Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant is a topic that many people wonder about. Especially with the thick eyebrow fashion that has become widespread in recent years, people want to have thicker eyebrows with the existing hair transplantation techniques. However, hair transplant operation is a more common operation than eyebrow transplant operation. This is why people wonder if eyebrow hair transplant is possible. We will tell you about it in this article. We will tell you that eyebrow transplant operations are possible, and how eyebrow hair transplant operations are performed. In this way, you will be able to take action for the eyebrow hair transplant operation with a very different perspective. Hair transplant operations are operations that have become very popular in recent years.

The reason for this is that people are more easily aware of the success of these operations thanks to technology. Although not as common as hair transplantation, eyebrow hair transplant operations are also quite common operations. We have been performing eyebrow transplant operations together with hair transplant surgery in our clinic for years. For this reason, we believe that we will give you an expert perspective on this subject. If you are ready, let’s start our article. And let us inform you about eyebrow transplant operations. But in this article, we will not only talk about eyebrow transplant operations.

We will also talk about hair transplant operations. As you talk about hair transplant operations, you will have better information about eyebrow transplant operation. Do not forget that both the hair transplant operation and the eyebrow transplant operation are completely reliable operations. There is no one who does not benefit from these operations. But after these operations, there are some things you need to comply with. If you do not comply with these, there is a possibility that we will not be able to get efficiency from the eyebrow transplant operation. In this article, we will talk about the things you should pay attention to after the eyebrow transplant operation.

Our Experience in Transplantation

It is quite common for people to lose their hair. Especially men may lose their hair after a while due to genetic hair loss. In fact, we can say that 6 out of every 100 men lose their hair due to genetic hair loss. But this situation is not unsolvable. Developing technology also offers a solution to male pattern hair loss. We have been bringing our clients together with this solution in our clinic for years. And in this way, all our patients leave our clinic happy. Testosterone contains a substance called DHT. This substance called DHT causes hair loss in some people after a year. But this situation is no longer unsolvable.

The hair transplant operations we perform in our clinic ensure that our clients, who have been suffering from baldness for years, are happy. Together with our expert staff, we ensure that people have healthy hair again. This is also very important to us. Thanks to our patients who leave our clinic happily, we do our job with much more pleasure.

Every year, thousands of patients from abroad visit our clinic to have hair transplant and eyebrow transplant operations. We do hair transplant operations more often. Because eyebrow hair transplant operations are not as demanding as hair transplant operations. Because 6 out of 10 men lose their hair, not every person needs an eyebrow hair transplant operation. For this reason, the number of clinics that perform eyebrow hair transplant operation is very few. Let us give you important information about eyebrow transplant operations.

Is Eyebrow Hair Transplant Similar to Hair Transplant Operation?

Many people wonder about the relevance of hair transplant operations and eyebrow hair transplant operations. Because they wonder whether these two operations take place with the same logic. Let us answer your curiosity. This operations and hair transplant operations are almost the same. Not even nearly, the logic of these 2 operations is the same. In fact, in many eyebrow hair transplant operations, we use hair follicles, not eyebrow roots. In this way, the eyebrows of the person reach the desired shape much more easily. Some people do not have eyebrows at all due to some accidents.

This makes it obligatory to use hair follicles in operations. We make the best use of hair follicles while performing these operations. And we get a very natural look on the eyebrows. Normally, hair transplant operations take an average of 3 hours. However, this process is much shorter in eyebrow transplant operations. The average number of grafts we need in a hair transplant operation is 3 thousand. However, in an eyebrow transplant operation, the average number of grafts we need is 400. So, 200 grafts for each eyebrow are quite enough.

Of course, it can increase or decrease according to the eyebrow thickness that the person wants. We completely consider the wishes of our patients while performing this operation. And for this reason, a different result emerges in each operation. Although the results we achieve in the operations are different, the happiness our patients feel when they leave our clinic never changes. Because with our expert staff, we consider the wishes of our patients in everything we do. In fact, in every operation we perform, the priority is the wishes and desires of our patients. In this way, our clients always leave our clinic happy.

Healing Process After Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The recovery process of eyebrow transplant operation is a subject that many people wonder about. Because even if people want to have these operations, they can be hesitant to have them done. Some people think that they cannot adapt to long recovery processes because they have a very busy working life. However, there is no need for rest after hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation operations. You only need to be sensitive to the operation area.

This is another factor that makes this operation attractive to people. Let’s talk about pain during and after the operation. You will not feel pain after this operation. You will not feel any pain during the operation. Because we perform this operation with local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is quite sufficient for these operations. The eyebrow area, which is already a very small area, will not cause any difficulty in terms of pain and ache in our daily life.

Can You Get Hair Transplantation for Female?


Yes, indeed you can get hair transplantation for female. It is a minimally invasive procedure that restores the natural look and feel of the hair. This hair transplant procedure is typically recommended for those women with advanced baldness, thinning of the hair, or general hair loss due to age or genetics. However, it is important to note that a successful outcome will depend on factors such as the patient’s overall health and medical history as well as the expertise of the provider performing the surgery.

While the basic principles are the same as grafting healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another, there may be differences in the number of grafts needed for a female patient, as well as the specific techniques used in order to achieve natural-looking results. A qualified hair transplant specialist should be consulted before embarking on any type of medical treatment including hair transplantation for female. Furthermore, you may also want to discuss other available treatment options with your doctor to ensure you make an informed decision. Overall, while there are certainly some differences between male and female hair transplantation procedures, both can provide excellent aesthetic outcomes with proper care and attention paid during treatment.