What Is Lasik Eye Surgery? Lasik eye surgery is one of the most commonly used methods in the treatment of focus defects. This method is suitable for patients who are over the age of 18 and have not changed their glasses numbers in the last 1 year. For Lasik treatment to be applied, refraction defects and eye structure in the eye must be suitable for this method. For this reason, a detailed eye examination is performed on all patients before Lasik treatment. In Lasik application, the operation is decided according to the suitability of the patient. For this reason, the patient must first make an appointment with the doctor and be examined. After the appointment with the doctor, questions such as what is lasik eye surgery, how long and how long the operation will be completed can be answered.

The cornea layer is also examined in detail during the doctor’s examinations. With today’s technology, myopia up to 12 degrees, hypermetropia up to 6 degrees, and astigmatism can be treated with the Lasik method. Lasik is the most commonly used laser treatment method for treating eye defects with refractive errors. This method is abbreviated as “Lasik”. Lasik eye surgery is widely used all over the world. This application has been used seriously for more than 10 years and provides recovery of patients.

How Lasik Eye Surgery is Applied?

How Much Does Lasik Cost?

Before having a Lasik eye surgery, the doctor performs some examinations. As a result of these examinations, it is determined whether the patient is appropriate to undergo eye Lasik surgery. The patient, who is approved by the doctor, must apply some conditions before the operation. Before entering the operation, the doctor informs the patient what is required. Soft lens use should be discontinued 1 week ago. Glasses can be used in this period. If hard lenses or gas permeable semi-soft lenses are used, these lenses should be removed 3 weeks before the operation. On the day of the operation, perfume, deodorant, the cream should not be used, make-up, not hungry, and should come with a companion.

The patient will be given sedatives about 30 minutes before the operation. This eliminates the excitement of surgery and increases compliance. When the operation is started, the patient is first seated on the laser table. Then the eye is numbed with drops. Before the patient reaches out on the laser table, the eyelids are wiped with an antiseptic solution.

Starting Procedure

Before starting the procedure, a special wire is attached to separate the eyelids. In this way, the patient cannot close their own eye even if wants. Then, the cornea layer is shaved with the help of a laser, and correction is provided. Your doctor will want the eye not to be separated from the microscopic bright light during the lasik eye surgery. Since the laser locks on the eye during the treatment, the laser follows the eye even if the patient moves his / her eye. Treatment time is 4-5 minutes for each eye. However, since 2 different devices are used in the Femtolasik technique, this period is a little longer. After the procedure is completed, protective glasses are worn and the patient is sent home. The glasses should not be removed until the next morning for control.

What is the Recovery Process After Lasik Eye Surgery?

How Does Lasik Work?

Antibiotic drops are used for the eyes after surgery. Protective glasses are worn to prevent dust or foreign matter from escaping on the return route. These glasses are removed by the doctor during the examination the next morning. It is completely normal to see it blurry. For a few hours; there may be burning, stinging, and watering in the eyes. Pain is rare but will be relieved by a simple pain reliever if it occurs. Eyes should not be rubbed with hands or scratching. Bathing and face washing should not be done on the evening of the lasik eye surgery. It is inconvenient to watch television, read books, and pay close attention to the phone. Antibiotic drops should be used as directed by the doctor. The next day of treatment, patients return to their normal life as a brief check-up in our clinic, but this control is extremely important.

It is recommended not to make eye makeup for 1 week after the lasik eye surgery. Swimming pool, sea, sauna, Turkish bath, and solarium are prohibited for 1 month. Eyes should not be scratched or rubbed for 1 month. Team sports such as basketball, football, tennis, boxing should be avoided for 1 month. However, walking, jogging, exercise with equipment can be done 1 day later.

In Which Cases Is Lasik Eye Surgery Not Performed?

In some cases detected during the examination, these problems are treated first. Lasik operation is then planned. Eye pressure is one of the most frequent diseases before Lasik eye surgery. Intraocular pressure is regulated by treatment after preliminary examinations of patients with high intraocular pressure. Laser treatment is performed after eye pressure is controlled.

However, those patients with thin corneas cannot undergo Lasik eye surgery. Also, eye symptoms of diabetes, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with rheumatic diseases, and collagen tissue diseases cannot have eye Lasik surgery.

Patients who want to have Lasik eye surgery should also have their eye numbers not changed in the last 1 year. For this reason, the doctor will give clear information about whether it is appropriate to check. If you want to stop using glasses or lenses, you can come to our clinic and have your tests done. Besides, you can learn from the experts in our clinic what is Lasik eye surgery, how much Lasik eye surgery costs, how long it takes to heal.


Lasik eye surgery is a special treatment that helps people see better without wearing glasses or contact lenses. It’s like a magical spell that makes our eyesight clearer and brighter! Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. That’s a big word, but we can break it down and make it easy to understand.

How Does Lasik Eye Surgery Work?

During Lasik eye surgery, a special doctor uses a magical laser to make our eyes better. They focus the laser on the front part of our eyes, called the cornea. The cornea is like a clear window at the front of our eyes that helps us see clearly. Sometimes, the cornea is not perfectly shaped, and it can make things look blurry. Lasik surgery helps reshape the cornea, so everything becomes nice and clear!

Recovering After Lasik Eye Surgery

After Lasik eye surgery, our eyes might feel a little scratchy or watery for a little while. But don’t worry, it’s normal! The doctor gives us special drops and tells us how to take care of our eyes while they heal. Before we know it, we’ll be seeing the world with clear eyes!


Question of “What is lasik eye surgery?” Lasik eye surgery is a special treatment that makes our eyes see better without glasses. It’s like a magical spell that uses a special laser to reshape the cornea. The surgery is painless and has helped many people enjoy clear vision. If we ever need Lasik eye surgery, we can visit a special eye doctor who will guide us through the process. Let’s remember that Lasik is like a magic spell for our eyes, making everything bright and clear!