Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey

Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey Hair loss is a negative event that can happen to any individual. This situation especially bothers young people. Although hair loss is a common problem;

the hair structure and shape of every person with hair loss is not the same. Afro hair type is also common among people of African and Caribbean ethnicity. Afro hair type is curly or wavy. It grows more slowly than other hair types. Hair strands of individuals with Afro hair type are below average. There are an average of 80 thousand hairs in Caucasian hair type, 140 thousand hair in Asian hair type and 50 thousand hair in afro hair type.

Causes Of Hair Loss İn Afro Hair Type

In individuals with this type of hair, there are reasons seen in every individual, as well as permanent hair loss due to the chemicals they use in hair styling processes. These people style their hair using chemical hair straighteners or tight braids to keep their curly hair looking straight. Lack of professional care for these applications or long-term use leads to permanent hair loss. Although the curly structure of the hair camouflages these hair losses in the beginning, it reduces the chance of treatment in the future. When these losses are noticed in the early period, there are some medical treatments. however, the main precaution is to treat the hair less and apply the correct care. If hair loss could not be stopped despite the precautions taken and a balding appearance occurred, the only solution is hair transplantation.

Since afro hair type is different from other hair, there are some difficulties during hair transplantation.

Difficulties With Afro Hair Transplantation

-When taking hair follicles from the donor area, it may damage the hair follicle adjacent to it because the hair is curved.

-It is difficult to obtain the root taken from the hair structure without damaging the basic structure.

-In Afro hair, it is difficult to adjust the right angle since the curl of the hair starts from the root during transplantation.

-The structure of the scalp of individuals with Afro hair type also varies. This situation requires more pressure to be applied during hair transplantation.

-Due to the late growth of afro hair type, it is necessary to wait longer for the result.

Afro Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey is cheaper compared to other European countries.  So Turkey clinics are in great demand. This allows clinics to gain more experience. Hair transplantation of the Afro hair type requires real expertise and experience. Turkey is the correct address of the afro hair transplantation process.

Due to its afro hair structure, unshaven hair transplantation is not possible. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant method is used to meet the different needs of individuals with afro hair style in Turkey. Follicle is the name given to one or more hair follicles, the keratinized tissue that is the visible part of the hair and the sheaths surrounding them. Each of these follicular structures to be transferred at the same time is called “graft”.

Follicular Unit Extraction:

In this method, the hair is shortened before the hair follicles are taken.

– The balding area to be transplanted is numbed with local anesthesia.

– The hair follicles taken from the donor area in sufficient number are kept in the solution and transplanted in sessions.

– When using this method, attention should be paid to individuals with afro hair type. Since the hair root is curved, it is difficult to remove and insert the root into the device.

– While transplanting, the hair follicles are placed taking into account the natural hair growth angle and direction, and in this way, the desired natural hair is obtained.

– It is possible to choose between 3000 grafts and 4000 grafts in a single session, and the number of hairlessness varies according to the direction and the donor area.

-3-4 days is enough to rest after planting.

Another form of hair transplant used in afro hair style in Turkey FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is hair transplantation techniques.

Fut (Follicular Unit Transplant):

When using this technique;

-Before the process begins, the hair becomes shorter.

– The area where the donor will be taken is anesthetized with local anesthesia.

-A rectangular piece of hair follicle is cut from the donor area.

– In the rectangular tissue taken, the grafts are selected and removed by the expert team.

– The grafts obtained are grouped according to the number of double and triple hair follicles.

– Grouped grafts are kept in special liquids until the transplantation process.

– The donor area is combined and stitched. Even if aesthetic stitches are made, a scar remains in this area. People who will use short hair in this area should not prefer this method.

– Depending on the size of the removed tissue, an average of 3000-4000 grafts are obtained.

– Sowing is done after the small holes are opened.

Which Method İs More Suitable For The Turkey Afro Hair Transplantation?

-In the Follicular Unit Extraction method, it is more difficult to remove grafts than other scalps. Since it is necessary to apply extra pressure, clinics with expert teams offer you FUE management in order not to harm the individual.

– The benefit of this method is that it provides a natural appearance while leaving a small amount of scars.

– Follicular unit transplant (FUT) is widely preferred for the removal of Afro hair puffiness under and above the skin.

Things To Do Before Hair Transplantation;

-Since smoking slows the healing process, it should be used at a minimum level before 1 week.

-Alcohol should be stopped 1 week before.

– One week before the hair transplant, you should stop consuming green tea.

– Hair care products should be cut 1 month in advance.

-If you use any medication, consult your doctor before making a hair transplant decision.

– If you have medications related to your chronic heart disease, you should inform the physician who will perform the hair transplant procedure.

Celebrating Unique Hair

Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of afro hair. They understand that afro hair has its own special qualities, like being curly and full of volume. Moreover, It’s like having a crown of beautiful, bouncy curls!

Skilled Experts

Firstly, In Turkey, there are skilled experts who know all about afro hair.and how to perform hair transplants for afro hair. They have special skills and knowledge to handle the unique needs of afro hair. Above all, It’s like having hair magicians who can bring back the magic of afro hair.

During an afro hair transplant, the experts take special care to transplant hair in a way that matches the natural pattern and texture of afro hair. It’s like putting together puzzle pieces to create a beautiful picture. The result is a head full of stunning afro hair that makes you stand out!

Growing Beautiful Hair

After the transplant, the transplanted hair starts to grow, just like magic! It grows into gorgeous afro curls, making the person’s hair look even more amazing. It’s like watching a flower bloom and reveal its true beauty.

In Conclusion,Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey is a magical journey that brings back beautiful afro hair. Skilled experts, careful transplantation, growing beautiful hair, and feeling confident make it an incredible experience. After that, If you or someone you know has afro hair and is considering a hair transplant, think about Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey. It’s like a special gift that brings back the magic of afro hair and makes you feel amazing.