The question of how many hairs can be transplanted in hair transplantation is very curious. Because the amount of hair loss in people is different from everyone else. Some pour more, some less. In this case, people who have lost a lot of hair often wonder how many hairs can be transplanted in hair transplantation. Because they want this opening in their hair to go away. And they wonder if they will be able to close the hair gap in themselves. That’s why they think about how many hairs can be transplanted. Of course, there is no definite limit to this question. It depends on the person’s needs.

How Many Hairs Can Be Transplanted In Hair Transplanted?

To find out, you need to talk to the doctor you will have hair transplantation. The doctor first puts you through a few tests and finds out if there is an obstacle to hair transplantation. Then, the most suitable hair transplant method for you is decided. After the hair transplantation method is chosen, it is started to talk about how many hairs can be transplanted.

For example, the FUE hair transplant method is generally recommended for people who experience too much hair loss. Because it is a healthier and more suitable method for such people. The hair follicles of the person and the hair loss area are examined. How much space there is and how much hair is needed is decided. Then, according to this number, the decision for hair transplantation is made. Because the price will increase as much as hair transplantation is required. If the patient accepts this situation, the rest of the preparations for the hair transplant procedure are completed. For example, the day of hair transplantation is determined, the anesthesia to be given is determined.

Hair Transplant Prices

There are many questions about hair transplant prices. How much it costs, how it is determined. Hair transplant prices, unfortunately, are not a subject that you can learn over the internet. Because the cost of this process varies from person to person. There is a personal fee. There are many variables in the price of hair transplantation.

Which doctor will do the hair transplant affects the price. It affects the price of hair transplantation using the method. Or how many hairs can be transplanted in which clinic and person, the price changes accordingly. In particular, the answer to the question of how many picks can be planted is what affects the price the most. Because everyone’s hair loss rate is different and the price increases according to how many hairs can be transplanted. For this reason, you should definitely talk to your doctor about how many hairs can be transplanted to determine the price.

When pricing hair transplantation procedures, a fee is usually determined per graft. And the price is calculated by multiplying the number of grafts with the price. Of course, there are additional fees to this. For example, DHI hair transplantation method is one of the most expensive methods today. Because it requires more technological tools. And it is not something every hair transplant specialist can do. The price of hair transplantation with DHI will be perhaps two or three times higher than with FUE. For this reason, the FUE method is recommended especially for people with excessive hair loss.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplantation is a method that has emerged in recent years. Developing technology and developing medical instruments are used. It is quite advanced compared to other hair transplantation methods. Therefore, its reliability is high. And its demand is increasing. However, since it is a new method, it cannot be applied in every clinic. In addition, not every hair transplant specialist can do hair transplant with DHI. Because it is different from normal hair transplants. Moreover, additional training is a must.

Choi medical pen was added to hair transplantation with DHI hair transplantation method. The Choi medical pen is what sets this method apart from others. Thanks to this pen, the process is both faster and more painless. In the DHI hair transplant method, a donor area is first determined. Grafts are collected from the determined donor area with a choi medical pen. Then, hair channels are opened on the scalp with a choi medical pen. Opening a hair channel in normal hair transplantation methods is very risky. In this regard, the choi medical pen eliminates the risk. Then, the collected grafts are placed in the opened hair channels. And thus, the hair transplantation process is completed.

Who Is Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

There are no certain limits for hair transplantation. The first thing to pay attention to is the end of hair loss. Because it creates a bad image after hair transplantation done before the hair loss is completed. The reason for this is that the hair continues to fall out despite the hair transplant. Along with the newly growing hair, the others continue to fall out. When this happens, a sparse appearance is formed in the hair again. At the same time, some drugs and treatments prevent hair transplantation. For example, drugs used during chemotherapy treatment cause hair loss. Therefore, before the end of chemotherapy treatment.

At the same time, there are no certain age limits for hair transplantation. There is no specific age. However, according to the advice of experts, hair transplantation is recommended between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five. In addition, people with skin diseases cannot have hair transplantation. Because the skin is already sensitive and may not be able to handle such processes. If you have a disease such as eczema or fungus, you should wait a little longer. When you recover, then it will be more correct to have a hair transplant. In addition, your doctor will do some tests for you. These tests are about how suitable you are for hair transplantation. Blood values ​​are checked. For example, if there is a high probability of bleeding, the procedure may be delayed. In this process, you should stay away from blood thinners.

How Many Hairs Can Be Transplanted in One Surgery?


The answer to “how many hairs can be transplanted in one surgery?” largely depends on the individual’s hair density, scalp laxity, and donor area. Patients with higher hair density typically receive more hair in a single hair transplant surgery than those with lower hair density. Furthermore, the patient’s scalp laxity plays an important role; if there is not enough scalp elasticity, it can limit the number of grafts that can be transplanted at once. Additionally, if a patient has a limited donor area available for harvesting hairs, then the number of hairs that can be harvested and transplanted in one session will likely be decreased as well

Ultimately, it is important to speak with a qualified medical professional to determine what is possible for each situation. With proper care and follow-up instructions provided by their medical provider, patients can expect excellent results from their hair transplant surgery with minimal downtime or discomfort. Thus, depending on these factors mentioned above, anywhere from 500-6000 hairs can be transplanted during one hair transplant procedure session. Each case must be evaluated and discussed individually for “how many hairs can be transplanted in one surgery?” as no two scenarios are exactly alike.