Good hair transplant in Turkey is a very important issue. You should research the hair transplant clinics very well before you go. You should make sure that both the clinic you choose and your doctor are experienced. Before you go, you should do a preliminary research about the clinic and read the user reviews. In addition, you should research all the details about hair transplantation and be conscious. Thus, you can make a better choice and get a high yield from hair transplantation.

You should ask your hair transplant specialist all the questions you have in mind. You should also get detailed information about the method that will be applied to you. In addition, you should inform your doctor about your wishes and expectations in advance. In addition, you should inform your doctor about your current diseases.

How to Do a Good Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Before good hair transplant in Turkey, we pass some tests and examinations to our patients. During these examinations, we determine whether our patients have any disease. By determining its suitability for hair transplantation, we evaluate which method should be applied. In all these stages, we proceed by informing our patients with all the details. We listen to the hair loss histories of our patients and conduct one-on- one interviews. We are also talking about possible situations that you may encounter after hair transplantation. Thus, we prevent our patients from experiencing situations such as disappointment. We act by making plans related to hair transplantation applications. In this sense, we serve together with our specialist doctors and experienced team.

Before hair transplantation, we give the necessary instructions to our patients. We convey all the details about both before and after the transaction. We highlight what you need to pay attention to. Thus, we act in a planned manner together with our patients. We believe that we will achieve more successful results when we act in a coordinated manner. Even after hair transplantation, we do not cut off our communication with our patients. We carry out checks when we deem necessary. We recommend that you attend these checks regularly and comply with the instructions. Thus, you can achieve successful results from hair transplantation and continue your life more happily.

What Are the Good Hair Transplant in Turkey Clinics?

There are quite a number of good hair transplant in Turkey clinics. However, there are some rules that you should pay attention to when choosing a hair transplant clinic. First of all, you should start doing clinical research after the decision of hair transplantation. You should examine the expert staff of the clinic, how many years it has been serving and its achievements. In addition, you should read the reviews of the patients and then research the doctors working in the clinic. You should evaluate the education, knowledge, expertise and hair transplants of these doctors. In addition, you should make a preliminary interview with the clinics where you get positive results from these evaluations. After the interview, you should choose the clinic that appeals to you.

Hair transplantation is generally done using the Fue technique. With the Fue technique, we plant the hair follicles we take from the donor area one by one to the open area. We select these hair follicles from an area on the body of our patient. In general, we use your nape as the donor area. If you do not have enough donor area, we do not apply hair transplantation. In addition, we do not apply hair transplantation to people under the age of 22 and to patients with genetic disorders. We carry out our procedures under the supervision of a doctor, especially in diabetes, blood pressure and heart patients. We definitely do not practice without your doctor’s approval.

Before and After Good Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are some rules that you should pay attention to before and after a good hair transplant in Turkey. If you follow these rules, the probability of you encountering any problems is very low. We can list these rules as follows:

  • If you are using blood thinners before and after hair transplantation, you should stop. You should not use aspirin and similar drugs.
  • In addition, you should stay away from alcohol and cigarette use before and after hair transplantation. This situation affects your hair transplantation process negatively.
  • When coming to hair transplantation, you should choose clothes that are buttoned and comfortable to wear. Also, you must have a full stomach.
  • After hair transplantation, you should protect the planted area for a while. You must avoid any blows.
  • After hair transplantation, you should rest at home for 1 week and pay attention to your lying position.
  • To wash your hair after hair transplantation, you should go to your clinic and learn the washing style from your doctor.
  • In addition, you should not use any chemical-containing product on your hair.
  • Before coming to hair transplantation, you should take care that your hair is clean.
  • If your doctor has prescribed it after the procedure, you should wear a suitable hat.
  • You should not delay your hair transplant controls.

Hair Transplant Price Options

Hair transplant price options are both affordable and high quality in Turkey. Without compromising on quality, we perform affordable transactions. Thus, we aim to address the budget of all our patients. We do not specify an exact price. Because we determine our prices according to the hair transplantation methods we apply, the adequacy of your donor area, and your personal wishes and expectations. For this reason, we make a price notification to our patients after the preliminary examination.

In addition, if you want to have the hair you want in a short time, you can contact us and request an appointment. If you are complaining about your hair loss problem, you can do free hair analysis in our clinic. Thus, you can listen to the cause of the spillage and solution suggestions. By having a one-on-one meeting with our doctors, you can clear all the question marks in your mind.

Is It Easy to Find a Good Hair Transplant in Turkey?


Finding a good hair transplant in Turkey is relatively easy. With the large number of hair restoration clinics located throughout the country, it’s easy to find a reputable doctor that can provide both quality services and excellent results. Additionally, many of these clinics offer competitive prices, making it possible to save money while still achieving your desired outcome. As such, if you are considering getting a hair transplant in Turkey, there is no shortage of options available to you, ensuring that you can achieve the best results possible.

With careful research and comparison shopping, you can easily find a clinic that offers a good hair transplant in Turkey. It should also be noted that Turkey is home to some of the most advanced techniques for hair transplants out there. Many clinics offer treatments such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), which allow for greater accuracy and precision during surgery. Consulting with your healthcare team, specializing in hair transplantation Turkey, can help you determine what steps to take next in order to achieve your desired outcome. You can ask them relevant questions such as “how much it cost hair transplant Turkey?”