How Does Labiaplasty Work? Labiaplasty surgery is the process of cutting and removing the excess skin on the inner lips of the vulva. This surgery can be performed using many different techniques.

It is mostly performed for cosmetic purposes. A lot of woman prefers to undergo this surgery. It is a non-damaging and non-compelling surgery. As technology develops in the field of medicine, doctors have made new studies and developed many different labiaplasty techniques. All of these techniques are applied to patients in different ways.

Having Labiplasty Surgery

Women whose inner lips that are in their vulva disturb themselves want to have labiaplasty surgery. Disliking the appearance of the vulva is the common reason why many women want to undergo labiaplasty surgery. However, labiaplasty surgery is not performed only for cosmetic purposes such as appearance. People who have urethral problems due to the size of their inner lips are also candidates for this surgery. These people may have difficulty in urinating. Or the big labia minora (inner lips) may cause an infection because it keeps urine and body fluids on the surface of the vulva.

Giving birth also causes the labia minora to expand. Labiaplasty surgery is performed to fix this problem. This is one of the situations where labiaplasty surgery is considered and performed as a medical procedure. Since the inner lips that enlarged with the birth of the child cannot return to their previous condition, women who are uncomfortable with the situation, opt for labiaplasty surgery to get back the old appearance of the vulva.

Labiaplasty surgery is usually applied to the labia minora, but there are some types of labiaplasty surgery that can also be applied to the labia majora. Reshaping the shape of the labia majora or cutting the excess skin is a procedure usually performed on middle-aged women.

We will explain below how does labiaplasty works and how labiaplasty surgery is performed with these techniques.

Types of Labiaplasty

Trim Labiaplasty

The most used one of the labiaplasty types is the trim labiaplasty technique. The inner lips are cut with scissors, so that their size is reduced and then sewn. The parts that are removed are usually the outer parts of the inner lips. Cutting out these dark outer parts gives the inner lips a more beautiful appearance. This is why the trim labiaplasty technique is one of the most used labiaplasty techniques. It is one of the least risky techniques. With the trim labiaplasty technique, asymmetries are fixed fast and more easily.

Laser Labiaplasty

The difference between this technique and trim labiaplasty technique is that laser is used to cut the excess skin in this surgery, not scissors. Excess tissue is burned and cut via using a laser. Cutting the tissue by using the laser can cause damage to the nerve endings around the operated area. This surgery, like others, can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Wedge Labiaplasty

In the wedge labiaplasty technique, the tissue which has a shape of a triangle and which is between the inner lips is removed. Then the lips are sewn. It is generally applied to patients whose inner lips are too big. It is applied under general or local anesthesia. Like other types of labiaplasty surgery, this surgery takes an hour. It is a technique that is not preferred by doctors and patients. The application of the wedge labiaplasty technique is faster than other techniques. It leaves a small scar. The condition that wounds being very sensitive after surgery is so rare in this technique, when compared to others.

What Is Involved In Labiaplasty?

RF Labiaplasty

How Does Labiaplasty Work? RF labiaplasty technique, also known as radiofrequency labiaplasty, is actually not much different from trim and laser labiaplasty. The difference of RF labiaplasty is that the excess tissue is cut using radiofrequency. The results are better and more successful than the laser labiaplasty technique. The tissues cut by giving radiofrequency to the area and are separated from the inner lips. And then doctors arrange the position of the inner lips. Finally, wounds are stitched.

Why Is It Important To Choose An Experienced Surgeon For Labiaplasty Surgery?

No matter how much research you do about the labiaplasty surgery, the person who will decide on the technique suitable for you is the plastic surgeon. By saying this, our aim is not to imply that you should never search about the surgery. We say that the person who will decide the technique is someone who has medical knowledge and an expert in this field. The surgeon examines your body and the area to be operated on and decides which technique is the best one. Of course, he must have a sufficient amount of knowledge about different labiaplasty surgery techniques in order to make a decision.

What Is Labiaplasty Surgery?

Select To Surgery Method

Surgeon selection is a major factor that plays a huge role in this medical procedure. Choosing a surgeon who will not use the right technique can have bad consequences. It can disturb you and it can cause damage to your relationships. Many people may want a doctor in their area to perform this surgery in order not to go too far from where they live. But that doesn’t mean the surgeon in your city is the best.

If necessary, take a 10-hour trip and have the most experienced doctor perform labiaplasty surgery on you. Health is not something that cannot be seen as a piece of cake or something to be taken lightly. An inexperienced and uninformed doctor performing the labiaplasty surgery means that you may constantly deal with genital problems for the rest of your life. Or you may not be able to have pleasure from any of your sexual intercourses.

These are all a candidate should know about the types of labiaplasty surgery, and how it works, in the first place. Of course, a labiaplasty surgery candidate should consult a plastic surgeon to get more information about the labiaplasty surgery. Some features of the labiaplasty surgery and method of application may change from person to person, as everyone’s body and systems work differently from each other. How Does Labiaplasty Work?


Labiaplasty is a special surgery that can change the size or shape of a girl’s inner lips, called the labia minora, in her private parts. It’s all about helping people feel better and more comfortable with their bodies.

How Does Labiaplasty Work?

When someone wants to have labiaplasty, they go to a special doctor who knows all about it. The doctor will make sure the person is asleep during the surgery, so they won’t feel any pain. Then, using special tools, the doctor carefully changes the size or shape of the inner lips to make them look the way the person wants.

The Surgery Process:

During the labiaplasty surgery, the doctor takes their time to make sure everything goes well. They want to make the person feel better and happy. The surgery might take a little while, but the doctor makes sure the person is safe and comfortable the whole time.

Getting Better:

After the surgery, the person might feel some discomfort and see some swelling in the private area. But don’t worry, it’s just part of the healing process! The doctor will give them special medicine to help with any pain. It’s important to rest and follow the doctor’s instructions to get better and heal properly.

In Conclusion, Labiaplasty is a special surgery that helps people feel more comfortable with their bodies. During the surgery, a special doctor carefully changes the size or shape of the inner lips to make them look the way the person wants.So, After the surgery, it’s important to rest and follow the doctor’s instructions to get better. Everyone’s body is unique, and what matters most is feeling comfortable and happy inside.