Best FUT Hair Transplant Results

The FUT method of hair transplantation is more common than the FUE method. So, it’s no surprise that people want to get the best FUT hair transplant results. It is used to thicken hair that has been thinned out by hair loss or thinning. The two strategies are very different because they use different ways to help with FUT. Even so, both self-relocation methods are shown to be a crazy solution for results.

The FUT method is also called the “strip” method. It’s because just like the FUE autotransplant, a piece of scalp is taken from the top of the neck . After then cut into sections with the help of a magnifying glass. Each section contains a single follicular unit.

The last one is stored in a way that is similar to how the body works so that the follicles can grow new hair after the transfer. With this method, small cuts are made with a small surgical blade on the scalp of a person who has lost their hair. This allows the individual follicular units to be implanted. The end result is careful, and there are no visible scars. The results depend on the thickness of the follicular units or the size of the area that was moved. However, after three months, you should be able to see the main effects of the transfer when new hair grows in the treated area.

Another problem is the small scars that show what kind of medical procedure was done. The permeability of these scars can be hidden by tricopigmentation meetings done in the months after the transfer. So, master trichologists recommend that you first get a hair test to figure out how bad your hair loss is. So, they suggest you what other options there might be for transplantation.

How To Get The Best FUT Hair Transplant Results?

Before the FUT Hair Transplantation method is used, the hairy area to be used as a donor and the state of the good hair around it are checked. After choosing the donor area based on the area to be moved and the total number of grafts to be moved, the part is put to sleep and a standard 15 cm by 2 cm cut is made in the donor area. After the area is dead, the scalp strips are taken from the area and made into small ribbons. Where there are good hair follicles and grafts to be used in the area to be moved, the roots of these strips are split into two or three grafts. The system is done when the grafts. These are each about 1 mm wide on average, are made less sensitive. Also, the hair growth course opens the channels.

At this point, the area where the hair strips will be taken is sewn together and held in place with a dressing. The lines in the sewn area, on the other hand, can go back to how they were without leaving a scar. It’s because they are in an area with good hair follicles. We can say that the scar left after the healing cycle of the lines taken after the strips taken from the donor doesn’t cause a style problem that upsets the person if the hair isn’t cut too short.

There are things like getting a permanent scar in the scruff area, being upset by the feeling of being dead in the cut area, even if it only lasts for a short time, and feeling pain after the activity.

When Will You Get The Best FUT Hair Transplant Results?

A long scar is made by taking a piece of lace from the neck that is between 1 and 2 cm long and 10 to 20 cm long and stitching it to the wound. After FUT Hair Transplantation, this scar can grow and get bigger if the skin is stressed or if the person doesn’t take care of the skin. Even if we think that this scar won’t cause a lot of problems, this leave has some immediate effects on the patients’ day-to-day lives. It doesn’t look like the hair can be cut shorter than 2–5 cm in the first few months after transplantation.

If you had a transplant, you may have scars that make it hard to go to the salon or the pool/ocean. Even if the patient doesn’t want to talk about Hair Transplantation, this situation could make the patient’s life even more difficult. For some patients, this situation is a sign of a mental problem, which makes them less fearless.

FUT Hair Transplant Aftercare

Considering that a similar fearlessness problem is known to be linked to hair loss. So, this could make things awkward for patients. The comic strip was given to them as a sign of respect. After the FUT Hair Transplantation method, patients often use scar treatment methods. Because of the size of the scar, the strain it puts on the neck. As a result, the weight it adds to the person.

However, these methods cost the patients more money. Long hair in the neck area can be used to walk around the area after the activity. Every patient should talk to the doctor who will do the procedure about the problem. So they should decide on the best Hair Transplant method for him after taking into account all other important factors. You should be careful for the first week after hair loss surgery. You can still shampoo and brush your hair as usual.

After ten days, you can keep taking care of your hair because the grafts are now firmly in place. You can also now get a hairstyle. A month after the hair move, you can color your hair. You could also say that it doesn’t change the natural shape of the hair. You shouldn’t drink alcohol for three days after your FUT hair transplant results. Also, you shouldn’t smoke for about 14 days. Also, you should wear a hat when the sun is out. After 14 days, you can use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

Black Man Hair Transplant: Results that Will Surprise You


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To ensure this for black hair transplantation, surgeons at the clinic have spent years working with clients and understanding how hair grows to get the most realistic looking hair. So, if you want the best results possible for your case, you should get in touch with a clinic in Turkey. Men’s hair transplant services are offered at amazing prices with a detailed consultation so you know what to expect. You will see black man hair transplant results in a few months’ time once the hair starts to grow. No one will be able to tell that you ever experienced balding.