausea and vomiting occur and do not subside within a reasonable time. The gastric balloon may remove following the examination. Due to extensive esophagitis and peptic ulcer, the balloon may also need to remove. Finally, if the gastric balloon ruptures, it must remove. If a patient notices a green-blue tint in his urine, he should see his doctor very once. This might be a sign that the balloon is about to burst. Endoscopy uses to inspect the balloon, and if it ruptures, it remove.

The Search for an Excellent Gastric Balloon Surgery United States


When considering gastric balloon surgery United States, it is essential to find a qualified surgeon who is experienced with the procedure and has a good track record of success. Speaking with your doctor to discuss potential risks and benefits is also recommended.

There are several options regarding gastric balloon surgery in the US, such as where you have the procedure done and what type of balloon best suits your needs. It is also essential to research different payment plans or financing options that may be available for your situation. Additionally, there are support groups available online and in person that can help guide you through the entire process of considering and undergoing gastric balloon surgery US. Considering all these factors should help you decide whether this weight-loss surgery could work for you.

Many doctors are now offering gastric balloon surgery United States as an initial step for those considering weight-loss surgery before moving on to more complicated procedures. With improvements in technology and increasing awareness about the benefits of this convenient procedure, gastric balloon USA looks poised for continued growth in popularity across the US.