Weight Loss Surgery Treatment Procedure

Recently, individuals have been inquiring, ” Alabama Weight Loss Surgery”. One of the conditions for healthy weight loss is to lose weight slowly. The pronunciation of numbers here is not quite correct. Because this number will vary based on a person’s weight, body, age, and gender. But as a simple scale, we can say that it is normal for a person to lose 5% of their body weight in a month. That’s 70kg. For a person who weighs 3.5 kg per month. Losing weight is a healthy weight loss rate. If this number is exceeded, the body will go into alarm mode after a period of time. Because it assumes that it is facing famine and slows down its metabolism to protect itself. But if you ignore your body’s signals and continue to eat less than you need, it’s worth noting that other dangers await you.

Over time, your immune system inevitably collapses. While it’s great to see you lose weight, unfortunately, it’s your physical health that melts and disappears, not your fat. The continuation of such a “diet” for weeks or months would cause permanent damage to your body. Anyway, that’s not new information. Once again, nutritionists have known and spoken for decades, leaving their minds and logic behind. But surgeons who recommend stomach surgery to their overweight patients prefer to ignore the most basic rule of diet and nutrition. The consequences of their persistent desire to play three monkeys are deadly. No matter how advanced the weight reduction operations are, whether you place a cylinder in a person’s abdomen or part thereof, the fact that they are extremely dangerous does not change. Those who died after such an operation are heard in the media,

Alabama Weight Loss Surgery

This is only a fraction of the iceberg seen above the water. Because this operation can connect those who died shortly after the weight reduction operation. Only complications arising from the use of surgery are mentioned, which are shown as a risk of death. I mentioned the constant development of new technologies in bariatric surgery. If research is going on to find new ways of bariatric surgery in the medical community, and if money is being spent on those studies, it would be beneficial to be involved. Because the huge risks will continue to be hidden and the truth hidden until the medical industry pays for them. Of course, there are people who are willing to stick to whatever “miracle” solution is offered to them to lose weight without question, and can easily be tricked and abused. Yes, millions of dollars are spend around the world for these procedures.

There are many surgeons in the world who perform weight loss surgery as a simple operation like tonsillectomy and talk about how fat melts. The only thing that hasn’t be said is that weight loss surgery kills slowly, if not immediately. Closely monitor patients who have had gastric bypass surgery months or years after surgery and pay attention to possible long-term risks. Studies show that heart attack is the leading cause of death in patients undergoing weight loss surgery. One of the interesting findings of this study is the high risk of suicide in these patients. This study does not provide an explanation for the higher than normal incidence of suicide-related deaths in these patients. However, undernourishment over months or years and depriving the body of the vitamins and minerals it needs can have psychiatric consequences. 

Nutritional Deficiency And Weight Loss Surgeries

Regardless of the technique, patients who have undergone bariatric surgery have their stomachs shrunk so much that they need very little food to feel full. They have to chew food for a long time before even swallowing it so as not to vomit. Those who have undergo bariatric surgery are advise to start meals with protein. Because if you eat vegetables first, you won’t have room for protein in your stomach. In addition to eating only three small meals a day, it is impossible to digest red meat, the skins of some fruits, and many vegetables. In other words, while you are already devoid of nutrients and food is scarce. You may still need to remove many valuable foods from your life that are beneficial to your health. As you can see, this is not a healthy way to eat at all.

Nearly all patients who have undergo bariatric surgery experience hair loss. The best evidence that the body is not getting enough nutrients and signaling a red flag. One of the side effects of gastric bypass surgery is hypoglycemia that occurs after meals. Hypoglycemia is teach to be cause by dumping syndrome. When the small intestine fills with undigest food and is quickly expell from the stomach with symptoms such as confusion, palpitations, sweating, and headaches, this condition is often encounter in patients with: strangeness. Alabama Weight Loss Surgery. That look at more than 1700 patients who had undergo bariatric surgery and follow these patients for a year. The rate of death within one year after surgery was 4% for women age 36 and 6% for men. Risk increases with age. 

Can It Be Applied To Anyone With Weight Problems?

No, there are some standards. First of all, the patient must have tried non-surgical methods such as diet and exercise for a period of time, but must still be unable to lose weight. Patients must be between 28-70 years old and able to handle anesthesia. If the BMI is over 40 or between 65-80, other obesity-related conditions must be present. such as diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, patients should not have untreated mental illness and should not use drugs or alcohol. Patients who meet these criteria can undergo surgery. In gastric tube surgery, also known as a sleeve gastrectomy. The goal is to reduce the volume of the stomach, allowing the patient to feel full with very little food. In this procedure, a section of the stomach that stretches, expands and controls appetite is surgically remove. Leaving a tubular stomach about the size of a banana.