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Tummy tuck weight loss method is one of the most popular methods of the last period. The reason why these procedures are so popular is the problem of obesity today. Our patients have apply to many diet and exercise methods while fighting this weight. But exercise and diet program is not enough for this much weight. With the development of medicine, many methods are also developing. First, let’s explain to you what obesity is. Obesity is patients with a body mass index of 35%-40%. In other words, it is use for overweight people whose weight ratio outweighs the height and weight ratio. This state of obesity affects both the health and psychological state of the person. Especially in our patients, there is a serious loss of self-confidence. With the loss of self-confidence, people become depress and tend to eat more. This is a situation that affects obesity more.

With the prevalence of obesity, patients have entered into a rigorous research on how to overcome this situation. Tummy tuck weight loss method is among these methods. Thanks to this procedure, our patients not only have a healthy body, but also relax psychologically and regain their former self-confidence. If you want to have information about these processes, you can make an appointment with our expert team.

In this way, you will both have information about the procedures and learn whether your body is suitable for this procedure. For this process, our expert team first listens to your life story and checks the suitability of this process for you. If you are deemed suitable for the transaction and you accept the transaction, the preparation process begins. In order for these procedures to be successful, it is important that the patient stays faithful to the process and arrives on time for his appointments

What Is Tummy Tuck Weight Loss?

Abdominoplasty is perform to remove the sagging of the anterior abdominal wall of the patient. In this way, patients have smoother and more aesthetic anterior abdominal walls. It is known that this process is actually perform by the public only to collect the sagging skin after the weight loss process. In fact, this is correct information, but it is incomplete information. Yes, this procedure is performed on people with sagging abdomen.

The excess skin is collected and a flatter and more aesthetic abdomen is provided to the patient. However, with this procedure, patients can lose up to 30 kilos without the need for other methods. In the waist region, a thinning of 4-6 cm is observed. The important thing here is that the doctor and the patient actively participate in the process. In order for the process to progress in a healthy way, it is important for the patient to stick to the appointment and diet lists given.

The purpose of many procedures performed to shrink the stomach is to narrow the volume of the stomach. In the tummy tuck weight loss process, no intervention is made into the abdomen. After the compression process on the abdominal walls, the pressure increases and the person feels full. In order for this procedure to be successful in obese people, they should have fat removal at least one month before this tummy tuck. If they do this process, they will get results faster. What is important in this process is the diet. After this procedure, the person should not put carbohydrates in his mouth for 3 months. Carbohydrate intake greatly affects this process negatively. In this regard, our dietitians provide support to our patients and create the most suitable program for them. The important thing here is that the patient persevere in this program.

Healing Process

After the tummy tuck weight loss procedure, the patient is discharged within 1-2 days, depending on the condition of the procedure. After our patient is discharged, a special corset is given. She wears this corset for a long time. In this process, it is important for our patient to come to their controls. Our expert staff closely monitors the progress and improvement of the situation. After the procedure, one of the things that patients are most curious about is will there be any scars? Our expert staff stitches the wound with aesthetic stitching. For this reason, the scar will disappear within two months. Therefore, our patients do not need to worry about this issue. In this process, the nutrition of our patients is also important. It is important for them to consume foods with high nutritional value during this period. In this way, they speed up the healing processes.

One of the most important points in the healing process is to care for the wound cleanly. If dressing is necessary, it is important that the patient does them without interruption. Because if the wound becomes infected, it leads to serious problems. It also slows down the healing process. You will be inform about the cleaning of the wound by our expert team. We kindly ask you to follow these instructions. We also recommend that you help cleanse the body by drinking plenty of water during this period. because the body collects edema after the surgery. In this payment, 80% goes away in only 2 months. The remaining 20% is gradually finished within 1 year. Our expert team is always there for you if you encounter any problem or something is stuck on your mind.

Who Can Do This Procedure?

All people who want to lose weight and want to have a flat stomach can have the Tummy tuck weight loss procedure done. The only requirement for this process is that you must be over 18 years old. We generally apply this procedure more to our female patients. But it is a procedure that is also in demand by our male patients. Thanks to this procedure, our patients regain their lost self-confidence. For this process, your health must allow it. For this, first of all, you should decide whether you are suitable for the procedure by consulting with our expert team.

How Much Does It Cost for a Tummy Tuck in a Good Clinic?










How much does it cost for a tummy tuck in a good clinic can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the procedure, the surgeons’ experience, and other factors. It is advisable to do some research and compare costs, and how long to recover from tummy tuck after getting it from different providers. Additionally, you should also make sure that the clinic you choose has the appropriate qualifications and experience and is equipped with the latest surgical tools available. Before committing to a provider, it is important to ask as many questions as possible to ensure that you are making an informed decision based on all relevant factors.









Ultimately, selecting a qualified professional for a tummy tuck surgery for weight loss can help you achieve desirable results without compromising on safety. It is important to remember that any kind of surgical operation comes with risks, and it is not always guaranteed that it will give you the desired outcome. Therefore, it is vital to consult with your doctor during the process in order to evaluate if this particular procedure is suitable for your body type and lifestyle in addition to how much does it cost for a tummy tuck.