What is Balloon Application?

One of the questions asked by our patients who experience weight loss is does blue cross blue shield cover weight loss surgery? We will give you the answer in this article. Today, balloon placement has become quite common in our patients with weight problems. When we encounter a problem such as obesity, we see a state of dissatisfaction in our patients. We can apply many treatment methods to our overweight patients. Which of these methods will be used will be decided by the joint decision of our specialist doctors. Obesity makes people overweight. If we give a brief definition of obesity, it occurs as a result of the accumulation of fat in the body of the person. With this fat accumulation, people will continue to be lubricated by remaining motionless. This slows down the daily life of our patients incredibly.

 Our patients who are faced with the problem of obesity bring many diseases with them. In order to prevent these, we see gastrointestinal balloon surgery as a solution. Meanwhile, does blue cross blue shield cover weight loss surgery? they demand it from us. Obesity is making our patients’ days worse. It also creates an incredible lack of self-confidence in our patients. To prevent this situation, you should act quickly and support them with a good diet list and exercises to get rid of obesity. We place a balloon containing water and air in the stomachs of our patients who have gastric balloon surgery. This balloon gives signals of satiety by pressing on the stomach. In this way, our patient will start to lose weight spontaneously without feeling hungry.

Who is Treated To Lose Weight?

Our patients who will have a balloon fitted should first be examined by our specialist doctors. Then they have this question in mind, does blue cross blue shield cover weight loss surgery? We must find an answer. Many patients come to us this way. We make the necessary analysis and decide whether it is suitable for the procedure. Before performing this surgery, we observe how much weight our patients lose with their own efforts by dieting and exercising.

If it gives the expectation we expect, we can easily apply this process to them. Especially these days, apart from sleeve gastrectomy, gastrointestinal balloon has become more common. If you are ready for these surgical methods, we are waiting for you. We want to reach a joint decision with our specialist doctors and prepare you for this process. Apart from this, the patient does not need to be prepared for the operation process.

You just need to come on an empty stomach. Our patient is put to sleep for about 15 minutes. Whichever method they choose, you will not feel any pain or pain while the sleep process takes place. First of all, while the gastric balloon is placed in the stomach, we can observe the inner region thanks to the camera method. In this way, we can easily observe what is going on inside. During this process, the camera is observed by lowering it from the esophagus into the intestine. The inflation process takes place after it settles in the stomach. The reason why there is blue dye in the balloon is that we do it this way so that we can understand it when it bursts one day and throw it out of the urinary tract. This process only takes about 40 minutes

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover eight Loss Surgery?

Our patients who come to us constantly does blue cross blue shield cover weight loss surgery? We hear this question, so we wanted to learn the origin of this event for you and we will share it in this article. It is known as the old taxpayer group in America. It consists of 2 different organizations. The first association was called the blue cross and the other association was called the blue shield association. Actually, they are two different lanes, but they have been united in one date. Does blue cross blue shield cover weight loss surgery? If we come to the truth of this question, if there is a medical situation during weight loss, they encounter it, other than that, they do not meet in an arbitrary situation.

It has quality health services in the most important way. Americans generally cannot afford this health sector, so there is such an organization. Thanks to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield, a quality health insurance has emerged. I can briefly say to our patients that does blue cross blue shield cover weight loss surgery? You can leave this question completely aside now because it does not cover an arbitrary surgery as insurance. You can only benefit from this health insurance if there is a medical condition that increases your life risk.

Complaints From Weight Loss Surgeries

Most of our patients have weight loss surgeries with different demands to lose weight. There are definitely complaints that may occur after this. In order to prevent this, we entered a research process in general and we did the research for you. These complaints vary from patient to patient. Some of our patients can get through this process without any discomfort. However, when we examine in general, the problems that are observed routinely are pain and cramps. Among the rare complaints, they also come with complaints such as feeling contractions in the stomach. It varies from person to person, and their body can throw this bubble back, meaning the body rejects it.

When faced with this rejection situation, we offer additional treatment methods to our patients. If we encounter this situation and it does not respond to treatment methods, we remove the balloon. We do not do this procedure only in balloon surgery. We are here to perform the gleen procedure for our patients who have problems after other aesthetic operations. But in this process, you should not forget that there are events that you really need to pay attention to. You will first notice that it cannot be a problem arising from you.