On average, Fue cost in Turkey is the most used hair transplantation method nowadays. People with baldness issues and health organizations that administer the therapy frequently favor this procedure in terms of affordability and effectiveness. Hair follicles are extracing from the patient’s neck with 0.6-0.7 mm thick surgical blades call punches and transfer to shedding areas using the Fue cost in Turkey. The transplanted hair follicles begin to sprout right away after the treatment. Micro-wounds in the nape of the neck normally heal in 48 hours or less. On the third day after the procedure, you can resume your business life. And on the tenth day, you can resume your usual life. Because of the micro-size surgical instruments use in the treatment, the technique is known as Micro FUE.

Fue Cost in Turkey

  • Our specialists assess your suitability for therapy as well as your medical history.
  • Following the selection of an operation date, the person is given information on how to prepare for the procedure.
  • Your blood tests are completing, and you are prepared for the procedure once you are admitting to the hospital on the day of the operation.
  • In most cases, your hair is shaved in the hospital; however, if you are having unshaven hair transplantation, it is recommending that you shave in the hospital after alerting the person.
  • The procedure begins with the administration of anesthesia, following by the anesthetization of the donor area from where the roots will be extracting and the start of the extraction process.
  • The roots are counting and prepare for transplanting in specific solutions after harvesting.
  • Local anesthetic is using to anesthetize the planting region.
  • According to the number and direction of hair transplantation, micro channels are opening in the transplantation area.
  • Healthy hair follicles from the nape are transplanting one by one into the micro channels that have been opening.
  • Antibiotics and painkillers are given to the patient after the surgery.
  • The bandages are removing in the hospital the next day of the procedure, and the necessary dressings are made.
  • In the hospital, washing is doing on a daily basis. During the washing process, all patient information is gathering.
  • The washing technique should be repeating once a day until the 10th day, as shown.
  • The crusting should be entirely peeling off by the 10th day control. And any crusts that do not peel off are removing by the hospital doctor.

Fue Cost In Turkey: Micro-Fue Is A Non-Invasive Surgical Process That Allows You To Grow Your Own Natural Hair

With the competence of the surgeon performing the procedure, the fitness of the person for the operation, and proper planning, it is possible to produce fully natural-looking hair. Nobody understands that you have a hair transplant operation where the correct distribution is made in the donor and transplant areas. Although everyone’s recovery time varies, the first wash is normally done on the second or third day following the surgery. Redness and crusting in the places where the hair follicles are transplanting may appear after the first wash. This image may need to be camouflaging because it will draw attention. After the operation, you can return to your usual life, as long as you don’t indulge in excessive physical activity or have unrealistic expectations about your appearance.

  • Under local anesthetic, it lasts 6-7 hours without pain.
  • 6-0.7 mm surgical blades allow for dense hair without leaving any traces.
  • There is a nearly 1% chance of problems following surgery.
  • Micro-sized blades prevent swelling and agony in the post-surgery patient.
  • Recovery time is substantially faster after the surgery than with other procedures.
  • In about 3-4 months, the final results will be available.
  • The hair that has been transplanting will not fall out.

Fue Cost In Turkey: What Should You Expect From Hair Transplant Surgery?

The Fue cost in Turkey method is impossible to price in advance. Although there are numerous aspects that influence the price of this procedure, the most important ones are the number of grafts transplanting, the number of sessions, the doctor’s expertise and experience, the quality of the transplanting region, and the technologies employing. Furthermore, this process will be facilitating, and the patient will be offering with a comforting service. As a result of these considerations, the ultimate sowing cost emerges.

Depending on age, gender, skin color, hair fiber thickness, and density of the donor area, a hair transplant conducting with the correct methods in skilled hands can tighten a completely bald area by 50-60%. It is critical to deliver accurate information regarding the outcome and to comprehend the patient’s expectations. It’s crucial to understand that 100% dense hair that has never been transplanting is nearly hard to attain with hair transplantation. Our eyes, on the other hand, are unable to discern between images with a frequency of 60% and 100%. It is the goal of Fue cost in Turkey to achieve maximum efficiency by properly regulating the direction and dispersion of the hair. One of the main concerns is that there will be few or no scars on the back of the neck following the operation.

In the proper hands and with the right methods, correcting bad-looking hair transplants that grow in the shape of a toothbrush can be very effective. The patient must give his or her agreement here, knowing that the physician may reveal the results of the previous unsuccessful surgery. Ethical physicians would not take such a risk otherwise.

Surprise Hair Loss After Fue Hair Transplantation

The hair strands put in the hairless area typically fall out between 15 and 45 days. Though this varies from person to person. This is not an unusual circumstance. There’s no need to be concerned about this procedure because it’s a must-have. The transplanted hair follicles are still inside the scalp, since the hairs that fall out are merely hair follicles. The time it takes for these hairs to recover following shock loss varies, but on average it takes three months. Hair transplanted between 6 months and a year will grow out significantly. The hair achieves the desired appearance after a year.

The Average Estimate of a FUE Cost in Turkey


Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for hair transplantation due to its low cost, high quality, and experienced surgeons. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a popular procedure many people choose when it comes to getting a hair transplant. On average, FUE cost in Turkey can range depending on the size and number of grafts needed.

The total of a FUE hair transplant Turkey cost includes all pre-operative tests, anesthesia, post-op care and follow-up consultations. The overall price may also vary depending on whether or not you choose to stay in a hotel during your treatment. If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, do your research and find a reputable clinic and certified surgeon who has experience performing FUE procedures. Make sure to ask questions and read reviews before deciding on a clinic or surgeon so you can be sure you are getting quality care at an affordable price. In short, a FUE procedure in Turkey can be quite impressive. With proper research and planning, you can find a reputable surgeon who can provide you with high-quality results at reasonable FUE cost in Turkey.