Can You Get Your Labia Reduced? The answer is yes, and the procedure of getting your labia reduced is called ‘Labiaplasty’. Your vagina contains two types of labia, the labia majora and labia minora. The labia majora, also called the outer lips, is the part where pubic hair grows and protects your whole vagina from bacterias, infections, dust, etc. The labia minora also referred to as the inner lips, is the inner part that forms a wall around your clitoris and vaginal opening, and protects it.

Both of these labias may have different sizes and shapes vary from person to person, which is completely normal and healthy. Every vagina is different and unique, and so are the parts that form it, which in this case is the labia. However, some women may be unsatisfied with the way their labia looks aesthetically and may want to get a genital beautification surgery in order to get their labia in the shape they want.

Since genital beautification surgeries are not surgeries that need to be done for your health but are an option for those who want them to get done, there is no necessity of changing the appearance of your labia as long as there are no health problems attached to it. The whole process of getting your labia reduced is completely a choice of yours.

Do I need a Labiaplasty?

Some women have labia minora that are too big and too voluminous and face problems because of it. Some of these problems can be itching, tugging in clothes, the difficulty of putting tampons in, gettings infections since the skin of your labia are too exposed to fabric, having much pain during sex, and so on. In cases like these, the labiaplasty may make your life easier and you may think about consulting your doctor about it.

However, if health problems are not the case, a labiaplasty is not necessary unless you are totally uncomfortable about the look of your labia.

If the latter is the case, doctors recommend going to a therapist first to talk about their self-image issues since it is common for people to have other insecurities concerning other parts of their bodies if they are perfectionists about their vaginas.

It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way of having a vulva. Human anatomy varies from person to person, and vaginas can come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes etc. Patients are first recommended to try and accept their bodies. Surgeries should be an option if the patient is totally uncomfortable and unhappy.

How is it done?

Both types of anesthesia are used for this process. The operation is relatively complex for the surgeon, but very quick and smooth for the patient. The excessive part of the labia is cut out with a scalpel or laser.

Your doctor will decide for the right method that will give the best results according to your expectations. The labiaplasty surgery usually takes up to one or two hours.

There are a few methods of labiaplasty:


In this method, the central part of each labia is incised in an oval form and the epithelial layer is removed. This method gives good cosmetic results and complications of this procedure are low.

Trim Labiaplasty Method

Trim labiaplasty is the most preferred method of labiaplasty surgeries. In this method, an incision that removes the outer part of the inner labia is created, leaving an even appearance with the labia majora. Trim labiaplasty removes the darkest skin of the labia minora, which is one of the reasons why many women want to get a labiaplasty done in the first place. Thus, trim labiaplasty is the most preferred method among patients.

Wedge Labiaplasty Method

This method is a relatively new alternative to the trim method. Using this method, a V-shaped “wedge” is removed from both sides of the labia and the remaining parts are stitched together. Wedge labiaplasty offers a smooth finish, however, the darkest parts of the skin are still attached to the vulva, in contrast to the trim method. This method is not suitable for patients who want a labiaplasty because of discoloration issues.

What Does A Labiaplasty Consist Of?

Are there people who are not eligible for labiaplasty?

People who have underlying health problems should not get it done since the anesthesia might trigger these conditions. Similarly, doctors recommend that people who are perfectionists about their vagina should probably not get it done since they will still find something they are not happy about. Going to a therapist instead is recommended.

Aftercare of the Labiaplasty Surgery

Patients will not stay at the hospital after the process and continue their healing at home. After the surgery, there are some things patients are recommended to do in order to complete a healthy healing process without any complications.

  • The patient should wait at least six weeks to have intercourse.
  • Tight clothing, underwear, swimwear should be avoided.
  • Exercise and heavy work should be avoided for at least a month.
  • Tampons should not be used, hygiene pads can be used instead.
  • Warm baths are recommended to relieve pain.
  • The right painkillers and lotions for the area will be provided by your doctor.

The healing takes about six to eight weeks after the surgery, however, you may have swellings that take up to six months to fully heal.

Do I need to go to the doctor after the surgery?

Going to the doctor after the surgery is important in order to make sure that the healing process is going well without any complications. Generally, patients should visit the doctor one or two times after the surgery, but more specific information will be provided by the doctor depending on the patient’s circumstances.

What Is Involved In Labiaplasty?

Risks of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty surgery contains the same risks as every operation. Everybody reacts differently to surgeries, so there are can be following complications you may face even if everything is done correctly. Some of these complications are listed below.

  • Infections of your wounds
  • Allergic reactions to the anesthesia
  • Decreasing or excessive increasing in clitoral sensitivity
  • Numbness
  • Tearing during childbirth
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during sex
  • Hematoma


Firstly, The labia are part of a girl’s private area. Every person’s body is unique, and it’s important to know that labia come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Just like our faces or hair, our labia can be different too.

Can You Change the Size?

It’s important to know that our labia grow and develop as we get older, and we can’t change their size on our own.Moreover, Our bodies are amazing and special just the way they are. We should appreciate and love our bodies just like we love ourselves.

Talking About Our Bodies

It’s okay to talk about our bodies and ask questions. If you ever have any questions or feel unsure about anything, it’s important to talk to a trusted adult, like a parent or guardian. They can provide answers and help you understand more about your body.

Loving Our Bodies

Remember, our bodies are unique and beautiful. It’s important to love and take care of our bodies by keeping them clean, eating healthy food, and staying active. It’s also important to treat our bodies with kindness and respect, just like we treat our friends.

In Conclusion,Labia come in different shapes and sizes, just like our bodies are all unique. We can’t change the size of our labia on our own, and that’s perfectly okay. Above all,It’s important to appreciate and love our bodies just the way they are. If you have any questions or feel unsure about anything, talk to a trusted adult who can provide guidance and support.So, Remember, our bodies are amazing, and we should treat them with love and respect!