DHI Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant These days, many of the young people are suffering from hair loss. And hair transplant surgery is the most common and popular option for them. It is possible to have a hair transplant with less pain and less bleeding. There is a good role for both techniques. There are young people with a lot of balding area. Surgeons worried about how much more balding going to happen over the next 10-15 years. It is important to find the safest area to take that.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is safest surgery especially for young men with a lot of balding area. People want to back to work right after the surgery and they do not want anybody to notice it. It is good benefit of this technique. FUT method has the ability to only trim what they take, they leave all the rest of the hair to length. It covers up any signs of the sutures and the donor skyline. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) you have to shave your hair and some of the people do not want it because of this reason. It is a deal breaker for a lot of people. They will switch to strip surgery just because of this reason.

DHI Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant

There are some differences between DHI hair transplant vs FUT and FUE techniques. The number of grafts is the biggest advantage of FUT technique. In FUE surgeons are taking the grafts from a large area. When they take that grafts out nothing grows back in its place. It leaves a dot like scars. However, with FUT technique surgeons are removing hundred percent of the density from the back of the head. The large harvest is an advantage with the FUT strip surgery. The linear scar is the disadvantage that FUT technique has. There are not any hair transplant procedure scarless but FUT leaves linear scar. FUE scars are minimally visible.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT which means follicular unit strip surgery, if you want to perform FUT hair transplantation, you have to follow these steps:

First, they will draw your hairline again. They can take pictures and do some computer analysis before the surgery. The surgeon will remove a piece from the back of your head that they can use as a graft. They use strips in this FUT technique.

Surgeon and clinic team will remove each hair follicle from the strip, and they prepare them for the transplantation part. Then your surgeon will close your scalp with sutures. Then they are re-inserted into your scalp area. These surgeries take 4-8 hours. You can stay awake during the surgery thanks to the local anesthesia. After the surgery, cover the surgical parts with bandages and they can apply some antibiotics.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Method

If you want to compare DHI Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant you should know DHI with Choi pen is the newest Technique in hair transplantation. Thanks to that technology recovery period is shorter than other hair transplantation techniques. You can return to your daily life right after the procedure. It is the most advanced method. They implant the hair follicles one by one to the donor or bald area which needs to be covered. They use extractor with a diameter 1mm or less. This method will meet patients’ high expectations because it will give them a natural look. They plant the collected hair to the bald area in this method.

The tools are called DHI pens, and because of these pens this technique is called the DHI method.  Each hair follicle is implanted in a specific angle and direction. Hairs will continue to grow after the surgery through the patient’s life. You should see the DHI certified doctor for this Direct Hair Implantation technique. Technicians and nurses should not try to do these steps on patients. The DHI method has so many benefits compared to follicular unit extraction technique (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). The process takes 7-8 hours for one session just like other procedures. Results will be successful if it is done by a professional and certificated surgeon.

After The Surgery- Recovery Period

Both these hair transplant procedures can take 7-8 hours to complete, depending on the area and your hair loss type. After the surgery is completed, the surgeon can remove the bandage in 2-3 days. They will remove Stitches after one week. After the hair transplant procedure, the scalp might be swollen, do not worry about that. You can go to see your surgeon and they can apply you to some pain medications. The surgeon may also offer you to take some antibiotics for the recovery process.

Most patients can back their normal life within 3-4 days post-surgery, but it depends on which technique they choose. One of the difference between DHI Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant is recovery period. You can turn your daily life right after the surgery with FUT. After the surgery you must avoid washing your hair for days maybe one week. After that, you can use mild soft shampoos for a while. You have to stop doing cardio or exercises for 2-3 week. If anything goes wrong, you can visit your doctor and ask your questions to him/her.

You will notice that the transplanted hair might fall out after the surgery. This is totally normal, do not stress about that.

Why Should I Choose Turkey For A Hair Transplant?

These days Turkey is one of the world’s leading places for hair transplant procedures. Turkey has so many clinics and many experienced surgeons and clinic teams who can offer you good full packages with very affordable prices. The most experienced and qualified clinics are in Istanbul. İstanbul is the most crowded and popular city of Turkey. You can find the hygienic and sterile environment for hair transplant surgeries in Istanbul.

They can offer you well planned trips. They can suggest your accommodation plan that meets your expectations. If you want, they can send people to pick you up from the airport. One of the differences between DHI Hair Transplant vs FUT Hair Transplant is the price that you should pay. You should look for that before choosing the surgery.

DHI Hair Transplant

Firstly, DHI, which stands for Direct Hair Implantation, is like a magical process where hair follicles are directly implanted onto the scalp. It’s like planting seeds in a garden, ensuring each hair grows in the right place. DHI leaves no scars and provides a natural-looking result.

FUT Hair Transplant

Firstly, FUT, which stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, is like a puzzle game where a strip of hair is taken from the back of the head. Skilled doctors then divide it into tiny grafts and transplant them to the thinning areas. FUT may leave a small scar, but it can provide a significant number of hair grafts.

Healing Process

After a DHI hair transplant, the healing process is usually quick and comfortable. It’s like a superhero recovering from an adventure with superpowers intact. With FUT, the healing process may take a bit longer as the scar needs time to heal, but the results can still be fantastic.

Growth and Results

Both techniques lead to the growth of new hair. With DHI, the transplanted hair starts to grow naturally, blending seamlessly with existing hair. It’s like a beautiful symphony where all the instruments play in harmony. With FUT, the transplanted hair also grows, but it may require more time for the scar to fully heal.

Choosing the Right Technique

The choice between DHI and FUT depends on each person’s unique situation and needs. Skilled doctors can guide individuals in selecting the best technique based on factors like hair type and desired results.

In Conclusion, DHI and FUT hair transplants are two different techniques, each with its own benefits. DHI offers direct implantation without scars, while FUT provides a significant number of grafts. Both techniques can bring back beautiful hair and boost confidence.