In this article, we will talk about the Turkey 2000 grafts hair transplant process and pricing. So what is the graft that is constantly mentioned in hair transplantation issues? Graft is the tissues prepared to be transplanted into balding or open areas by taking from the donor area (donor area) of people who want to have hair transplantation. The hair follicles and a small piece of skin make up the content of the graft. There are different types of grafts that vary according to the number of hair follicles and skin ratio.

The grafts used in hair transplantation are of different sizes. Generally, the donor area between the two ears and the grafts removed from the neck can contain double, triple, and five hair follicles. How much hair will be transplanted to the area that starts to bald in 2000 graft hair transplantation operation greatly affects the success rate of the procedure. Grafts have an important place at this point.

How Much Hair Growth In The Area Where Grafts Are Planted?

You should not be mistaken about this; The amount of grafts is not equal to the number of hair follicles. For this reason, the important thing is not the amount of grafts taken, but how many hair follicles are in these grafts. In addition, the structure, quality and density of your hair are also important factors in the hair transplantation process.
How much hair will grow in the area where you transplant the hair is not very related to the graft. It is directly proportional to your hair follicles inside the grafts. How many hair follicles are in the graft taken from your donor area, the structure, quality and density of your hair significantly affect how much hair will grow after transplantation.

Hair follicles can be collected from the donor area by different methods. For example, in the FUT technique, the grafts are placed on the bald area by taking a large and wide piece of skin. In the FUE technique, the grafts are collected one by one and placed in the recipient area. Graft collection is performed using a needle-tipped instrument with a diameter of 0.6 and 0.8 millimeters. This creates small scars and it does not take much time to heal. These small grafts, which are collected with the help of a micromotor in the FUE technique, are called micrografts.

How Should the Storage Conditions of Grafts Be?

The storage conditions of the grafts are an important issue in hair transplant operations. Your grafts (hair follicles) collected in the first step of the operation need to wait until the second step of the operation, the time of transplantation. Living tissues collected from your donor area should not die. In order for these tissues to remain healthy during the two-hour waiting period, appropriate conditions must be provided in advance. After your grafts are taken from the donor area, they are kept in a special mixture. The quality of these liquid mixtures differ from each other. The quality of the chosen fluid significantly affects graft loss.

How Many Grafts Can Be Implanted In One Operation?

Hair transplant operations are not a very painful or painful process. But it is a long process and needs to be managed patiently. Hair transplant operations can take between 2 hours and eight hours. The most important thing that will affect this period is the amount of grafts you will add. Under normal conditions, the hair transplant process is completed within one or two sessions. However, depending on the number of grafts taken and the frequency of your hair, the number of sessions may increase or decrease.

In the FUT technique, nearly three thousand grafts can be transplanted at once, as the hair follicles are collected and placed in bald areas. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken one by one and placed in the bald area. While this method causes the hair transplantation operation to take a long time, it also increases the success rate considerably. 2000 grafts with FUE hair transplant in Turkey may take approximately 4 hours. Therefore, hair transplantation is a difficult process that requires patience. However, you will not feel any pain while the grafts are collected or transplanted.

What Do We Expect From Hair Transplantation?

There are two important concepts in hair transplant operations. These are possibilities and expectations of people. There are some important points to be considered in hair transplantation, which has recently been preferred by people with hair loss. You should not forget that the hair structure of each individual, the quality of the hair follicle, the opening of the transplantation area are different. For this reason, each transplantation process will be different from each other and the successful results of hair transplantation will vary from person to person. For a successful hair transplant operation, you should make sure that your expectations are realistic. Otherwise, you may experience disappointment.

2000 Hair Transplant Grafts in Turkey Show How Much?

First, we should say that the price of hair transplantation in Turkey is not the same in every plantation center. Each hair transplant center or doctor has a different price determined by them. This price may vary depending on the hair transplant method, the experience of the person who will do the hair transplant, the quality of the operation materials, and the quality of the liquid your grafts will be protected from.
it is desirable for fees ranging between one and five pounds of turkey a graft Looking at the average price of hair transplantation. Sometimes clinics can have various campaigns and fix your hair transplantation up to seven thousand grafts for a fee of three thousand liras. However, this affordable pricing list may not be valid in every hair transplant center.

Considering the prices requested by hair transplant centers, we see that two lira per graft is demanded. In this case, the average price of 2000 graft hair transplantation is 4000 TL. These prices are valid for hair transplant clinics that require two lira for a graft. There are also doctors who transplant at lower or higher prices than this. Thus, we have talked about in 2000 grafts hair transplant process and pricing in Turkey.

With Hair Transplant Turkey, 2000 Grafts are Possible


With a hair transplant Turkey, 2000 grafts are possible, and with these grafts, a person can get a completely natural-looking hairline and increase their confidence. The procedure is done with great care and precision by experienced surgeons using the latest technology to ensure the best results possible. Hair transplant procedure recovery time is also minimal compared to other types of surgical treatments, usually just 1-2 days before you can go back to your regular activities.



Clinics mostly offer both FUE and FUT procedures, as well as scalp reduction treatments, so you can find the best solution for your hair loss needs. Plus, with their experienced and knowledgeable team of surgeons, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands for your hair restoration journey. Beyond just offering the highest quality of care during the treatments, clinics for hair transplant in Turkey are committed to providing comprehensive aftercare services designed to help ensure that you have a successful and satisfying outcome from your procedure. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how best to care for newly transplanted areas. So, while with a hair transplant Turkey, 2000 grafts are possible, great service is possible too.