How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost In The Philippines?

How much does bariatric surgery cost in the Philippines is one of the most common questions faced. Bariatric surgery is applied to people who have obesity problems. And because obesity is excessive fat accumulation, it can lead to serious health problems. It also causes lifelong diseases. And it can be life threatening. Therefore, it should be considered. Obesity surgery is a method for those who cannot lose weight despite their weight loss attempts. And if you’re fit for that, “How much does bariatric surgery cost in the Philippines?” It’s normal to wonder.

You can contact the necessary clinics to have information on this subject. Or “How much does bariatric surgery cost in the Philippines?” You can research on the internet. But such surgeries are personal. And individually planned. For this reason, more special prices come out. It would be more accurate to talk to your doctor directly and get a price that suits you. In addition, the money given during bariatric surgery is insufficient. Additional costs such as the cost of post-operative care, the cost of desired foods, and tightening procedures are also incurred. Generally, there is no charge for post-operative care and life coach.

Surgical Slimming With Gastric Balloon Method

People who are faced with the problem of obesity try to find different methods. Because such people are those who have not been able to lose weight with their own diets and exercises. Bariatric surgery is also a saving method for them. One of the simplest ways to aid weight loss is with a gastric balloon. An endoscope is used during this method. A balloon filled with liquid or air is placed in the stomach. This process takes approximately twenty minutes. In addition, another advantage of this method is that it reduces the volume of the stomach. In this way, the feeling of fullness occurs faster. After the procedure is completed, patients experience loss of appetite. Thanks to this method, it is possible to lose almost seven or eight kilograms in a month.

The balloon can remain in the body for 6 months to 1 year. If it stays longer, complications of bariatric surgery may begin. Side effects occur and can harm you. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the elapsed time. It is then removed by endoscopic methods. So the method is not a permanent method. Therefore, it is not always preferred. However, some people prefer this method because it is not permanent. It is not a very challenging process. It does not pose a life-threatening hazard. And for this reason, it is preferred more often by people. But when a certain time passes and the balloon comes out, the job falls to you. You must continue to exercise and diet. Generally, this method is applied to people who are at risk of undergoing surgery.

How Should I Eat After The Operation?

Bariatric surgeries are delicate surgeries. And then you have to pay attention to everything you eat. Because it takes time for your stomach to get used to its new state. And gradually you start to eat normally. We will share with you how this process is progressing. After surgery, we recommend that you first follow a clear liquid diet. You should consume more nutritional supplements. Your doctor can determine the duration of this diet according to the surgical situation. Daily water is divided into meals. You should drink it in small sips. You should not consume drinks containing caffeine, carbonate, sugar. And you need to consume water, diluted freshly squeezed juices, light tea, protein drinks. You should not consume carbonated, caffeine, sugar-containing beverages. Then the full liquid diet begins. You can also consume thicker liquids. You should consume beverages such as vegetable juice, strained soup, sugar-free pudding, protein liquids.

As a next step, you can start consuming pureed products. You have to puree solid foods. The food portion starts very small. Portion increases under dietitian control. You need to chew food well. And you should avoid consuming liquid and solid foods at the same time. You can then start eating solid foods. You should consult a dietitian when choosing well-cooked meat and products with high protein content. These products are generally beneficial.

However, it is still important to obtain the approval of a dietitian. Liquids and solids are not consumed together in this part. Vegetable, fruit and protein intake is very important. You should create a diet list that fits your life. Otherwise, if your diet breaks down, you can gain weight again. You should significantly reduce the amount of caffeine. You should stay away from sugar, cream soup, fried products. Or it is preferred to prepare for obesity surgery.

Curious About Bariatric Surgery In The Philippines

There are many questions about bariatric surgery in the Philippines. Chief among these is the question of how much does bariatric surgery costs in the Philippines. The reason for this is that prices inevitably affect people’s preferences. But you ask, “How much does bariatric surgery cost in the Philippines?” You cannot reach this conclusion by doing research. Or the results you find do not reflect the truth. Because this process is personal. And ask your doctor, “How much does bariatric surgery cost in the Philippines?” you must ask. Only in this way will you understand how important the procedure will be for you.

Another question asked is whether women can get pregnant after bariatric surgery. There are various misconceptions that have been put forward regarding this. But the truth is that bariatric surgery does not affect fertility. On the contrary, it even contributes. Because giving birth to a child while obese is much more risky. And it carries various risks for both pregnancy and childbirth. However, these problems disappear after bariatric surgery. Even a cesarean delivery is usually not necessary. Moreover, in some sources it is even said to contribute to fertility. Being overweight brings with it many diseases. As your weight drops, you will be able to give birth to children in a healthier way.

How Much Does a Gastric Balloon Cost? Think Before Deciding


If you are considering getting a gastric balloon, “how much does a gastric balloon cost?” should be a factor in your decision-making process. However, while it is important to consider cost, it is also crucial to weigh up all of the benefits and risks of such a procedure. Consulting with your weight loss surgery doctor or medical professional can help you to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right option for you. Additionally, researching potential side effects or complications that could arise from the procedure can help you to make sure that you fully understand what is involved before making a final decision.

Ultimately, taking the time to properly assess your options can help ensure that whatever decision you make about a gastric balloon will be an informed one. It is important to remember that “how much does a gastric balloon cost?” is not everything when it comes to making decisions regarding medical procedures like getting a gastric balloon, there are many other variables and factors at play. Additionally, you can check with your insurance company since some plans may cover the costs associated with this procedure.